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I Will Tend to This Man (2)

At 6:30AM, Aunt Shier got up to prepare breakfast.

When she passed the living room, she saw Jiang Yuhe and Wen Yu lying down together.

She calmly stole a look and went to the kitchen as if nothing had happened.

In about ten minutes, Jiang Yuhe woke up due to the noise from the kitchen.

He opened his eyes with displeasure and found himself sleeping on the sofa.

He did not appear too surprised, closed his eyes and sighed.

Just as he decided to get up and take a shower, he discovered Wen Yu lying beside him.

They were even covered by the same blanket.

Jiang Yuhe was startled and coldy said, “What are you doing”

Those words had a clear tone of reprimand.

Wen Yu woke up in confusion.

She opened her eyes and completely forgot that she was sleeping on the sofa.

After seeing the man next to her, she sat up as her memory returned.

“Brother, you woke up”

She soon found the mans unusually cold eyes.

“Whats wrong”

Jiang Yuhes glared at Wen Yu for a few seconds before he ripped off the blanket and said coldly, “If this happens again, then you leave.”


Watching the man go up to the second floor, Wen Yu was confused.

Auntie Shier came out of the kitchen and as she was setting the table she told Wen Yu.

“Young Master doesnt like it when women touch him.”


‘Brother, how could you misunderstand me

She laughed angrily.

“He came back last night and laid on the sofa.

I couldnt wake up and I couldnt carry him.

I was afraid that he might get cold, so I brought my blanket over to cover him.

I was afraid hed throw up if he was left unattended, so I was guarding him all night.

What do you mean he doesnt like women touching him Im not some woman,” she said.

Not knowing if Jiang Yuhe could hear her, she could only loudly complain.

“I care about my brother.

Is that so wrong”

She was completely innocent.

Aunt Shier paused as she was pouring milk.

“Why didnt you get me to help”

“” Wen Yu was speechless.

“Didnt you say you dont care if the house collapses after twelve”

“If the house collapses, of course I dont care.

If the Young Master is drunk, of course I care.”


What kind of person is this

Wen Yu was speechless at this master and his servants logic.

Okay, they won.

She picked her up her blanket that was ripped up by Jiang Yuhe and without further explanation, she turned to go to her room.

That ill-mannered man.

He deserved to freeze to death last night.

‘You think there will be a next time Dream on.

Twenty minutes later, Jiang Yuhe took a bath and went downstairs.

Aunt Shier prepared some hangover soup.

When she gave it to him, she muttered, “Eldest Miss has told you to drink less.

You never listen.”

He didnt raise his head.

After one sip, he asked, “Where is that person”

Even without saying her name, Aunt Shier knew who he was talking about.

“Went back to her room.”

There was no further mention of Wen Yu.

After a simple breakfast, he returned to the company.

The secretary prepared a cup of coffee as usual, but Jiang Yuhe frowned after taking a sip.

“Whats wrong with the taste”

The secretary paused.

“Ive been making it like this every day.”

After a while, Jiang Yuhe said blandly, “You can go.”

When the secretary left, he held the coffee to try and figure out what was wrong.

Then, it suddenly occurred to him.

He drank that womans coffee yesterday.

It tasted very mellow and rich.

Jiang Yuhe didnt understand what he had been thinking.

He rubbed his brow and put the coffee aside, losing his desire to drink it.

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Just then, the companys Director of Talent Management knocked at the door.

“President Jiang, regardingQuest for the Dragon Files, Id like to discuss it with you again.”

This year, the domestic entertainment industry was adversely affected by new government policies so many indie film companies had already collapsed.

In this environment, Jiang Yuhe was careful with each investment project.

The companys top priority wasQuest for the Dragon Files, a two billion yuan fantasy film that Yashen had invested in.

From the camera crew to the choice of actors, regardless of level of importance, everything was overseen by Jiang Yuhe.

The companys director said, “Originally, the female lead was going to be Li Man, but she failed to live up to expectations and created all sorts of problems.

Now, we were going to choose either Sang Chen or Mo Xiaoru.

Their acting abilities are both pretty good.

Even the director thought they were both fine, but its up to you.”

Jiang Yuhe looked at pictures of both actresses and drew one of them.

“Use Sang Chen.”


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