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I Will Tend to This Man (3)

The director glanced at him but quickly recovered.

“Okay, the other thing is that the director wants to use Shen Mingjia as Male Lead No.

2, the one whos been trending lately.

However Shen Mingjia isnt from our company.

I want to have his film and television contracts signed with our company, so it would be convenient to unify the management.”

Shen Mingjia

Jiang Yuhe contemplated the idea and then nodded his head.

“Let me have a copy of his achievements over the last half year.

Ill take a look before deciding.”

“All right.”

It was probably because he didnt sleep well last night combined with the drinking, but Jiang Yuhe was in a bad mood all day.

Before he left work, he cancelled all his scheduled evening social events.

Aunt Shier received a notice so by the time Jiang Yuhe arrived home, dinner was ready.

Four meat dishes, two vegetables dishes and one soup.

Jiang Yuhe sat at the table alone and after eating for a while, he asked, “Where is she”

Aunt Shier straightened her back and replied.

“In her room.”

She followed up with, “She said shes not coming out and she doesnt feel hungry.”

Jiang Yuhe did not keep asking and after quickly eating a few mouthfuls, he decided to go upstairs and rest.

After a few steps, Aunt Shier mumbled behind him, “She was afraid youd get cold sleeping in the living room, so she took her blanket to cover you.”

Jiang Yuhe paused in mid-step, he frowned and turned back.

“What blanket”

Aunt Shier glanced at him, opened her mouth but then closed it again, perhaps fearing that she might not be able to properly explain.

In the end, she repeated Wen Yus words and when she got to the phrase “I care about my brother.

Is that so wrong”, she even raised her voice.

“Im not standing up for her.

I just see her kindness mistaken for ill intent.”


After lingering in the study for a long time, Jiang Yuhe finally felt like he had awakened from his drunkenness.

He thought over Aunt Shiers words for a long time and thought back on the details when he woke up.

Actually the womans body was only touching him a little bit.

Her body was leaning against the sofa backrest, evidently trying to keep her distance.

Only her legs were stretched under the blanket to steal some warmth.

Also the blanket had small flower patterns and felt feminine.

He had not noticed these details at all… so it was her blanket.

Jiang Yuhe closed his eyes and rubbed his temple.

The memory of the womans confused expression as he warned her kept repeating in his mind, along with what she said.

‘ I was afraid that he might get cold, so I brought my blanket over to cover him.

I was afraid hed throw up if he was left unattended, so I was guarding him all night.

As if he was being punished, those images reminded him of how harsh he was.

This feeling unexplainably made Jiang Yuhe feel annoyed.

He picked up the glass on the table and found it empty, without a single drop of water.

He opened the study door.

Just as he was about to ask Aunt Shier for a cup of coffee, he suddenly heard a voice talking downstairs.

He took back the words he was about to say and quietly took a few steps forward.

Sure enough, Wen Yu came out.

She was in her wheelchair with a glass in her hand.

It seemed like she was also thirsty and went to the living room to fetch water.

Jiang Yuhe watched them for two seconds.

As if led by something, he took his empty cup downstairs.

He had his hand in his trouser pocket as he walked to the purifier.

Aunt Shier looked at him in bewilderment.

She glanced at him.

“Is there no water upstairs What are you doing downstairs”


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Wen Yu knew why Jiang Yuhe came down, but she didnt call her brother as enthusiastically as she always did.

She hung her head down and moved to one side.

Although she said nothing, her posture made her look like she was demoted to a low-class citizen.

Jiang Yuhe paused and in a rare gesture, took the initiative.

“You first.”


Wen Yu did not act modest.

Without any expression, she moved forward and filled her glass with water.

Then she turned around and passed by Jiang Yuhe.

She went back to her room and closed the door.



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