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A Handsome Man (3)

Wen Yu stepped forward with a sigh of relief. “Ive been looking for you for a long time.

How did it go Did you succeed”

You Xin was disheartened, “Dont ask.”

Wen Yu had already guessed that this would be the result, and patted her best friends head.

“It‘s okay.

The worst case scenario is that you quit the film industry.

But dont worry, this sister will support you.”

You Xin raised her head to say something, then drooped again.

Wen Yu knew that she would be in a bad mood.

After thinking about it, she pointed to Li Man not far away and said mysteriously, “Dont lose hope, tell you something exciting.

Do you know that celebrity Li Man”

You Xin glanced at her and said, “Why wouldnt I know My role was taken away by her and given to someone else.”

Wen Yu was taken aback when she heard the words, then turned her head. “She stole your role”

“Li Man is the female lead in that drama.

All she needs to do is ask someone to swap this nobody with one of her own people and shell get what she wants.”

Wen Yu did not expect that the troubles of her best friend were caused by Miss Li.

Now Wen Yu finally understood how powerful this woman was.

If anything, how could she scheme to blackmail a man after sleeping with him

Initially, Wen Yu listened to the gossip but didnt want to participate.

However since the person involved messed with You Xin first, she could only be apologetic.

Dont even think about fulfilling your wish.

Wen Yu observed the approaching men around Li Man and asked You Xin, “Is there any man with the surname of Jiang here tonight“

You Xin frowned, “Jiang”

She looked around, before pointing in one direction and said, “Are you talking about President Jiang Jiang Yuhe.

Hes over there.”

Wen Yu immediately looked over.

Ten meters from Li Man was a man around 1.85 meters tall.

He had such a domineering figure, with wide shoulders, narrow waist and long legs.

He was standing at the foot of the stage, talking with a few foreigners.

His profile looked familiar…

Wen Yu then remembered that he was the man who was surrounded by many reporters.

While watching, she asked You Xin, “What is Jiang Yuhes background”

“He is a big deal.” You Xin, who was despondent just now, suddenly became excited. “Hes the boss of the Yasheng Group and the big brother of the entertainment industry.

All the first-line or top-tier actors you know now all belong to this mans company.

He invested in nine out of ten of the films you see; the ones set box office records.

It can be said that he is a super boss who holds the fate of countless artists.”

This type of status.

It must be him.

Wen Yu couldnt help but feel that Li Mans abilities were much higher than You Xins stupid self-recommendation.

To create a scheme where each step was calculated and no option to retreat… If they actually succeeded, they would get fame and resources.

It was just a pity that, in this perfect scheme, they did not expect her to intervene.

Wen Yu quickly found a paper and pen from her bag but as soon as she finished writing, she found Li Man already walking towards Jiang Yuhe with two glasses of wine.

Li Man walked up to the man while smiling calmly.

Wen Yu could not tell what Li Man was saying to him when she then handed over the glass of wine in her hand.

Was this bastard about to play out her scheme

“What are you writing” You Xin asked curiously.


Wen Yu had no time to explain to You Xin.

She folded the note and walked towards the man.

The distance was getting shorter and shorter.

The mans facial features were also getting clearer.

A cool black shirt with a black suit, a naturally noble-looking and ruthless face with exquisite and sharp bones, he was calm when smiling but he reflected a strong and compelling aura.

This was the kind of aura that can only be emitted by someone of superior status.

Lets not talk about how Li Man screwed over You Xin.

It would be a pity if such a handsome man slept with a femme-fatale like Li Man.

What a waste.

The night breeze blew her face and Wen Yu provocatively shook her long curled hair.

She stepped with her delicate high heels, took a glass of wine from a passing waiter and naturally caused a collision when she passed by Jiang Yuhe.

Amidst the chaos, she concealed the note in her hand and quickly stuffed it into the mans suit pocket.

“Oh, sorry.” She smiled and apologized, then left casually.

Naturally, there was no trace of error in the whole process.

Li Man didnt care about Wen Yus appearance at all and smilingly teased. “Mr.

Jiang, you wont deny another glass of wine from me, right”

Jiang Yuhe didnt answer her right away.

After a two-second pause, he turned around.

The back of the girl in a black velvet dress camouflaged with the shadows, and it was difficult to see clearly.

The only thing left was a light and special rosewood fragrance in the air.

Fiery and bright.

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He lowered his eyes and took out from his pocket what the woman had intentionally left behind.

It turned out to be a small note.

[Dalang**, medicine, understand]

Jiang Yuhe: “…”

** Dalang was the husband of Jin Lian, the famous adulteress from the Ming Dynasty story (金瓶梅).


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