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This was Jiang Yuhe’s first confession to Wen Yu.

It wasn’t a gentle liking, but a more passionate ‘love’

This was also the first time he addressed Wen Yu by her nickname, Yuyu.

He had always been like this.

Whether in words or actions, it was unadorned, candid, bearing the immediacy and reassurance that he could make Wen Yu feel.

Perhaps when Wen Yu reminisced about it many years later, she would still remember the feeling that Jiang Yuhe brought to her with his confession kiss on their last night in New York.

It was a heart throbbing feeling that she would never forget.

The next day, the two flew back to Beijing from New York.

In the seven to eight days since Wen Yu left, the work of the crew has not fallen.

The official Weibo of ‘The Moment I Fell in Love with You’ announced a list of actors and actresses every day, and although it didn’t reach the level of a big explosion, the popularity was steadily maintained.

One of the most crucial attention-grabbers was Wen Yu’s previous words about announcing her love after the premiere of the film – it had exceeded 100 million views and kept the hearts of many traffic fans in suspense.

After coming back from New York, Wen Yu went to Jiangcheng within two days in Beijing to prepare for the release of the movie.

As an investor, she originally could not have participated, but her own popularity was already linked to the movie, and with the thought of maximizing the use of resources, Wen Yu had to use her own traffic to promote the movie.

The reason the film was shot in Jiangcheng was because it was Wen Yu’s first time as an investor, and she still hoped to drive the development of tourism in her hometown with her own puny power.

Therefore, she contacted Jiangcheng University for some of the campus filming locations of the crew, and negotiated a deal with them.

Thus, it was more appropriate for the launch conference to be held in Jiangcheng.

It also held a special meaning to Wen Yu.

Jiangcheng was where she grew up, where she fell, and now…

It was the place that witnessed how she grew again.

The night before Wen Yu left for Jiangcheng, when she was packing her luggage, Jiang Yuhe handed her a small glass bottle.

“Aunt Twelve said she’s allergic to this and asked me to return it to you.”

Wen Yu took a look, and found that it was indeed the bottle of perfume that she gave to Aunt Twelve.

She froze, “How can that be She used it before and said she liked it very much.”

“Physical constitution can change at any time, maybe,” Jiang Yuhe paused slightly, and then said meaningfully, “Someone more suitable is waiting for this bottle of perfume.”

Wen Yu didn’t think much about it.

She took it and sprayed some on her body, “How nice it smells! How come she suddenly became allergic to it Strange.”

After spraying, Wen Yu turned around, stretched out her limbs, and looked at Jiang Yuhe.

“Does it smell good”

Jiang Yuhe looked at her face, smelled the familiar fragrance, and countless words poured into his mouth, but he finally restrained them.

“Smells good,” he confirmed.

“Really” It was the first time that Wen Yu hear Jiang Yuhe affirming something so quickly, so she stuffed the perfume into the suitcase.

“Then I’ll take it with me.”


Whether it was the perfume or the person, it was time they returned to their original position and start all over.

Wen Yu remained busy in Jiangcheng for almost a week, setting up, promoting, contacting the media, doing everything by herself, and only talking to Jiang Yuhe by video call every night.

The night before the launch, she asked Jiang Yuhe, “Are you really not free to come tomorrow”


Wen Yu was a little disappointed, but she could understand.

After all, Jiang Yuhe had a lot of things to do in his company.

She didn’t have to be so unreasonable that her boyfriend had to come to such a small launching event.

Besides, even if he were to attend, Wen Yu wouldn’t dare to let him appear openly to accompany her.

She might as well let him get busy with his own business.

Wen Yu convinced herself and asked him, “Are you still free to video call with me tonight”

“Probably not.”

‘Ah, this…’

‘What are you so busy with’

Wen Yu asked curiously, “Do you have any important engagements”

Jiang Yuhe paused for a moment and gave her a light response, “I have to meet someone very important.”

Wen Yu understood the words literally.

She thought that Jiang Yuhe should be going to meet a very important client tomorrow, so she didn’t ask further questions, and hung up the call after a few curt words.

Wen Yu stayed at Jiang Cheng’s house today, and You Xin accompanied her.

When You Xin saw her ending the call, she asked, “Why don’t you chat more”

Wen Yu softly drooped her head.

“It’s late.

He said he has to meet an important client tomorrow.

I didn’t want to disturb his rest, so I hung up.”

“Damn,” You Xin muttered to herself.

“What’s the matter with President Jiang He won’t even come to your first movie.

What important client Could it be an ex-girlfriend, hehe”

Wen Yu was taken aback.

“How do you know he has an ex-girlfriend”

You Xin knew that she had missed the point, and hurriedly said, “I don’t know.

I just said it casually.

What the hell! Does President Jiang really have an ex-girlfriend”

It was fine not to mention it, but Wen Yu was a little depressed when she mentioned it.

“There is one, but he doesn’t like her, only me.”

You Xin held her chin and blinked.

“Are you sure”

Wen Yu tutted and hit her with the pillow.

“Of course, I’m sure of my boyfriend.”

You Xin held her head while laughing and begging for mercy, “Okay, okay, you’re sure.”

Wen Yu didn’t know what You Xin’s strange tone meant, but she didn’t dig deeper into it.

She pulled You Xin to the cloakroom and said, “Help me choose what to wear to the conference tomorrow.”


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