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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 235

Her heartbeat became faster, but she used laughter to hide the acid that welled up in the corner of her eyes.

"Are you proposing to me"


Wen Yu looked around.

"Right here"

"Right here."

Wen Yu had actually thought long ago that Jiang Yuhe was not a lively person by nature.

His feelings were introverted and cold, so he would never be like other boyfriends, who would plan any romantic proposal ceremony elaborately.

Wen Yu had prepared herself mentally for such a proposal long ago, so facing such a straightforward proposal now, it was not much of a disappointment to her.

Regardless of his frankness, however, Wen Yu didn't want to say yes right away.

She must hang him in suspense for a while.

She pretended not to care and said, "Aren't you too stingy Why didn't you even buy a bunch of flowers for your marriage proposal"

Jiang Yuhe paused.

"Will you marry me if there are flowers"

Wen Yu looked at him.

"It doesn't count to buy some now."

Jiang Yuhe chuckled lightly, picked up the phone and pressed something.

Within a minute, Tang Huai and a few people walked over from the entrance.

Tang Huai held a red rose wrapped in black gold paper in his hand and brought it to Wen Yu.

"President Wen, President Jiang sent you flowers."


Looking behind him, the people who walked in with Tang Huai were holding bouquets of different sizes of flowers in their hands.

Within five minutes, the entire rooftop was dotted with flowers.

They were fragrant.

...Wen Yu didn't expect this man to propose marriage and also play cat and mouse.

She would like to see how capable he was.

Holding the flowers, Wen Yu said disapprovingly, "Don't you think that the atmosphere of the proposal is a little bit worse"

"What vibe do you want"

"Shouldn't there be some music"

Jiang Yuhe hummed.

"There should be."

Wen Yu was about to say no the kind that was broadcasted live, when suddenly the melodious and deep sounds of the cello and piano entered her ears.

She froze, and her eyes followed the sound, only to find that the side of the rooftop, which some billboards blocked just now, was now being moved away.

On the slightly elevated circular stage, the cellist was on the left while the pianist was on the right.

Wen Yu recognized them to be Liu Tuan and his wife.

The piece the couple was playing was timeless and gentle, entitled ‘The Rite of Love’, a piece written by an English composer to his wife, expressing his love.

Around the rooftop, thin and gentle bands of light also lit up with the sound of the piece, one by one, like starlight falling around them.

Jiang Yuhe's voice also fell at this time.

"Marry me"

Wen Yu regained her senses from the sound of the gentle music and opened her mouth confusedly, "...You- Are you serious"

"I never joke." Jiang Yuhe looked her in the eyes, his deep gaze hiding a scorching heat.

"Besides, how can I joke about this matter"

Wen Yu suddenly couldn't speak.

Her heart was beating suddenly, nervous and excited.

The flowers in her hand, the music behind her...

Wen Yu quickly realized that Jiang Yuhe's proposal was not unprepared.

On the contrary…

He might have done all the preparations within his power.

Wen Yu merely has to speak, and he would deliver the picture she wanted in front of her, and finally give her the perfect scene that she imagined a marriage proposal should have.

Wen Yu was not sure if this was really the case.

She looked at the dark sky in the distance and said tentatively, "Our President Qi proposed to Sister Mingqi with a lot of beautiful fireworks."

The implication being, I have to have it too.

Jiang Yuhe didn't say anything and gave Tang Huai a look.

Tang Huai immediately did as he was told.

At some point, he had an extra walkie-talkie in his hand: "Number 2, ready, you can start."


Before she could react, gorgeous, countless fireworks rose into the air ignited in the sky nearby, rotating and changing, and finally framed into the shape of ‘MARRY ME’.

The whole city was illuminated with glittering light.

Wen Yu gawped.

‘It's real, it's real…’

She looked at Jiang Yuhe in disbelief, opened her mouth to say something, but found that she could not utter a single word.

Beneath the sky full of fireworks, it seemed that all the language in this moment was banal and pale.

The colorful lights and shadows flashed across Wen Yu's face.

She admitted that she was moved, so she asked Jiang Yuhe softly, "Do you really know what I think in my heart"

Jiang Yuhe turned to look at her and replied with certainty, "Of course."

After a moment of staring at each other, Wen Yu pointed straight at the mall building across the street.

"I want it to light up.

I want you to say you love me up there.

I want it to look cheesy.

I want everyone in Beijing to know that you are proposing to me tonight."

As soon as her demands fell, before Jiang Yuhe could even issue his order, Tang Huai immediately spoke into the intercom, "Number 6, ready; all buildings, synchronize to play; word 1 and word 3, continue to scroll for ten minutes."


Half a minute later, Wen Yu saw an incredible image.

All the surrounding office buildings and shopping malls with LED screens were scrolling 'Wen Yu, I love you' and 'Marry me' at the same time, with the tall building she was in as the center.

She couldn't describe her feelings exactly, but it should be shame and excitement.


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