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Call My Name One More Time (2)

After the meeting, she couldnt help but ask, “What about you, Brother”

Jiang Yuhe didnt even lift his head, “Together.”

This answer was far beyond Wen Yus expectation.

He accompanied her last time when she changed the bandages because he happened to be going to the hospital to solve Li Mans affairs, but no one else was in the hospital this time.

Was he going to accompany her specifically

Wen Yu didnt believe it until Jiang Yuhe actually arrived at the hospital— this man actually showed compassion and accompanied her to change the dressing.

The dressing change was much smoother than before.

Wen Yu remembered the lesson that long-term pain was worse than short-term pain, so she fully cooperated with the doctor.

When she was changing her dressing, Jiang Yuhe went to the doctors office.

“How long will it take for her to remember who she is”

“President Jiang.” The doctor said patiently.

“Post Traumatic Stress Disorder memory loss is a very complicated situation.

According to our clinical data, before the accident, 80% of the injured had suffered a major trauma in their lives and so-”

“Im not interested in the numbers,” Jiang Yuhe interrupted the doctor.

“Just tell me how long it will take.”

The doctor paused, “Some take three to five years.

Some take one or two months.”

“Three to five years” Jiang Yuhe obviously didnt expect it could take so long.

The doctor nodded and told him simply and transparently, “She thinks that you are her brother now, so you might as well do what she wants to soothe her emotions.

The more relaxed she is, the sooner she can recover.

But on the contrary, if you keep resisting her indifferently and she feels she is in an unsafe situation, then it will only harm her recovery with no benefits.

In other words: the more you cooperate with her, the sooner you can hope to end this relationship.”

Jiang Yuhe thought for a moment without saying anything and then left the office.

Back in the ward, Wen Yus bandages had been changed.

Seeing Jiang Yuhe come in, she told him coquettishly, “Brother, Im alright.

You dont have to give me a five-minute deadline today.”

Lao He also praised Wen Yus bravery.

Jiang Yuhe bit his lip and said, “Since youre done, lets go.”

Coming out of the hospital, Jiang Yuhe had been thinking about something.

Lao He drove the car and hesitated for a while before he embarrassedly said, “Boss, today is the winter solstice.

I want to invite you and Xiaoyu* to my house for dumplings.”

* As an expression of endearment, people of similar age will call each other Sister or Brother even though they may not be blood related.

Jiang Yuhe returned to his senses and frowned.

“Who is Xiaoyu”

“Me.” Wen Yu turned back from the front row and smiled at Jiang Yuhe.

“Uncle He always said that he didnt know how to call me but I dont remember what I was called, so I just chose a name: Xiaoyu.”

After a pause, Wen Yu spoke.

“How about Jiang Xiaoyu”

In the latter sentence, Wen Yu deliberately tested the waters thinking that Jiang Yuhe would refuse, but she did not expect that after a few seconds of silence he nodded.


Was it that easy to suddenly add someone to your family tree

She just suggested it casually, but why would he be so nonchalant

Jiang Yuhe was so straightforward that Wen Yu didnt know how to continue the conversation.

Since Jiang Yuhe hadnt answered his question and Lao He knew his status, how would the boss come to his house during the holidays He took the initiative to say, “If the boss is not free, then its okay.

I will bring Xiaoyu with me to eat and take her back.

Is that alright”

Jiang Yuhe looked out the window for a long while, then gently replied, “No, lets go together.”


Lao Hes home was a simple two-bedroom house.

Although the place was small, the decorations were very warm.

As soon as Wen Yu came in, she felt the kind of warmth that she had been longing for since she was a child, a kind of warmth called home.

Lao Hes daughter was named Yinyin, who was just twenty, slightly chubby, cute and enthusiastic.

As soon as Wen Yu came in, she took the initiative to push her wheelchair.

“Are you Sister Xiaoyu How are you, Sister*!”

She looked up and saw Jiang Yuhe, who was following her.

Her little mouth yelled again, “Hello, Big Brother!”


He came out wearing an apron and exclaimed, while smiling at Jiang Yuhe.

“Im sorry, President Jiang.

Yinyin is ill mannered.

Dont mind her.

Come and sit inside.”

Jiang Yuhe gave a rare smile.

“I dont mind.”

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Because of Jiang Yuhes presence, the old couple was excited and apprehensive.

They served tea, poured water and cut fruit, in fear that if the hospitality wasnt good enough, the young master would feel neglected.

Soon, the dumplings were served.

Lao He said, “I dont know what flavors you like, so we have a little bit of everything.

This is shrimp stuffing, vegetarian, mushrooms and pork… What stuffing do you like, Boss”

Jiang Yuhe replied, “Im not picky.”

Lao He put all the flavors into different plates and put them on the table.


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