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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 234

The biggest unsolved mystery in the entertainment industry was finally going to be solved.

Facing a group of dark machines, Wen Yu smiled helplessly.

After taking a deep breath, she lifted her head and said solemnly yet gently.

"Actually, I thought of many ways to introduce him, but in the end, I found that using more words to introduce him seemed cumbersome.

He is a direct person."

"He likes to be direct and express everything with his actions."

"So today, I also want to tell you who he is with my actions."

"Before that, I would like to thank him for his support and encouragement all the way.

Without his silent contribution, there would not be today's ‘Moment’, and there would not be the current Pisces Entertainment."

"Thank you."

"I love you."

Wen Yu spoke slowly to the camera.

Jiang Yuhe seemed expressionless down the stage, but only Wen Yu understood the ripples in his eyes.

The netizens in the live broadcast room went crazy with impatience.

[Say it, who is he!]

[It sounds like the super famous brother has willingly supported Sister Wen for a long time.]

[I'm actually quite moved.

So, who the hell is he Say it! I'm going to cry.]


Even if it is my brother, I'll accept it.

Hurry up and have a baby.]

Field reporters also couldn't wait to grab the exclusive…

"Miss Wen is planning how to introduce him to everyone with action."

At that, Wen Yu slowly stood up.

Her eyes fleetingly skimmed over Jiang Yuhe and quickly retracted.

"He is right here."


[The hell What the hell!!!]

It just so happened that there were two or three male artists who were invited to the scene today who could be regarded as traffic stars.

The reporters subconsciously started to divide the cameras to those male artists, but when they were all set up and waiting for Wen Yu to announce the name, Wen Yu suddenly walked to the stage.

To the first row, right in the middle.

She stood in front of Jiang Yuhe.

At this moment, she was no longer the decisive investor, President Wen.

At this moment, she only wanted to be the baby in Jiang Yuh's palm.

Stretching out her hand, she asked him petulantly.

"Want to hug me"

"Right here."



Before everyone could react, everyone saw that the man in the supreme position of the entertainment industry, who had always presented an utterly ruthless face, had a smile floating on his lips.

He then got up and tightly hugged the woman in front of him in his embrace.

Everyone looked dumbfounded as if the scene turned into a frozen image for at least ten seconds.

It was only after a spell did the reporters turn their cameras one after the other and aimed it at the two embracing people.

Doubtlessly! Insane! Crazy!

The top-notch male artist they thought turned out to be the top of the top-notch capitalist in the entertainment industry.

No wonder it was said that he was involved in everything.

No wonder it was said that his traffic was invincible!

The media prepared countless top-notch manuscripts, but they never thought that her boyfriend would be the most powerful big shot boss behind the scenes.

The netizens in the live broadcast room also were gobsmacked.

[Have I gone stupid What kind of plot twist is this...]

[This is a Big Brother, a genuine Big Brother.

My big bro also calls him Big Brother.]

[Sorry, she turns out to be my sister-in-law.

Please take care of my brother, woo-hoo-hoo, in the future.]

[Sorry 1, all supporters of xx should say hello to my sister-in-law.]

[F*ck, my house collapsed ahhh! Do you really think Big Brother has no fans!!! Ahhh, I cried, how can I enjoy the show! I love President Jiang!]

[Friends, I dug out President Jiang's picture on viral news that time.

I zoomed in and zoomed in again.

Guess what I saw]

[I saw it, it's her, it's her, it's her!]

[Replace the first snow that Sister Wen said before, with these words said today, they love each other so much, wuwuwu, divine love.]

[Damn, it's sour.]

[Sour 10086]


Tonight was another boiling night.

Be it ridicule, blessing or having fun watching the show, Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe had no time to listen to those voices.

After the world returned to silence, they held hands and went to the top floor of the cinema.

Jiang Yuhe searched for a long time before he found such a place with the same style as the rooftop of Langjia Center.

Although it was the same, the place tonight was empty.

It was just a rooftop.

There was nothing but a bench and a few huge advertising boards.

Wen Yu looked around and felt some subtle disappointment in her heart.

In the morning, he said he had something to tell her.

Wen Yu thought...

It seemed that she was overthinking.

Wen Yu awkwardly clasped the pocket of her outer pocket and stuffed the things hidden inside a little deeper.

"Wen Yu," Jiang Yuhe suddenly called her.

"Hm" Wen Yu put away those little fantasies in her mind and lifted her head.



Wen Yu then obediently sat down on that bench.

Jiang Yuhe sat beside her and looked at her.

"Do you know why I brought you up here"

"I don't know." Wen Yu once again looked at the empty surroundings.

"Don't you have something to say to me What is it"

Jiang Yuhe lowered his head for a moment, then tenderly said, "Actually, I wanted to tell you this last time I was on Langjia's rooftop, but I couldn't reveal my identity that night, so I've been waiting."

"Waiting for today."

"Waiting for the moment you just acknowledged me in front of so many people."

Wen Yu vaguely felt what Jiang Yuhe was going to do, but she was not so sure.

Her heartbeat slowly accelerated.

"What is it"

With their gazes locked, Jiang Yuhe's dark eyes bored into hers, and there was no more coldness in his eyes, only endless tenderness left.

After a spell,  he calmly said, "Marry me."


Wen Yu never thought that Jiang Yuhe would directly utter the words she had been expecting in her heart for countless times in this manner.


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