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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 233

Wen Yu again deliberately provoked him, "If you are afraid, I can find someone to replace you."

After a pause, she blinked.

"Anyway, we have two or three traffic stars under Pisces Entertainment."

Wen Yu had signed a group of artists only three months ago, and the company was becoming more and more formal and powerful.

Moreover, she has gradually become an independent investor in this circle.

In ten months, without passing Jiang Yuhe, she signed three IPs by herself, and was still working hard to develop cooperation with games and animation.

"Why aren't you saying anything" Wen Yu went to pinch Jiang Yuhe's face.

"How come you, the super famous brother, are not excited at all"

At long last, under her persistent harassment and threats, the man gave a response.

But not with fear that comes with being threatened.

"You weren't tired enough last night, were you"

Wen Yu hadn't realized that danger was approaching.


"You're not very strong, right"


Hearing this, Wen Yu already understood what he was going to do, but before she had time to react, she had already lost advantage.

Jiang Yuhe quickly bullied his way up, and struck Wen Yu with a heavy force.

Wen Yu was stunned, and went to push him while laughing.

"Don’t rile me up."


"I'm warning you.

Today is the day I'd decide whether to introduce you to everyone.

If you do not behave well, I will continue to hide you forever!"

Jiang Yuhe tenderly kissed her earlobe, "Okay."


"I will behave well."


Jiang Yuhe behaved directly for one hour and three minutes.

Early in the morning, Wen Yu was gone.

When she was hazily sent to the climax, she heard the man buried deep in the nook of her neck say, "If it breaks a billion, I have something to tell you too."

Wen Yu asked, "What is it"

Jiang Yuhe said no more.

He only kissed her cheek.

"Get ready to introduce me."


Jiang Yuhe was so sure because by today, it was imperative for Wen Yu to unveil her relationship.

The presale box office of ‘Moment’ alone reached 93 million the day before the Qixi Festival.

Wen Yu also understood that in addition to her own dedication and hard work, Jiang Yuhe was giving her a boost behind the scenes.

In these ten months, the one who wanted to disclose their relationship more than the netizens was Jiang Yuhe.

He had been suffocated by those fake boyfriends that popped out one after another.

On the premiere day, the hashtag #EveryoneMustGoWatchMomentToday hung high up on the hot search.

Those who knew about the relationship formerly and those who were later scientifically educated, in short everyone, was gossiping and waiting for Wen Yu's announcement.

As the top investor of the movie, Wen Yu specially chartered a separate venue in one of the cinemas in Beijing, inviting a considerable number of filmmakers, investors, stars and media in the circle to come to watch the premiere.

Jiang Yuhe also came.

However, he sat down on the stage in a low profile and did not accept any interview.

Onlookers were used to his aloofness and thought he was invited by Director Chen Yousheng, so they didn't think much of it.

At midnight, the major cinemas in Beijing were noisy and boisterous with people walking to and fro.

Tonight everyone became a rumormonger.

The first question they asked upon meeting was:

"Are you here to fill in that 100 million"

"Yes, hahaha.

Today, I must wait until there's a result.

My, I've been waiting for almost a year."

"Hahahahahah, gogogo!"

The media were ready as well, and almost everyone who has been suspected this year has made a manuscript to be published.

They were just waiting for Wen Yu's official announcement, and publishing them immediately has now become a competition for exclusivity.

Under all expectations, at midnight, ‘The Moment I Fell in Love With You’ was officially released.

Gossip netizens directly opened their exclusive post, updating the box office data in real time, just waiting for the completion of the 100 million.

And all this, Wen Yu, who was attending the premiere, didn't know.

She sat in the cinema hall and watched the film that she had spent more than a year producing.

It was like a child she gave birth to, and today she finally saw its birth.

In the process of watching the film, the audience was happy with the plot, burst into laughter, and at the end, was moved to tears.

An hour and a half later, the movie ended.

The moment the lights in the cinema were turned on, almost all the people who watched the movie applauded from the bottom of their hearts.

They thought it was a commercial romance film, but didn't expect it to be sincere, infused with laughter and tears.

It was very touching.

The host arranged for Wen Yu, the director and the actors to come on stage to give their gratitude speeches.

There were filmmakers on the scene expressing their afterthoughts, and Wen Yu also participated in the discussion.

Just when everyone was listening carefully to the reviews on the movie, a reporter from a media company suddenly sounded a reminder at the back left.

"Excuse me."

"President Wen, the box office passed 100 million a minute ago!"

As if the climax of a grand ceremony was approaching, the crowd around who were still looking serious about the prospect of domestic film development suddenly raised their cameras curiously and pointed all the lenses at Wen Yu.

The long-awaited moment finally arrived, and everyone's impatience was written on their faces.

They gave off the feeling that they didn't want to wait for a second:

"President Wen, it's over 100 million.

It's time to announce your relationship."


Wen Yu thought about the scene when she was going to announce it many times, but did not expect it to come so quickly and abruptly.

The premiere was not even finished yet.

However, she also waited for this moment for a long, long time.

The cinema was lit with dim yellow lights, and the person she loved was under the stage.

This very second, he was also looking at her.

Wen Yu retracted her gaze and gently cleared her throat, "Okay."

‘Here she is! Here she is!’

It was an exciting moment.

Several HD cameras were pointed at Wen Yu, waiting for her to speak.


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