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“J” (1)

After being in the entertainment industry for a long time, this was not the first time where a beautiful woman would suddenly bump into him.

Because of this, Jiang Yuhe assumed that the woman left him amorous contact information, but he never thought that…

It would be a warning.

He put away the note calmly and turned around while smiling softly at Li Man, “Of course I would not refuse.”

After that, he drank all the wine in the glass.

Li Man gave a thought-provoking smile. “Thank you, Mr.


Then I will also join you. Cheers.”

The womans lips were pressed against the rim of the cup, and sensually finished the wine in her glass.


Wen Yu watched all of this happen as she sat amongst the shadows.

Was this man stupid Why did he still drink it!

Could it be that her reference to Dalang was too vague Did he not understand what it meant

It shouldnt be.

At the least there was a word for medicine.

Someone who sat in that kind of position couldnt be ignorant to the sense of crisis.

You Xin confusedly asked, “What the hell is going on Why did you go over just now”

As soon as she spoke out, Wen Yu saw Li Man and Jiang Yuhe with a slightly drowsy face, leaving the scene.


It seems that the femme fatale has succeeded.

Wen Yu sighed and shook her head. “I tried my best.”

You Xin merely responded with, “”

“Just wait.

You will definitely be hearing some explosive news in the entertainment industry soon.”

You Xin paused and blurted out, “You and Shen Mingjia are getting married”

Wen Yu rolled her eyes. “What are you thinking Do I look like I want to get married“

You Xin chuckled, “You two have always had a good relationship.”

Shen Mingjia has been Wen Yus boyfriend for less than a year.

He was currently working in the entertainment industry. This year, he acted in a drama about the Republic of China.

Now he has become one of the hottest idols on the market.


Although the two are in a relationship, Shen Mingjia was always filming abroad due to work.

Their relationship had almost always been a long distance one and was maintained by daily texts and calls.

“Good doesnt mean we can get married.

Im only twenty-two so its too early to say.” Wen Yu ended the topic and put on her trench coat. “Lets go and eat something.”

You Xin stood up and said casually, “Its not that I want to talk about your relationship.

Shen Mingjia is hot property right now so you will have to keep an eye on him.”

“Is it useful to keep an eye out for this kind of thing Well see in the future.” Wen Yu raised her eyebrows and pointed to a few men looking at them. “It is Shen Mingjia who should be the one to keep an eye on me.

This lady is in high demand.”

You Xin smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes, I was wrong. I will reflect on that.”

Before the concert was over, the two already left.

They just entered the elevator, when the door of the elevator next to them opened.

The person who came out was Jiang Yuhe with a man following behind him.

There was obviously nothing on his sleeve, but Jiang Yuhe still wiped it furiously with a tissue, as if to wipe off some disgusting smell.

“Everything has been arranged” he asked.

“Yes.” The entourage took out his mobile phone and pointed at the real-time monitoring, “Here, Boss.”

Jiang Yuhe lowered his head and glanced at the amorous scene of a man and a woman entangled on screen.

He dropped the tissue. “Dont go overboard.”

“I know.”

He had to let these disobedient birds know: dont fly too close to the sun.

Back on the rooftop, Jiang Yuhe finally had time to look for the previous woman.

Regrettably, he searched the audience and didnt see a woman wearing a black velvet dress.

The distinct rosewood fragrance had also completely disappeared in the night breeze on the rooftop.

Jiang Yuhe took out the note again.


He pursed his lips lightly and called the person in charge. “Give me a copy of tonights guest list.”

After eating supper with You Xin, Wen Yu took a shower, did some skin care and yoga.

At exactly eleven oclock, the phone rang.

Wen Yu knew that it was Shen Mingjia without even looking.

Although the two were in a long distance relationship, Shen Mingjia never missed asking if she ate three meals a day.

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It was not an exaggeration to say that he was more punctual than if Wen Yu had a nanny.

“Baby, I just watched the weather forecast. It will be cold tomorrow in Jiangcheng.

Make sure to wear more layers so you dont get sick.“

See What a considerate boyfriend.

Admittedly, Wen Yu was a woman who wasnt as careful as Shen Mingjia. She sat cross-legged on a yoga mat and asked, “Are you still filming in Harbin Its below zero minus zero over there, right”

Shen Mingjia agreed and told Wen Yu that his filming location had recently snowed.

The scenery was very beautiful.


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