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Little Black Room (2)

Wen Yu glanced out the window.

Today was the weekend and the weather was nice.

It was indeed a good day to go out and cultivate relationships.

There were all kinds of harmonious pictures of brother and sister in her mind, Wen Yu responded with a smile.


After lunch, the two got into the car together.

Because it was a private trip, Jiang Yuhe didnt call Lao He to drive and drove himself.

There was lively music on the radio in the car, and the sun was shining on them.

Wen Yu sat beside Jiang Yuhe, in a very cheerful mood.

According to this progress, the sibling relationship between her and Jiang Yuhes should soon stabilize and then she can slowly penetrate into his circle.

Then the opportunity to take care of Shen Mingjia should be just around the corner.

Everything was under her control.

Half a month ago, she was shrouded in a dark haze.

She didnt expect that after a car accident, she would become like the weather outside, shining brightly.

For this, she should be grateful to the man beside her.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu couldnt help feeling full of emotions.

Wen Yu turned to look at Jiang Yuhe.

“Brother.” She blinked, slowly and affectionately said, “If you are well, it will be sunny.”


Just then the radio music stopped and the host happily broadcasted.

“Ok, lets take a look at the weather for the next twenty-four hours.

From tonight till tomorrow, there will be heavy rain and snowfall in most areas.

There may be mudslides and landslides in some areas.

The Meteorological Bureau has issued a yellow warning.

Everyone, prepare early…”

After a few seconds of silence in the car.

Wen Yu stroked her bangs very calmly.

“Sorry Brother, pretend I didnt say anything just now.”

After half an hour, the car stopped in front of a villa by the lake.

Jiang Yuhe got out of the car and told Wen Yu, “Wait for me here.

Ill be right back after a call.”


As soon as he left, Zhou Yues call came in.

Wen Yu was taken aback and quickly turned the phone to silent, watching Jiang Yuhes back.

She made sure that he would not look back for the time being and then secretly picked up the call.

“Hello, whats wrong Secretary Zhou”

“Miss, is it  convenient for you to come back to Jiangcheng now”

“Now Why”

“Some procedures for auctioning property require your signature.

After all, its under your name.”


Wen Yu was stunned for a moment.

“Do I have to”

Zhou Yue replied, “Of course.


Wen hasnt been in a good mood recently.

If its convenient for you, its best to come back and meet him.”

Zhou Yue mentioned her father and Wen Yus heart sank.

This trip could not be avoided.

But how could she leave Beijing in this situation

After hanging up the phone, Wen Yu began to consider a reasonable reason to leave Beijing but in the midst of this amnesia act, she couldnt think of an excuse.

Wen Yu irritably hit the back of her head against the backrest.

Inadvertently, her elbow knocked something in the middle storage box into the back row.

She looked down and saw a document.

Thinking it was Jiang Yuhes work, Wen Yu didnt think much about it and leaned over to pick it up.

But she saw the title written in English, which said “Treatment Plan”.


Wen Yu was puzzled for a moment and intuitively felt that this document was related to her.

She immediately kept reading and after a while, her entire face changed.

She didnt know who provided this report to Jiang Yuhe.

It was all in English, and detailed her amnesia treatment recommendations.

Simply put, it is called electroconvulsive therapy.

By discharging electric current to the brain, the effect would awaken her deeper level memory.

Wen Yu froze.

Jiang Yuhe, who was on the phone not far away, turned around and walked towards the direction of the car.

Wen Yu immediately stuffed the documents behind her back.

The man gestured to her to get off the car, as the conversation on the phone continued.

“Im at the door, Ill bring her over now.”

“Are you ready”




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Combining these two sentences with the file she just saw, Wen Yu suddenly understood.


It turned out that it was not the brother who took the sister to spend the weekend warmly.

It was a bastard who brought her for electroconvulsive therapy for torture!

Wen Yu instantly imagined the horror of being tied to a bed with various instruments connected to it.

Seeing her motionless, Jiang Yuhe opened the car door and urged.

“Come out.”



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