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I Want to Sit Next to My Brother (4)

In what way was Shen Mingjia worthy!

He really had the guts to say that he broke up peacefully with herself.

Thats right.

Wen Yu was an outsider to the entertainment circle.

She wouldnt publicly denounce and spread business concerning Shen Mingjia, but the director was still wrong.

The reason why Wen Yu endured the humiliation to suck up to Jiang Yuhe, the capital magnate at the top of the entertainment pyramid, was to get close to someone powerful and find opportunities for Shen Mingjia to pay for his hypocrisy.

What she wanted was more than just public denouncement.

What she wanted was to completely take away the reputation and halo that the man loved and to leave him with nothing.

If Jiang Yuhe now spent a lot of money to sign Shen Mingjia, then when she ruined him, the direct loss will fall on Jiang Yuhe and his company.

Although he was a fake brother, Wen Yu didnt want Jiang Yuhe to do business at a loss.

Fortunately, the contract signing was next month, so Wen Yu still had time to intervene.

Shen Mingjia, that scumbag, dreamed of entering a first-class entertainment company

Dream on.

Three hours later, the plane landed at Jiangcheng International Airport.

Although she had only been away for less than a month, when she again stepped on this piece of land where she grew up, Wen Yu felt that, although the city may be the same, she had completely changed.

Miss Wen, who was still the envy of the people when she left, had now returned, fallen from grace.

The nobility of the past was no longer there.

After getting off the plane, the group went straight to the hotel.

Wen Yu was considered a decent figure in Jiangcheng, especially in high-end locations such as hotels and clubs.

Basically, no one didnt know her.

So in order to prevent being exposed in front of Jiang Yuhe, she put on a hat and a bandage over her nose.

It was now difficult for anyone to recognize her unless she looks at them face to face.

Jiang Yuhe opened two rooms under his own name and Wen Yu lived next door to him.

After lunch, Jiang Yuhe said that he was busy in the afternoon and told Wen Yu not to walk around.

“If you must go out, let Li Bai follow.”

Wen Yus heart and thoughts had already flown home, so she nodded her head no matter what Jiang Yuhe said.

She hoped that the man would leave quickly, so that she could sneak out to see her father.

Fortunately, after some explanations, Jiang Yuhe finally took the car and left.

Wen Yu heard Li Bai say that he was going to participate in the kick-off ceremony of an event.

After the busy afternoon, there would be a dinner appointment in the evening.

In short, the schedule was very full.

This was a great opportunity for Wen Yu.

There was no need to be out until evening.

As long as she rushed back to the hotel before 6PM, even if Jiang Yuhe found out at night, he would think she was playful at best.

Wen Yu pretended to be considerate and cared about Li Bai.

“Brother Bai, have you been tired after sitting on the plane all morning Why dont you go and rest for a while I will go explore the hotel and be back soon.”

Li Bai smiled and shook his head.

“The boss said I need to follow you wherever you go.”


Wen Yu knew that it was useless to say more and that too many excuses would lead to suspicion, so she smiled.

“Okay, then lets go out and stroll around.”

Wen Yu knew Jiangcheng better than anyone.

She knew where the busiest place in Jiangcheng was, so after getting on the bus, she said to the driver.

“Go to Wangjiang Bridge.”

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Li Bai asked her, “Where is this place”

Wen Yu deliberately picked up the phone and showed it to him, “I did research before I came here.

This Wangjiang Bridge is an internet celebrity sighting location in Jiangcheng.

Lets check in too.”

Li Bai didnt think too much.

Jiang Yuhe told him that he had brought Wen Yu out this time to relax her mood and see if it would help restore her memory.

So wherever she wanted to play, he just needed to follow her to ensure her safety, and he didnt have to worry about other things.


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