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I Will Tend to This Man (1)

At noon that day, for the first time ever, Wen Yu drank the mushroom and bone soup Aunt Shier made especially for her.

It was nutritious and delicious.

The cuisine was better than the dishes she ate from Michelin Star restaurants.

She also understood that it was Jiang Yuhe who called Aunt Shier, and the bone soup was a remark that the doctor had casually mentioned while at the hospital.

Those crocodile tears had finally shaken the mans iron heart.

But then Wen Yu immerse herself in thinking about what Li Bai said, before concluding that he was right.

The five minute deadline that Jiang Yuhe gave may seem callous, but it did quickly put an end to Wen Yus suffering.

Otherwise, based on her character, shed linger in the hospital until nightfall and still not be done.

Its just a small thing, however Wen Yu started to see the charm of Jiang Yuhes character.

Swift and decisive; able to make a decision when the time comes.

Actually, Wen Yu… appreciated this type.

Anyway, Wen Yu happily accepted the bone soup.

Of course, shed need to seize the opportunity to use the excuse of repaying favors to interact with each other to deepen their feelings.

That night, Wen Yu prepared a fruit salad she enjoyed and waited for Jiang Yuhe.

But who knows where that man was, so she waited until late and he still did not return.

At midnight, Aunt Shier prepared to rest and Wen Yu asked her, “Youre not going to wait for my brother”

Instead Aunt Shier asked her, “Do you know why Im called Aunt Shier*”


“Because I only work until 12AM.

After that, I dont care even if the house collapses.”


Good man.

What a cool housekeeper.

Wen Yu wanted to give her a deep bow of respect**.

Wen Yu could only wait in the living room by herself, napping and even had several dreams.

In a daze, she suddenly felt a weight press down on the sofa seat.

She immediately opened her eyes and was startled to see Jiang Yuhe.

He suddenly returned and was lying on the other side of the sofa.

His whole body reeked of alcohol.

Wen Yu pulled her legs back, and cautiously cried out.


In reply was a breathy exhale flavored with alcohol and tobacco.

“Jiang Yuhe”

“President Jiang”


Wen Yu changed her method of addressing him a few times, before finally confirming that the man was really drunk and passed out.

Okay, since he was asleep there was no chance for interaction.

Wen Yu turned around and was about to leave, but the wheelchair only moved a couple of steps, before Wen Yu pressed the stop button.

She looked back at the man sleeping on the sofa.

It was winter.

Even though the heater was on, there was still a chill in the night.

He could probably catch a cold if he laid on the sofa like this.

Besides, what if he vomits and no one knows he suffocated

Even though Brother reaped from fraud, he still had a small amount of conscience.

If anything, she had eaten his homemade bone soup.

Wen Yu consoled herself and would treat this as doing a good deed for the bankrupt Wen Family.

Anyway, tonight, she would tend to this man.

But her legs were still injured, so it was impossible to move Jiang Yuhe back to his room and the second floor was a place she was forbidden to go.

After thinking for a while, Wen Yu went and brought her blanket to cover him with.

As she faced his handsome face, she let out a sigh.

“Your little sister has done her best.

I even gave you my blanket.

Dont be so mean in the future.”

The man continued to sleep deeply.

Although this handsome man was asleep, he still had no ugly angle.

With that thought in mind, Wen Yu could not help but cast aside her previous tastes in beauty.

Even if she picked a man off the street, they were ten thousand times more handsome than Shen Mingjia.

Knowing that it was impossible to get a response, Wen Yu withdrew her gaze and leaned back on the sofa, while picking up her cell phone.

It will be impossible to sleep in this situation, so she decided to spend the night surfing Weibo.

At 3AM, Wen Yu was still on Weibo.

At 3:30AM, her sight started to get blurry.

At 4AM, her legs were cold so she stole a corner of the blanket to cover her legs.

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At 4:30AM, she couldnt hold on any longer so she decided to nap for a moment.

Just for a moment…

This temporary nap turned into a deep sleep.

* Shier translates into the number 12.

** In Chinese, the translation meant a bow this deep:


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