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I Want to Sit Next to My Brother (3)

Wen Yu wanted to take a small notebook to write it down and later use the same method to teach Shen Mingjia.

Just as she was thinking about the name of the scumbag, abruptly, the director spoke again.

“Did you read the information about Shen Mingjia that I compiled for you last time If there is no problem, I want to sign his film and television contract next month.”

Wen Yu shuddered and almost choked on the melon in her mouth.

Fortunately, no one noticed her gaffe.

Wen Yu quickly wiped her mouth with a piece of napkin and then sat upright, to try and listen carefully to how Jiang Yuhe would answer.

However the person’s voice dropped.

She couldn’t hear from two rows of seats away.

This will not work.

Wen Yu couldn’t miss any information about the scumbag.

She glanced at the fruit bowl in front of her, picked it up and turned around.

Then she walked to Jiang Yuhe’s side and sat down confidently in the empty seat next to him.

Jiang Yuhe frowned and looked at her.

“What are you doing”

Wen Yu had already thought about the reason and said timidly, “The airflow is too turbulent.

I’m scared, so I want to sit next to my brother.”


The secretary and director sitting opposite consciously lowered their heads and pretended to be busy looking for things to do, as if they didn’t dare to disturb the boss while he was flirting with his girl.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders who don’t know the truth, Wen Yu was the woman Jiang Yuhe brought by his side, and the title “Brother” was nothing but a flirty nickname.

Jiang Yuhe was a little embarrassed and coughed.

“Go back.

We are in a meeting.”

Wen Yu replied, “I won’t speak.”

“I’m in a meeting.” The man’s voice raised slightly and repeated it again.

Wen Yu still blinked and made a gesture of zip-locking her mouth.

“I promise not to speak.”

After finishing talking, she forked a piece of melon innocently and gave it to Jiang Yuhe.

“Brother, do you want to eat melon”


He immediately pushed away Wen Yu’s hand, “No, you have to sit still and don’t move.”

Wen Yu knew that Jiang Yuhe would immediately compromise as soon as she started to force an issue.

She smiled, satisfied, “I won’t.”

“Let’s continue talking.” Jiang Yuhe pulled at the tie on his neck subconsciously and then proceeded with the topic.

“Shen Mingjia’s overall comprehensive data looks good but his acting skill is a little low.

Who is his supporter”

Director responded, “His family has a small amount of money.

In the early stage, a lot of resources were spent by himself.

The background should be clean and there is no supporter.”

Jiang Yuhe then asked, “Have you checked his private life and relationships”

The director nodded.

“He had a girlfriend from outside the circle before and the girlfriend also has some backing.

It seems to be…”


Wen Yu didn’t expect Jiang Yuhe to ask this question, not to mention that the director seemed to know of her existence.

Her heartbeat sped up instantly.

A mouthful of melon stopped in her mouth.

She did not dare to bite down, holding her breath she waited for the director’s words.

After a few seconds, the director sighed and replied, “I can’t remember who it was but I am sure that they have broken up peacefully and there is no hidden danger of her spreading private information or creating problems.”

After listening, Jiang Yuhe had a sip of coffee and it took a long time before he nodded indifferently.

“Then take the time to sign him, but don’t make the contract time too long.

This type can only be popular for up to two years at most.”


At the end of the discussion, Wen Yu’s forehead almost broke into a cold sweat.

It’s okay now.

Her heartbeat gradually recovered and calmed down, and Wen Yu slowly digested the information she had received.

In the past, because she wanted to be a caring girlfriend who would not interfere with her boyfriend’s career.

Wen Yu rarely intervened into Shen Mingjia’s career.

This may have also become a major reason for his cheating.

Now that Wen Yu learned that her disgusting ex-boyfriend might even sign into Yasheng

This was not acceptable.

Absolutely not.


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