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I Want to Sit Next to My Brother (1)

Unexpectedly they ended up looking into each other’s eyes.

Obviously, both were not prepared for it.

The atmosphere suddenly became strange, and even their breaths seemed to have frozen.

Wen Yu slowly lowered her eyes.

She found Jiang Yuhe’s hand on her waist and observed his progressing movements.

She opened her mouth in surprise as if she wanted to say something, but she soon closed her eyes as if nothing happened.

‘Look, I’m asleep again!’

‘Nothing happened just now, and I saw nothing!’

‘As long as I am not embarrassed, you will be embarrassed.’

Wen Yu thought she had kicked the ball in Jiang Yuhe’s court, concerning this embarrassing situation that she didn’t know how to end, but she was still too naive.

The big boss was a big boss for a reason, and the big boss would never put himself in an embarrassing situation.

He would only find ways to return the embarrassment to you.

For example, President Jiang.

After being quiet for three seconds, he cruelly released.

“It’s too heavy to pick up.”

So Wen Yu, who was suspended ten centimeters in the air, fell back on the carpet with a bang.

She was like a fish that was caught and then mercilessly thrown back into the fish tank.



Jiang Yuhe’s action is not very harmful but extremely insulting.

In Jiangcheng, Wen Yu was someone all celebrities attempted to imitate.

The clothes she wore and the styles she has tried would become a new trend every time.

The only thing that couldn’t be imitated was her exquisite, tall and slender figure.

But now…

This man actually said she was heavy!

Please, does he even know how to appreciate beauty

Wen Yu sat upright, unconvinced, trying to salvage her name.

“I am 166cm and 95 pounds.

How am I heavy Brother, do you have any misunderstandings about the definition of heavy”

However, Jiang Yuhe kept staring at the computer screen and didn’t give her half a glance.

Wen Yu knew that the entertainment industry liked women with only skin and bones because they looked good on camera.

It was estimated that Jiang Yuhe also had such an aesthetic.

It’s not an exaggeration to say he was superficial and tasteless.

Knowing that men don’t like being interrupted when they work, Wen Yu just slandered him with a few words in her heart, rubbed her butt and conscientiously left the study.

Jiang Yuhe was inexplicably relieved when the door was finally closed.

He looked up in the direction of the door.

The direct gaze that he had just had with Wen Yu kept flashing in his mind.

This was the first time they have gotten so close.

Although Wen Yu had a bandage over her nose, Jiang Yuhe could still clearly see her eyes.

The outer corner of her eyes was slightly curved, the tail of her eyes was slender, and the curvature of her entire eyelid was like two peach blossom petals.

Her eyes were scorching, glamorous and inviting, yet still vigorous.

He didn’t know if it was his own illusion.

He always felt as if he had seen it somewhere.

Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes and rubbed his forehead, then got up and opened the window of the study, trying to let the cold night wind drive away the strange feelings in his heart.

After a while, he called Li Bai.

“Refund the ticket to Jiangcheng, and ask Captain Wu to go to the Air Traffic Management Bureau to declare our itinerary as soon as possible.

This time, we will take the private jet.”

In the past, Jiang Yuhe bought a Gulf Stream jet in order to accompany Mrs.

Jiang to travel.

Now that the old lady has gone abroad, the plane has been parked at the airport and didn’t move much.

Jiang Yuhe found it troublesome because he had to declare to the Air Traffic Management Bureau every time, so he usually took commercial aviation when he traveled by himself.

But not this time.

Wen Yu was basically an illegal immigrant now without a name or ID.

She would definitely not be able to board commercial aviation.

Li Bai was puzzled by Jiang Yuhe’s sudden change.

“Why do you suddenly want to use a private jet”

Jiang Yuhe was silent for a moment.

“The tail at home is clamoring to go together.”



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