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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 232

Akin to the last episode of a mystery drama series, Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe's words and looked at the note in her hand, and then finally understood the ending of the story.

She always thought she was a bystander, but unbeknownst to her, she was the heroine in the story.

The dark sky in the distance seemed to regain its color at this moment.

Wen Yu stood in a daze in the center of the bustling crowd as the sounds faded away in her ears.

She was immersed in the silent world alone, digesting all that she had suddenly learned.

It turned out that this note was not only the starting point of Wen Yu's story, but also Jiang Yuhe's.

It turned out that the person he had been pining for was her.

It turned out that they were destined to end up together as early as the beginning of their encounter.

Aunt Twelve's sudden dislike of the perfume; You Xin's eccentricities, Xu Chang's makeup that resembled the style she wore a year ago; the rooftop familiar arrangements, the star-studded reception...

It was all a deliberate arrangement by Jiang Yuhe.

He wanted to completely restore the night a year ago, and wanted to let them both walk the road of that night again.

Wen Yu asked, "You said tonight is not a surprise.

Then what is it"

Jiang Yuhe thought for a long time, and said lightly, "It's the beginning."

Let everything start again here.

They had no ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

From the beginning to the end, from the first moment they saw each other, they only had each other.

The night breeze gently blew away Wen Yu's long hair, and she squeezed the note in her hand, as if she was squeezing Jiang Yuhe's passionate love.

The symphony music returned to her ears, and the fragrance of flowers filled the whole rooftop in a blink.

The flowing wind, the beautiful music, the wine glasses, the crowd...

all became the witnesses of Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe's relationship.

They met, missed each other, and came together in another way.

Now they were finally standing here together, starting their lives anew.

Long after that night, Wen Yu asked Jiang Yuhe.

"What if that note was given to you by another woman"

Jiang Yuhe told her, "That story would not have started at all."

The awe at first glance, the growing love afterwards, and the unconditional compromises, have always been because…

‘That person is you.’

‘If it weren't for you, every link in this story wouldn't have fit together perfectly.’

‘It is because of you that I am willing to write the ending with you.’


This rooftop cocktail party, which was comparable to a small awards ceremony, also became a hot search that night.

Because of the arrival of many big names, Wen Yu's influence was re-evaluated, and she became the most beautiful new investor in the entertainment industry overnight.

‘The Moment I Fell in Love with You’ also swept a wave of fever again because of this reception.

In the eyes of the public, the label of this movie has changed from 'Director Chen's work of three years' and "the most promising urban IP adaptation" to “recommended by all the big names in the entertainment industry” and “The most anticipated movie of the year XX.”

During the whole movie shooting, Wen Yu became a famous character who was even more popular than the main actress, and all the media wanted to take pictures of the all-round traffic stars behind her.

In the first few months, Wen Yu was busy with the early stages of promotion of the film.

Hence, it was inevitable that she would participate in some entertainment.

Sometimes when she met with someone in the circle alone, they would be reported as headline gossip and listed as her suspected boyfriend candidates.

During that time, Wen Yu's suspected boyfriends included artists from the traffic stars among male groups to middle-aged veteran movie stars who had won grand awards, and even veteran artists who were known for their virtuosity.

The netizens were crazy, suspecting every person they spotted.

Who exactly Wen Yu's boyfriend was has become the biggest unsolved mystery in the entertainment industry.

The netizens were so delighted gossiping online, not knowing that every time there was a suspect on the internet, Wen Yu had to pay the price of 'enduring the humiliation' in Jiang Yuhe.

Finally, after ten months, the movie was filmed and produced with great intensity, and finally came to the release date.

Wen Yu had it specially scheduled to be released on Qixi Festival, the traditional Chinese Valentine's Day.

The day before the Qixi Festival, the whole internet was buzzing as if it were New Year's Eve, and netizens were saying...

[For the first time in my life, I've been chasing gossip like it was a drama series, and it's finally coming to an end!]

[Why is it not midnight just yet I want to watch it.

I want the box office, and I want the live romance announcement!]

[Everyone, let's go! Today we must catch the man who has hooked us for almost a year!]

[Grrr, hahahaha, this year's Qixi Festival is going to be a gossip festival!]

[I wish my house wouldn’t collapse* this holiday!]

(*Collapsed house - is a term widely used when one’s idol or favorite brand gets involved in a scandal that immensely harms their reputation or when someone's idol is found in a romantic relationship, since fans prefer their idols single)

When Wen Yu woke up in the morning, she read such comments and couldn't help laughing.

She turned over and lay lazily on top of Jiang Yuhe.

"Jiang Dingliu, if the movie is successful tonight, I will expose you.

Are you nervous"

Jiang Yu He closed his eyes, not bothering to answer her childish question, and turned a deaf ear to it.


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