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Sent From Your Sisters Heart (2)

Wen Yu sighed inwardly, rejoicing that she had escaped a catastrophe.

After focusing on what he said, she realized that he said she was snoring and was taken aback.

Snoring How could it be How could she, a fairy, snore!

Wen Yu immediately defended herself.

“I sleep very quietly and never snore.”

However, Jiang Yuhe didnt seem interested in listening to her explanation.

He turned around and walked in the direction of the parking area.

Wen Yu felt offended and followed him in small steps.

“Did the teacher really hear it How can I snore Brother, do you believe me or how about this—”

Wen Yu was very concerned about her beautiful image.

“You come to my room tonight and when I fall asleep, you will hear if I snore.”

Jiang Yuhe paused and turned around.

When their eyes met, Wen Yu was stunned and realized that she seemed to have crossed the line again.

She even invited a man to her room at night.

There was a suspicion of malicious intent.

She could only laugh awkwardly.

“…Im kidding.”

After the two returned to the car, Wen Yu picked up the file on the seat and patted her chest with lingering fears.

“I really thought that brother was going to give me electroconvulsive therapy.”

Jiang Yuhe knew about the electroconvulsive therapy plan that was given to him by the medical doctor Qi Xu a few days ago.

Although Jiang Yuhe felt that this younger sister who appeared out of thin air was a bit disturbing to his life, in the end, she was a woman.

He would not send her to receive that kind of painful treatment in order to quickly get rid of this burden.

He was not so cold-blooded yet.

Later, when Mr.

Liu mentioned this kind of meditation treatment plan that relaxes and guides the memory of the human brain, he decided to bring Wen Yu over to try it.

Anyway, this method was relatively mild and even if it failed, there would not be any injury.

But in front of Wen Yu, Jiang Yuhe didnt want to admit that he had thought so much for her, he deliberately kept his face straight.

“If hypnotherapy is ineffective, we can go for electric shocks as the next step.”


Wen Yu snorted and stuffed the file where she couldnt see it.

Then thinking of something, she sat up a bit and leaned a little closer to Jiang Yuhe.

“Brother, are you going to Jiangcheng”

Jiang Yuhe agreed.

Wen Yu kept thinking about Zhou Yues call.

The real estate signature was secondary, mainly because Zhou Yue mentioned Wen Yian.

After his bankruptcy, Wen Yu had called her father several times but he refused to answer.

He only spoke through Zhou Yue.

Wen Yu knew that her father was proud and since he suddenly went bankrupt, he would definitely not be able to accept it psychologically.

So she didnt force him to face her and fortunately Zhou Yue was always by his side.

But now, even Zhou Yue said that her father was in a bad state, which meant that it must be really bad.

Wen Yu was anxious at the moment, she wanted to fly to Jiangcheng immediately.

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But her current scheme didnt give her a reasonable reason to leave Beijing.

The only thing she could count on was to catch a ride with Jiang Yuhes and follow him back to Jiangcheng.

Although this was very risky, it was the only way at hand.

The radio forecast was correct.

The weather the next day was really bad, with violent storms and the leaves on the trees rustled all day.

It was Sunday and since the weather was bad, Jiang Yuhe didnt go to the company.

Wen Yu saw he was home, so she went into the kitchen early in the morning.

If you want others to agree to your request, you must first put out an offering.

Wen Yu learned a dessert recipe from online and intended to give it to Jiang Yuhe as a bribe.

But she was originally a wealthy young lady who didnt touch housework, so even if she read the simplest recipe more than ten times, she was clumsy in the actual operation.


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