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Little Black Room (3)

This was simply knowing that there were tigers in the mountains, but still going up the mountain.

What else could she say This was the treatment plan given by the doctor.

Could she refuse Would they question her intention And say she was clinging to another persons home

This incident came too suddenly.

Wen Yu was unprepared and did not have an emergency measure.

She got out of the car in deep thought, and followed Jiang Yuhe whilst occasionally raising her head to ask something.

But in the end did not speak.

Seeing her walking slower and slower, Jiang Yuhe turned around and asked, “What are you doing”

Wen Yu slowly raised her head, glanced at him, paused and stepped up.

“… Brother, my stomach hurts a bit.”

“You were fine just then, right”

“Um,” Wen Yu was anxious, bending down to press her belly.

“My period came suddenly.”

‘You cant make me bleed and cry at the same time, right Why dont you forget it for today

However, Jiang Yuhe came over and grabbed her wrist and walked forward.

“It shouldnt affect you that much.

Itll be fine after a while.”



Hes unwilling to back down.

Anyway, was he only satisfied if he shocked her once today Warnt it a grudge against her comment on the weather Did he think Wen Yu was cursing him


The rebellious Wen Yu suddenly stood up upright.

Wasnt this just being electrocuted Fine.

Wen Yu has already gone through bankruptcy, being cheated on, and was in a car accident.

Wasnt this trivial then Just treat it as a life experience, no big deal.

In the end, they couldnt electrocute her to death.

Since she decided to continue her act and abuse the scumbag, she must be brave enough to face all challenges.

Wen Yu, who was doing a good job of psychological preparation, faced everything head on and said calmly, “Later on, can I at least have a wooden stick to bite on”

‘You can shock me, but you cant see me being shocked.

This was the stubbornness of Miss Beauty.

Jiang Yuhe frowned and looked at her.


With the bravery to face death, Wen Yu was taken to the door of a villa by Jiang Yuhe and a man greeted him.


Jiang, its been a long time.” Jiang Yuhe also shook hands with him, the two exchanged a few words before the topic fell on Wen Yu.

“Is she the patient” the man asked.

Jiang Yuhe nodded.

“Sorry for the trouble, Liu Tuan.”

The man turned his head to lead the way.

“The young lady will come with me.


Jiang will wait outside the door.”

Although Wen Yu had done enough psychological preparation but when the time really came, she couldnt help but feel timid.

The room was not big.

It was a little black room.

A woman gently took her to a bed and whispered softly, “Dont be nervous.

You can just lie down.”

Wen Yu tried to take a deep breath and lay down.

Seeing how the other party brought an incomprehensible tool forward, she sat up again.

“Im sorry, can you give me a piece of paper and pen Im afraid that I will be electrocuted and no one will inherit my property.”

The woman was stunned, and then smiled softly.

“Dont be afraid, our hypnosis and meditation therapy does not carry electrical currents.

Just listen to the music and do what I say.”

Wen Yu widened her eyes.

“… Hypnosis”

While Wen Yu was being treated, Jiang Yuhe sat in the courtyard outside the villa and waited.

Liu Tuan made him a cup of tea.

“Itll be done very soon, at least half an hour.” Jiang Yuhe hummed, thought of something, and asked him, “The last time you performed in Jiangcheng, did you see a woman in a black velvet dress at the event”

Liu Tuan was the head of the symphony orchestra of the last concert and has known Jiang Yuhe for many years.

He frowned, thought for a while and said, “I didnt pay attention.

Why Are you looking for someone”

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Jiang Yuhe appeared to want to say something but then stopped himself.

He sipped his tea and glanced at the treatment room.

“Is this kind of meditation really useful”

“My wife specializes in this area and the best cellist of our group will perform live.

Dont worry.

By the way, you just said the concert-”

He went back to the original topic.

“We will be going to Jiangcheng in two days.

Last time, a guest listened to our performance and liked it.

Her birthday is next week and invited us to perform.”


“Um, her name is… Zhao Wenjing.”


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