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Sent From Your Sisters Heart (4)

“Im begging you, okay” A spoiled voice came into his ears, waking up Jiang Yuhe, whose mind was filled with the words “Sisters Heart”.

Adams apple rolled again, as he was trying to hide his distraction.

He merely responded with, “Okay.”

Wen Yus eyes lit up.

Before she had time to be happy, she heard the man add, “If you can pass this game, I will take you.”

Jiang Yuhe turned on the screen as he spoke, and projected the game on the ipad onto the wall.

Two paintings of the Qingming River were presented.

“There are a total of three hundred differences.

I will take you if you can clear the stage before the end of today.”


Wen Yu stared at the densely packed two paintings for ten seconds and felt that she was going to be blind.

“Youre deliberately giving me a hard time.

Its impossible.”

“I only spent two hours.”


So why was this man so abnormal even in the games he played!

But Wen Yu also had a stubborn temper.

The more Jiang Yuhe looks down on her, the more determined she is.

Sitting cross-legged on the carpet, Wen Yu stared at the projection.

“Dont call me for dinner today.”

Jiang Yuhe nodded.

“Take your time.”

Then he left the study.

Jiang Yuhe made an appointment with a friend in the afternoon.

When he left at noon, Wen Yu didnt come down for lunch.

In the evening, when he returned after dinner, there was still only Aunt Shier in the living room.

“Where is she”

The Aunt Shier pointed upstairs.

“Never came down.”

She was pretty tough.

Jiang Yuhe didnt say anything and went straight to the study on the second floor.

He opened the door to take a look.


A grown woman fell asleep lying on the carpet.

Looking at the stage clearance records on the wall again, 28 locations were found after a whole afternoon.

Jiang Yuhe snorted and gently nudged Wen Yu on the ground twice.


Get up.”

Wen Yu remained motionless, sleeping even steadier than Mount Tai.

Jiang Yuhe couldnt wake her so he didnt bother to deal with it.

He bypassed her and went back to the computer to process emails.

In the quiet study room, in addition to the occasional keyboard sound, Wen Yus slightly regular snoring sounded.

The sound was actually not loud, like a newborn baby cat humming.

But it disturbed Jiang Yuhe to the point he could not calm down.

Half an hour later, he closed the documents he couldnt read and looked down at Wen Yu lying on the carpet.

After a while, he took out his phone and found the recording function.

Then he began a minute-long evidence recording.

After the recording, he played it back in his ear and somehow, Jiang Yuhe felt this was funny.

After realizing his unreasonable reaction, he suppressed all his expressions, got serious for a moment, got up and walked to Wen Yus side.

“Hey,” he called again.

But still no response.

The hanging light in the center of the study was very soft.

Wen Yu just laid on the carpet like this with her long hair spread on the ground like black silk.

She breathed evenly and slept deeply but her eyelashes occasionally trembled.

She still held the sensor pen for the game tightly gripped in her hand.

Jiang Yuhe remembered what Teacher Ding said.

“She has a lot of anxiety in her heart.

Take care of her emotions in regular life.

It will be good for her condition.”

Her current desire was to follow him to Jiangcheng.

Jiang Yuhe rubbed his brow, a little helpless.

Its winter and the night is cold.

Even with carpets and heating, she cant sleep like this forever.

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After hesitating for a long time between caring and leaving, Jiang Yuhe finally decided to carry Wen Yu back to her room.

He crouched down and leaned in slightly.

When his fingertips touched the womans soft waist, he hesitated for two seconds.

After all, Jiang Yuhe knew very well that he and Wen Yu were not brother and sister.

Their contact has long surpassed the limit that ordinary men and women should have.

Two seconds later, Jiang Yuhes hand reached over quickly.

He lifted Wen Yus upper body easily and supported her legs with the other arm.

Just like this, he had just lifted the person ten centimeters away from the ground-

Wen Yu woke up.

She opened her eyes.


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