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When she found a chance, she put on her headset and called Jiang Yuhe.

After three rings, he picked it up, “Hello.”

“…Did you arrange the rooftop”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t deny it, and hummed in reply.

“Are you satisfied with it”

Wen Yu did not know how to describe the feeling of this moment.

She was caught in a trance at first, and then became emotional.

A year ago when she was standing here, she was still a Young Miss, accompanying You Xin to introduce herself to Director Chen and comforting the failed You Xin not to be discouraged.

Even in the end, she had the audacity to spoil Li Man’s good deed by stuffing that little note to Jiang Yuhe.

That night was the very beginning of their story, but Jiang Yuhe unintentionally let her stand here again today.

What kind of destiny was this

Wen Yu inexplicably felt in between tears and laughter.

She wanted to tell Jiang Yuhe a lot of things, tell him what this rooftop meant to them.

But she was working now.

She also remembered that Jiang Yuhe had something important to do tonight.

She could only press down all the surging waves and answer him, “I am.

Thank you, Brother.”

And then she asked, “What about you Have you seen the person you want to meet”

Jiang Yuhe calmly replied, “I’m going to see her now.”

“Good.” Wen Yu lightly said, “Then go and get busy.

When you’re done, I have something to say to…”

Halfway through her words, Wen Yu suddenly heard the sound of flashing lights at the entrance again.

The flashing lights were quite intense, and it sounded like a very important guest had arrived.

But at the same time, the same sound rang out in Wen Yu’s earphones.

She paused for a moment, and as something dawned on her, she turned around in disbelief.

Reporters and guests surrounded the person who came in layer by layer, while the two reporters who ran past her said while running.

“F*ck, Jiang Yuhe is even here.

I’m going crazy.

What day is tonight!”

“Run faster.

Otherwise, we can’t catch the front row.”


Wen Yu stared at the direction of the entrance in a daze.

Countless flashing lights were pointed at him, and Wen Yu saw a side face cut by the light at a glance.

For a moment, she seemed to be caught up in a dream of a certain moment last year.

The same place, the same scene, the same them.

She watched the reserved man in a black outfit, entering with all eyes on him.

He didn’t hang up, and the call was still connected.

Wen Yu could hear the reporters frantically gathering around Jiang Yuhe’s side to ask questions.

“Is President Jiang also here to support the cast of ‘Moment’”

“What does President Jiang think about the future prospects of this drama”

“President Jiang, please say a few words.”

“Is the direction that President Jiang looked in the previous trending news his girlfriend”

Jiang Yuhe didn’t utter a word in reply.

Chen Yousheng led him over and said to the media, “Don’t disturb President Jiang.

I hope everyone will focus on the drama tonight, thank you.”

It seemed to dawn on the reporters.

Jiang Yuhe should have come here to give face to Chen Yousheng.

After everyone dispersed, Wen Yu stood in the crowd and looked at Jiang Yuhe from a distance.

At this point, she finally realized what the man’s previous ‘I have no time, I’m going to meet someone very important’ line meant.

Wen Yu gently pursed her lips and said with a smile over the phone, “Is this the surprise you prepared for me”

“It’s not my surprise,” the man’s low voice came through the headset.

“No” Wen Yu asked, “Then what is it”

But before Wen Yu could get an answer, Jiang Yuhe hung up the call.

She looked up and saw that the man took a glass of wine and walked towards her sedately.

Last year, she was the one who walked towards him.

And now, he was walking towards her.

In a trance, Wen Yu felt that time had changed something, yet it seemed like nothing had never changed.

Between them, no matter who they were, they were destined to walk towards each other.

She waited in silence, and finally, the man stood before her.

To the outsider’s eyes, the two of them clinked their glasses politely, and then talked about something they could never know.

Meanwhile in the center of the crowd, where no one could hear anything, what Jiang Yuhe said to Wen Yu was, “I watched the live broadcast of the launch.”

“Oh.” Wen Yu knew that this man was talking about her confession on air, so she deliberately returned, “Does President Wen have any advice”

She was eloquent, yet charming.

Jiang Yuhe gently curled his lips, “When have I ever advised you”

Wen Yu took another sip of wine and greeted an actress nearby in between talking, pretending to look like she was having a casual conversation with Jiang Yuhe.

“Then are you particularly proud of yourself now”

“Why do you say so”

“I fell in love with you so early, so you must be so proud of yourself deep inside.”

Under the night light, Wen Yu held a glass of wine in her hand.

Her gentle long curly hair was draped on the side, and the black velvet on her body made her look charming and lazy.

The familiar scent of perfume swept through her breath, along with a bright and confident smile on her lips.

Everything seemed to have gone back to that night.

She was the woman who glittered in the crowd.

Time could never be turned back.

But Jiang Yuhe could modify their first encounter in each other’s memory from this moment on.

Let that miss no longer be a miss.

This time, he would hold her hand tightly.

Jiang Yuhe gently curled his lips and stared at Wen Yu.

“Then how about you ask me the same question”

Wen Yu retracted her eyes from the side and blinked.

“The same question”

In an instant, she reacted, “The moment you fell in love with me”


Wen Yu laughed, not believing at all that Jiang Yuhe would beat her to the punch.

But still, she mimicked the reporter’s joking tone and asked, “Okay then, may I ask President Jiang the moment you fell in love with your little baby”

“Where were you at that time, what were you doing”

He stayed silent for a while.

The coming and going in the surroundings seemingly came to a standstill second by second.

Wen Yu heard Jiang Yuhe say a few words to her.

“Right here.”

Right here.

Wen Yu’s smile froze with his words, and before she could react to what he meant, something was gently shoved into her hand.

With her eyes downcast, she opened her palm and opened her eyes in disbelief when she saw what Jiang Yuhe had handed over.

A piece of paper with old folds.

On it was her own clean handwriting.

The man’s voice also rang like a star falling on his ear in this night of a myriad of brilliant lights.

Distant yet familiar…

“I’ve loved you for a long time, ex-girlfriend.”


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