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Sent From Your Sisters Heart (3)

It was a French Pumpkin Cream Soup but because she was unskilled, the final cream drawing on top did not turn out well.

Wen Yu repeated it five times before finally drawing a heart.

Aunt Shier stared at the side.

“Our young master doesnt like bells and whistles.”

Wen Yu put a small mint leaf in the finished soup, then said with satisfaction.

“You dont understand.

This is sibling appeal.”


Although Jiang Yuhe didnt go to the company, he got up early and worked in the study.

Wen Yu knocked on the door with her carefully prepared dessert.

“Brother, are you hungry Would you like to try the soup I made”

Jiang Yuhe frowned.


Wen Yu brought the soup to his table.

“French Pumpkin Cream Soup.”

After speaking, she formed a heart with her hands over her left chest and a wink was sent.

“From your sisters heart :)”


Glancing at the cream heart in the bowl, he withdrew his gaze and continued to look at the ipad in his hand.

“Got it, Ill drink it later.”

Wen Yu understood what he said.

It meant, “You can go now”.

But unless he drank the soup, Wen Yus scheme had no chance of proceeding.

She lingered for a while, picked up the bowl and walked around behind Jiang Yuhe.

“But its cold today.

The dessert will be cold after a while, or I can-”

Before she finished speaking Wen Yu paused, her eyes were attracted by the image on the ipad.

She immediately pretended to be curious and looked over.

“What is this”

On Jiang Yuhes ipad screen had two identical paintings of the Qingming River.

Jiang Yuhe lightly leaned back on the seat and asked, “What do you think it looks like”

Wen Yu looked at it carefully again and complimented him.

“My brother must be admiring the masterpieces handed down through time.

My brother is so elegant, tasteful and educated.”

Jiang Yuhe didnt say a word.

He poked two spots on the screen with his finger and a colored icon popped out: [Congratulations on finding the 300th difference! Successfully cleared this stage!]



Was this a game

She was careless.

Her compliment came out awkwardly.

Jiang Yuhe pressed on the tablet and faintly asked, “Whats the matter Just say it.”

Wen Yu knew that this little play in front of Jiang Yuhe had failed and since he was straightforward, she didnt need to be cautious.

She first showed a shy smile and immediately began to tell him what she wanted.

“I also want to go to Jiangcheng with you and play.”

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her.

“No way.”

Wen Yu didnt expect that he would refuse on the spot and was anxious.

“Why not I wont cause you any trouble.

I promise.”

“There is no reason.

No is no.”

Jiang Yuhe was someone who kept his word.

If he said no, basically there was no way to change his mind.

But Wen Yu needed to go on this trip.

If he said no, then she would only scheme.

Wen Yu steeled herself, took advantage of Jiang Yuhes carelessness and shoved a spoonful of pumpkin soup forcefully into his mouth.

“I dont care.

Now that you drink the soup I made, you have to take me.”

Jiang Yuhe was attacked by a mouthful of something slimy.

In fact, he hated these types of desserts, so the first reaction was to bow his head and spit it out but at that moment when he looked down, he suddenly saw something…

The little heart that was on the pumpkin soup was now gone.

It should be in his mouth now.

The desire to spit faded away inexplicably.

Wen Yu was also aggrieved and continued to fight for herself.

“I just want to relax and walk around.

Its boring to be stuck at home.

I dont know anyone.

Let me follow you out to have a look.

Maybe it will be good for restoring my memory”

Jiang Yuhe listened blankly.

After a while, his throat swallowed uncontrollably.

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Damn, did he swallow it

Wen Yu formed another heart with her hands and the magic phrase popped out from her mouth.

“From your sisters heart.”

From your sisters heart…

Your sisters heart…



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