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Make Ones Imagination Run Wild (3)

It was unclear if Jiang Yuhe and Qi Xu were talking about her, but they both looked over to her.

Wen Yus thoughts were still on You Xin for a moment.

Then she hurriedly flashed a smile in surprise.

She pretended to be well-behaved, raising her hands above her head and formed a heart directed at Jiang Yuhe.

Qi Xu smiled lightly.

He turned to Jiang Yuhe while wiping his bow.

“She gave you a heart.

Why dont you send one back”

Jiang Yuhe snorted, staring at the target.

“Im not that bored.”

“Not bored but still brought some person into your home,” Qi Xu notched his bow and pulled the string at the same time as Jiang Yuhe.

“Could it be that you see her amnesia as an opportunity to make her yours”

“Youre sick.”

During the conversation, the arrows of the two men shot out almost at the same time.

The arrows landed close to the target, but the results from both sides were clear.

Qi Xu said meaningfully, “What are you thinking about You seem to be out of shape tonight.”

Jiang Yuhe didnt reply, he lowered his head to arrange his bow and arrow.

He paused, “Do you know an expert in treating amnesia”

Qi Xu pondered for a moment, “A foreign medical doctor gave a medical lecture in our hotel before.

It seems to be a topic in that area.

I vaguely remember that they tried a treatment that seemed to be effective, but it was painful.”

As he said this, Qi Xu turned his head and glanced at Wen Yu,  who was looking around, bored.

“I dont think she would be able to bear it.”

Jiang Yuhe didnt seem to hear the supplementary sentence and directly said, “Give me the doctors contact information.”

After returning from the archery hall, Wen Yu was in a good mood.

Although it was just sitting in the stadium, it was better than going back and facing the four walls of the third-class citizens room, which was even more boring.

Moreover, watching Jiang Yuhe shoot an arrow was indeed a pleasing view.

Wen Yu glanced at Jiang Yuhe secretly.

The man was driving attentively and did not notice her.

After thinking about it, he brought her out to play and in return, it was time for her to say something.

So Wen Yu cleared her throat, sat upright and began to speak.

“Brother, you look so handsome when shooting arrows.”


“Whenever you stood, the people next to you pale in comparison.”


“Really, I saw many beautiful women secretly taking pictures of you and President Qi.

Your charm must have conquered them.”


Jiang Yuhe looked at the front, controlled the steering wheel with one hand and propped the other hand on the edge of the car window.

There was a loud exhale.

He was still learning to accept such a noisy car ride.

After a moment, he spoke.


Jiang Yuhe sounded like he wanted to continue this topic with Wen Yu but he still sounded expressionless.

“Then who do you think is more attractive: me or President Qi”

What a good man.

So shameless.

Asking this question was just him waiting to be praised.

Wen Yu understood this too well.

According to the routine, Wen Yu should indeed butter up Jiang Yuhe.

But she didnt plan to do that today.

This was because sometimes being overly diligent in flattery would make her look like an unprincipled bootlicker.

The trick may be effective at first, but over time, people would get bored and feel that she was being insincere.

A boot licker that doesnt know when to stop would gain nothing in the end.

What Wen Yu had to do now was to give Jiang Yuhe a blow while he felt like he was in control.

Use cold hard reality to show him she was definitely a principled, tasteful, fair and just woman.

Besides, President Qi was a bit more enthusiastic than him and he even knew to bring her water at some point.

Thats right.

Today, she had to praise President Qi.

Wen Yu deliberately looked like she was seriously considering this.

“The combination of President Qis white shirt and gold-framed glasses made him look really nice, dignified, mature, wise, full of reverie, noble and self-disciplined, along with a mysterious temperament.”

Jiang Yuhe didnt say anything, waiting for her to continue evaluating them.

However, after waiting for two seconds, “In comparison, you are a little bit behind, Brother.”


“So Im sorry, Brother.

I choose President Qi.”

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Jiang Yuhe sneered.

What a good sister.

This man fed her, gave her a home and acted as her brother, but in the end, he couldnt even compare to a man she just met

Jiang Yuhe continued driving without a word.

He stopped at an intersection and said coldly to the air, “Dont even think about it.

He has a girlfriend, so you dont have a chance.”


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