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I Want to Sit Next to My Brother (5)

The two came to Wangjiang Bridge, and it was as lively and crowded as the Internet described; there were people everywhere.

In fact, Wen Yu had never been here before.

She was a wealthy young lady that went and came from celebrity occasions, while Wangjiang Bridge was a traditional folk market that ordinary people like to visit, which did not match her identity.

So today, she was also visiting for the first time.

It was surprisingly interesting.

New Years Eve was approaching, and the market is full of festive red lanterns.

Wen Yu found it refreshing.

“Brother Bai, look! That lantern is so beautiful.”

After a while, they went to the shadow puppet booth to watch the excitement, “Interesting.

So interesting.”

Li Bai followed her, occasionally saying a few words, and the two of them had a leisurely time.

Walking to the center of the market, Wen Yu saw a small stall with colorful clay figurines.

There were many cute animals and little people at the stall.

Two of them are particularly cute, one was a little boy and the other was a little girl.

Wen Yu walked over curiously.

“Boss, how much are these little cuties”

The stall owner said enthusiastically, “10 yuan each.”

Wen Yu picked up the two little dolls and looked at them again.

“What is their relationship”

The stall owner smiled,.”Is this not clear A couple.”

“Oh,” Wen Yu nodded and put it back.

“Are there any brothers and sisters”

After half a second, the stall owners smile filled up quickly, “Isnt this it I just said, this is a couple, one brother and one sister.

The name of my work is “Brother and Sister supporting each other”, limited edition.

Just this pair.

Wen Yu frowned.

No matter how she listened, she felt that the stall owner in front of her and the old fortune-telling man in the night market graduated from the same eloquence class.

She thought for a while, turned around and asked Li Bai, “Can Brother Bai lend me 20 yuan”

Although Wen Yu was rich, if she took it out, then she would be exposed.

Li Bai quickly paid.

When making the payment, Wen Yu glanced at the time on her phone.

Unknowingly, it was already 3PM.

After ating for so long, it was almost time.

If she wanted to come back before 6PM, she must leave now.

After paying, there happened to be a pop-up dance performance in the center of the square, and all passers-by were attracted to it.

The circle of people were crowded together.

Wen Yu and Li Bai were also surrounded by the large crowd.

This may be the best opportunity to slip away.

Wen Yu said silently in her heart, “Sorry Brother Bai.

I will be back as soon as possible.”

At the most exciting part of the dance, the onlookers squeezed Wen Yu and Li Bai apart.

She quickly backed away and turned her head.

“Quest for the Dragon Files” was a big movie project that integrated technology from movies, games, and animation.

It was a huge investment.

There are close to 20 important roles in the movie.

In order to make the movie more familiar to the masses, and to be able to attract more outstanding actors, Yasheng organized a selection contest for young actors across the country.

This time Jiang Yuhe came to Jiangcheng on a business trip to participate in the launching ceremony of the event, and Jiangcheng was the first stop of the contest.

In the evening, after Jiang Yuhe finished the last wave of reporter interviews, he chatted with the heads of several event parties and walked out.

As soon as he arrived at the door, the accompanying artist director walked in nervously with Li Bai.


Jiang, Li Bai has been waiting for you outside the venue, saying that he was looking for you due to an important issue.”

The few people who were accompanying him looked away temporarily.

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Jiang Yuhe didnt pay much attention to Li Bais appearance.

He took the coat from the secretary and asked as he put it on, “Why are you here and not with her”

Li Bai was silent, went forward, ahd said in a low voice, “Sorry Boss, the lady and I were in town… and we were separated.”

Jiang Yuhe paused and turned around, his face sank almost instantly.

“What did you say”


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