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Brother Finally Showed His Tender Side (3)

Winter nights always came very early, as the sky got darker, the surrounding temperature began to drop sharply.

‘No need.

Really, no need, Wen Yu thought.

If she did something wrong, she could accept Jiang Yuhe coming back and questioning her instead of waiting until she was cold and hungry.

The sky also started faintly snowing.

But the most important thing was…

She really needed to go to the bathroom…

At half past six, Lao He took Jiang Yuhe, who had just finished a meeting, to have dinner with a client.

On the way, Jiang Yuhe asked Li Bai, “Is there any news from the Public Security Bureau”

Li Bai shook his head.

“No, they said they havent received a missing persons report recently.”

This was unreasonable.

A living person has disappeared.

Has her family not realized Or was she not from Beijing at all

Lao He then interjected and asked, “Boss, is the lady living well in your house Is there anything she lacks I bought a lot according to my daughters preference last time and I dont know whether she liked it or not.

Li Bai coughed.

However, Lao He had no idea that he had done the bosss work and stole credit from the boss.

He continued to be immersed in his own emotions.

“Boss, can I go see her this weekend.

After all, I was the one who hit her.

I want to make some soup to nourish her body.”

Jiang Yuhe finally couldnt listen anymore and raised his head.

“Did you think I was going to abuse her”

Lao He shook his head quickly.

“Of course not.

I know Boss appears cold-hearted, but youre actually warm-hearted underneath or else you wouldnt have taken her home.

I just want to do something for her.”

As soon as his voice fell, Lao Hes cell phone rang.

He couldnt answer the phone while driving.

 So he was about to dismiss the call when he saw that it was actually from Wen Yu, he murmured doubtfully, “Why is that girl calling”

He turned sideways slightly.

“Boss, can I pick it up Im afraid the girl is looking for me due to an emergency.”

The man stared at the snow outside the window and did not reply.

Because his silence was assumed to be a default confirmation, Lao He quickly picked up the call.

“Whats the matter Miss Is something wrong”

Wen Yus weak voice, “Uncle He, you… do you know Aunt Shiers phone number”

“Aunt Shier” Lao He frowned, “No, how could I have her number Whats the matter Are you looking for her Isnt she at home”

After two seconds, Lao He widened his eyes and turned to Jiang Yuhe in the back row, shouted in a panic, “Not good Boss.

The little girl is locked outside about to freeze to death!”


At the door of the villa, Wen Yu curled up, covered her mouth with her hands and breathed out, trying to get a bit of warmth.

When she  used to watch Korean dramas, they always said that the first snow was beautiful and romantic.

First snow must be seen with someone she liked.

But why was she so embarrassed Let alone a man, there was not even a ghost around her.

‘Its so cold.

I really want to be in a warm bed… I really want to have a cup of warm milk… I really want to… Forget it.

Low-class citizens dont deserve to think about it.

It had been a while since the call for help was made.

Wen Yu was not sure whether Jiang Yuhe would come back, but she was not very hopeful considering his attitude yesterday and this morning.

Now its up to him whether he cared about her life and death.

Because it was too cold, Wen Yu closed her eyes and tried to distract herself with her thoughts.

With her eyes closed, she suddenly felt light shine in front of her.

She opened her eyes and saw that, sure enough, some warm, yellow headlights lit up the snowy night, all the way towards the villa.

It finally stopped in front of the door.

Someone came out.

… Was it Jiang Yuhe

It turned out to be true! It was him!

‘Good job! My brother has a heart! Brother is just cold on the outside, but hes caring on the inside! My brother finally showed his tender side! I will be more tolerant and understanding of my brother!

Wen Yu, who had just been frozen into depression, immediately regained her vigor.

She wanted to sit and prepare a sweet smile and be grateful for her good brother who came to save her in the wind and snow, but then she thought about it…

Wait a minute, this was definitely a good opportunity to arouse a mans desire to protect and nurture.

Shes frozen like this Why would she smile Was she so happy to be frozen

So when Jiang Yuhe was ten meters away from her, Wen Yu quickly changed her strategy.

She closed her eyes and portrayed an image of being frozen to the point of losing her mind.

Ten meters, five meters, three meters.

Wen Yu could feel the man approaching step by step.

She was excited and looked forward to whether Jiang Yuhe would take off his coat and put it on her body, or just pick her up and go home to warm her up…

Getting closer.

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Hes coming.

Wen Yu almost held her breath, her heart pounded because of her excitement.

However, after waiting for a few seconds, none of the imaginary scenes took place.

But she faintly felt that a finger seemed to come under her nose.


‘That was not necessary.

Im still alive, thank you.


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