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Wen Yu was dumbfounded when she heard Jiang Yuhe’s words.

She froze for two seconds.

“Who did you say”

At an angle that Wen Yu couldn’t see, Jiang Yuhe’s lips twitched, but his expression remained very calm.



She immediately sat upright and pointed at Jiang Yuhe’s steering wheel.

“Wait a minute, stop.”

Right at the red light, Jiang Yuhe slowly stepped on the brakes, and the car stopped.

Wen Yu stared at him and asked, “What do you mean, your ex-girlfriend showed up”

Before Jiang Yuhe could respond, she suddenly said again, “Oh, I see.

You can’t wait.

Your ex-girlfriend appeared, so you can’t wait, and came all the way to me to say goodbye, is that right”


“So what did you mean last night A break up”


“Fine, I’m getting out of the car.”

Wen Yu moved as she spoke, opening the door.

Jiang Yuhe had no choice but to pull her back.

He locked the door, before looking at her.

“Can you hear me out”


‘It’s really a no.’

As soon as Wen Yu heard the word ex-girlfriend, she blew up.

She couldn’t be rational at all.

She was already jealous because she knew that Jiang Yuhe had once liked a woman, but she thought it was just his unrequited love.

She never knew the woman’s name, so she convinced herself not to mind it.

But now that woman has appeared…

Wen Yu felt a strong sense of crisis.

After all, it was the woman that Jiang Yuhe had liked and still loved but couldn’t get.

In other words, this ex-girlfriend was much more threatening than her own ex-boyfriend.

Wen Yu had no feelings for Shen Mingjia long ago, and if she did, it was deep disgust and dislike.

Jiang Yuhe was different, though.

Who knows if he still has some lingering feelings for his ex-girlfriend

As she thought of this, all those little prickly hairs all over her body suddenly stood up.

She glared at Jiang Yuhe, jealous and aggrieved.

“What now What is there to say Why did you look for me Go find her!”


Yes, he did come looking.

But Jiang Yuhe didn’t intend to sit in the car at such an ordinary noon and tell Wen Yu with one sentence.

‘You are my ‘ex-girlfriend’.’

Then the two of them would sigh, exchange a few words, embrace each other and smile, and the end.

If that were the case, the wonderful fate between him and her would become commonplace and unexceptional, losing its own brilliance.

Last night, he thought that if he wanted to renew this destiny, he must let Wen Yu come back to him in the most beautiful fashion.

‘So, not now.’

Jiang Yuhe explained calmly, “I couldn’t wait because I realized only after she appeared…”


‘Say it! Realized what’

For a moment, perhaps because Jiang Yuhe had thought through his wording, he turned sideways and said, “I found out that my heart only beats for you.”

This was the truth.

It was also a hint.

But of course Wen Yu didn’t understand the underlying meaning.

Probably because she didn’t often hear Jiang Yuhe say love words.

When he suddenly uttered this sentence, Wen Yu’s heart felt as if it was hit hard and throbbed violently.

‘What does this man mean’

He came all the way here just to say this to her.

Did he mean that the feelings he had for his ex-girlfriend was an illusion, and now that he saw her again, he realized that his genuine heartbeat was only for her

Wen Yu knew this feeling too well.

She gave Jiang Yuhe another inquiring glance, and the tiny thorns on her body immediately flattened.

“Then what do you mean Have you only liked me”

“Yes,” Jiang Yuhe answered succinctly.

The corners of Wen Yu’s mouth finally turned up again.

This time, she was more shy after being confessed out of the blue.

She turned her face to the side and pretended to stroke her ear with one hand.


“Oh” Jiang Yuhe pulled her hand.

“Are you not jealous anymore”

Wen Yu immediately faced him.

“When did I get jealous I’m just asking.

I’m a big girl, and I don’t care if you have a few more ex-girlfriends.”


The matter of ex-girlfriends was thus temporarily skipped over.

The car continued on the road, and after a long time of silence, Wen Yuhe suddenly spoke.

“Actually, I quite understand your feelings.”


He frowned.

“You understand me”

Wen Yu nodded and said seriously, “Because in the past, when I was with Shen Mingjia, I also thought I liked him, but then I met you.

Only then I knew what it means to really have your heart race and to really like someone.”


“So you don’t really have to care about something like first love.

Because in my heart…” Wen Yu looked at Jiang Yuhe and whispered, “You are my first love.”

Although Jiang Yuhe was still driving the car, his hand unconsciously gripped the steering wheel tightly.

Even he, who was usually able to handle any major shocking event, heard Wen Yu’s words, his heart was subtly messed up.

He was elated.

He acknowledged this feeling.

“Did you hear what I said” Wen Yu asked.


“Then how come I can’t even see you happy Shouldn’t you be stopping the car right now and jumping three times in place to celebrate being my first love”

For a long while, Jiang Yuhe took Wen Yu’s words and retorted, “I’m thinking of the big picture.”


Wen Yu was angry, yet amused.

She reached out and hit him twice.

“You’re annoying!”

It was undeniable that Jiang Yuhe’s unintentional subject of conversation contributed to Wen Yu’s well-timed inner confession.

It completely unlocked the knot in his heart towards Shen Mingjia.

The atmosphere finally returned to what it was before, and Jiang Yuhe’s restrained smile finally came out at the corners of his lips.

Once the fuss was over, Wen Yu asked, “How did your ex-girlfriend come to see you”

Jiang Yuhe gingerly paused and took Wen Yu’s example of dealing with reporters, blurring the focus without distorting the facts.

“She asked someone to bring something familiar to me.”

“Oh.” Wen Yu didn’t know what to say, and finally commented, “What a scheming bitch.”



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