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I Want to Sit Next to My Brother (2)

The conditions for meeting Jiang Yuhe’s requirements were too abnormal.

Wen Yu exhausted all her energy, struggled all afternoon.

She stared until she was almost blinded, but she only found 28 differences.

She was still far away from the 300 differences clearance point.

Wen Yu didn’t know where this man had the perseverance to play this kind of game.

The key point was that it was no fun at all.

The painting looked boring and lifeless.

It was better to play Angry Birds.

Failure to complete the challenge means that there was no way to go to Jiangcheng with Jiang Yuhe.

Wen Yu had no choice but to actively think of other ways.

At night, when she was about to desperately run away from home for the second time, Jiang Yuhe came home and suddenly stopped her.

“Go make me a cup of coffee.”

Wen Yu reluctantly asked, “Why are you drinking coffee at night Don’t you sleep”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her.

“Not making it”

Stupid man only knows to order her around.

Although Wen Yu was still worrying about him not taking her to Jiangcheng, because of her intimate sister role in this scheme, she couldn’t rebel, so she could only mutter and go to prepare coffee.

After the coffee was brewed, she took it to the study.

Jiang Yuhe took a sip, then said unhurriedly, “Pack all the belongings you need and follow me to Jiangcheng tomorrow morning.”

Wen Yu had turned around and was walking to the door.

She suddenly heard such a sentence, thinking that she had heard wrong, she turned to look at Jiang Yuhe.

“What did you say”

Jiang Yuhe added, “If you don’t want to go, that’s also fine.”

The surprise came too suddenly, Wen Yu felt like she was in a dream, but after a two-second pause she recovered.

She was so excited that she became incoherent.

“Thank you, Brother!”

“Brother must be a Bodhisattva in the sky!”

“My good brother will be safe and happy his entire life!”

“Now I really want to sing a song that says Brother is the best in the world!”

Jiang Yuhe listened to the flattery with disgust and raised the cup to his mouth.

He hid the smile at the corners of his lips in the mellow coffee fragrance.

When Wen Yu was 20 years old, Wen Yi’an bought her a sports car as a birthday present.

At that time, Wen Yi’an said that he would send a private jet as dowry when she got married, but with the current situation of the Wen family, it is obvious that the promised dowry is impossible.

But fortunately, relying on this fake brother enabled Wen Yu to experience a private jet.

In fact, it felt similar to the first-class cabin but with more space.

Also the service of the entire crew was more user-friendly and customized to the owner.

In addition to Wen Yu and Li Bai, Jiang Yuhe was accompanied by his secretary and an artist director of Yasheng Pictures.

Wen Yu never knew why Jiang Yuhe went to Jiangcheng.

After the plane took off, she asked Li Bai secretly and Li Bai told her- there were business and private matters.

Wen Yu could deduce the business matters but what were the personal matters

What personal affairs would Jiang Yuhe have in Jiangcheng

But these are not important to Wen Yu, and her only hope now was to find a chance to see her father as soon as possible after landing.

The stewardess brought out exquisite desserts and fruits.

Wen Yu was eating while looking at the scenery outside the window.

Occasionally, a conversation between Jiang Yuhe and the director that discussed work matters came to her ears.

“Li Man’s contract with us still has a year and eight months.

She came to the company a few days ago to find me.

She hoped I could arrange some work for her, so she can continue to show her face on screen.

What do you think…”

Jiang Yuhe flipped through a document in his hand and answered him calmly, “Isn’t there a legal program on Star Satellite TV that asked us to choose some actors in the past Use her.”


Hearing that, Wen Yu screamed “Bastard” in her heart.

Let the actress who had been so popular it was almost illegal to record a program about people behind bars- Jiang Yuhe had an interesting way of teaching people a lesson.


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