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Call My Name One More Time (3)

Wen Yu hadnt eaten this kind of homemade dumplings in a long time.

The last time she ate it, it was New Years Eve at You Xins house one year.

At that time, their family was full of warmth like Lao Hes.

And during that New Years Eve, Wen Yian was in Canada, discussing business and started a video call with Wen Yu to say, “Happy New Year, my dear”.

You couldnt say there was no love but some love was warm, like being protected by the palm of his hand.

But some are hollow and shatter with one grip.

The dumplings on the table were hot.

The TV showed lively programs and Yinyin was asking Jiang Yuhe about the gossip from the entertainment industry.

Lao He was choosing dumplings for his wife.

On this warm winter solstice night, Wen Yu suddenly began to believe what the old fortune-teller said at the night market.

After that night, she seemed to have lost everything, but she went on another wonderful journey and met these lovely and warm people.

Of course, Wen Yu thought secretly— except for the cold ice cube next to her.

While eating, Yinyin pointed to the TV and said, “My favorite variety show has begun!”

Wen Yu casually looked over.

If only she didnt look, but as soon as she looked over she froze.

Unexpectedly, the guest was Shen Mingjia…

The scumbag was wearing a decent suit and acted like a gentleman as he sang on stage.

If she didnt know who he was in private, Wen Yu might also be tricked by the camera, thinking that this was a gentle and handsome male star.

Unfortunately he was not.

“Sister Xiaoyu, is the guy in the white suit handsome” Yinyin pointed to the TV.

“I recently became a fan of idols.

You dont even know how amazing he is!”


Well, she certainly didnt know how amazing he was.

Wen Yus heart was saying loudly, “Little Sister, dont! You can clearly see this is a scum man!” But on her face, she could only smile politely.

“Really I dont follow idols.”

What else could she do Tell her about being cheated by this scumbag, and expose herself in front of Jiang Yuhe She was now playing the amnesia role.

Once she exposes her lie, all her efforts will be lost.

Besides, it didnt seem to be a good idea to give pointers about idols during their first meeting.

Forget it.

Thinking of this, Wen Yu decided to talk less and do more.

She wanted to put some shrimp stuffed dumplings on her plate but when she picked up her chopsticks, she found that there were only other types left on the plates.

She had no choice but to put the chopsticks down again in silence.

Jiang Yuhe asked Yinyin at this time.

“Do you like Shen Mingjia very much”

Yinyin smiled embarrassedly.

“Its mainly because the sisters around me like him.

These days, idol images collapse easily.

Everyone wants to idolize a true clean idol.”

During this casual conversation, no one noticed that Jiang Yuhe naturally moved the shrimp dumplings in his bowl to Wen Yu.

This sudden, warm action stunned Wen Yu.

What was this

Ignoring who they were talking about again, Wen Yu stared at the dumplings in the bowl, full of question marks, until a lazy voice fell in his ears.

“Did you think I gave you poison”

“… Of course not.” Wen Yu smiled awkwardly and picked up the chopsticks, feeling something strange.

At 9PM, after dinner, Lao He put on a big leather jacket and said he needed to send Wen Yu downstairs.

However Jiang Yuhe naturally put his hand on Wen Yus wheelchair.

“No, Ill do it.”

“Huh” Wen Yu opened her eyes wide, and tried to stand up on her own.


Before she finished speaking, Jiang Yuhe pushed her back.

“Sit down.”


The two did not speak in the elevator.

Wen Yu didnt know what kind of cigarette Jiang Yuhe smoked to cause this change.

She trembled all the way and finally got into the car downstairs.

She was about to go to the back seat but Jiang Yuhe suddenly lit a cigarette.

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Then he leaned against the rear door.

Wen Yu also had to withdraw her stretched out hand to open the door and waited.

After all, she knew the rules of riding in the same car with Jiang Yuhe.

She had to sit in the back when he drove, so she had to consciously go to the passenger seat when he was in the back.

The sound of wind and dust blew constantly in her ears.

The street lamp was shabby but bright, and the mans face clearly shone in the dim light.

After a while, Jiang Yuhe pinched the cigarette and said, “Say  my name one more time.”

Wen Yu didnt react at first.

She was stunned for two seconds before tentatively replying, “…Brother”

Jiang Yuhe looked down and smiled.

This smile was very light but there seemed to be a lot of emotions that Wen Yu couldnt understand.

The next second, the man raised his hand and opened the door of the front passenger seat.

“From now on, sit next to Brother.”


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