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The sunlight on the coast of New York was unusually bright, and Jiang Yuhe forgot to draw the curtains when he came in the night before, so that early the next morning, he was awakened by the blinding sunlight coming through the window.

It was only seven o’clock.

The person in his arms was still asleep.

He gently got out of bed and pulled the curtains, and then cleaned up the mess.

When he picked up the white stockings that were almost completely torn, he paused and looked at Wen Yu.

In the end, he didn’t throw it into the trash and put it on the bed temporarily.

After doing all this, he took his clothes and intended to go to the next room to take a shower first.

Who knew that just after he opened the door, the door outside rang.

He stopped for a second, and his first reaction was to close the door of his bedroom.

He slowly walked towards the outside and soon saw his parents walk in through the door.

“Baby” Lin Shu looked at Jiang Yuhe happily.

“Why are you up so early”


Next to Lin Shu stood Jiang Wencheng.

The couple didn’t seem surprised to see Jiang Yuhe appear at home.

“Aren’t you guys on a trip” After Jiang Yuhe spoke, he looked at Lin Shu’s leg.

“Didn’t you suffer a sprain and stayed there to recuperate”

Originally, the couple were going to go back for Fu Wenqing’s 70th birthday.

Who would have guessed that Lin Shu injured her leg on the eve of their trip home, so Fu Wenqing told her to stop running back and forth and recover from the injury first.

Jiang Wencheng said, “Your grandmother called your mother and said you came to New York.

She also said it was to pursue a girl.

Your mother’s leg healed that night after hearing that, and then urged me persistently to rush back so she could see what kind of girl she is.”

Lin Shu gave her husband a side glance.

“Weren’t you in a rush If you weren’t, why were you packing your bags when I was still on the phone there”

She told Jiang Yuhe, “Don’t you even know your father I was still talking to your grandmother there, yet his luggage was all packed.”

Jiang Yuhe reacted indifferently.

He didn’t say anything, and walked to the side to get water to drink.

Lin Shu limped around him and asked, “How’s it going Did you catch up Tell your mom about your progress.”

Jiang Wencheng added.

“That’s right.

Even if she wants a star, I will find a way to help you take it for her.”

Lin Shu said, “We can’t let her get away.”

Jiang Wencheng piled on, “We must seize this opportunity.”

Jiang Yuhe could not even clear his mind with a sip of water.

He took a deep breath and turned around.

“What are you doing”

Lin Shu asked, “You have the guts to ask that How old are you and still don’t have a girlfriend”

Jiang Wencheng grumbled, “When I was your age, your sister could already recite the Three Character Classic.”


Forget it, he was too lazy to argue with them.

Lin Shu saw her son turn to leave and immediately stopped him, “Don’t leave just yet.

Mom and Dad are back, so can you tell us how far you have progressed now”

Jiang Yuhe was about to speak when a dazed shout came from the bedroom, “Brother…”


Jiang Yuhe immediately put down his glass of water, and looked at his parents again.

He said in a less than happy tone, “Keep your voice down, okay”

“You’re disturbing her.”


The couple looked at each other and understood something in hindsight.

In their eyes, an endless ‘My Goodness!’ screamed in their eyes.

Jiang Yuhe returned to the room, closed the door, and locked it in passing.

Wen Yu did wake up, but not because she was awakened.

On the contrary, she suddenly opened her eyes and didn’t see Jiang Yuhe, and because she was too tired to get up, she only shouted a couple of times.

When she saw Jiang Yuhe back, she immediately reached out for a hug: “Where have you been.


Jiang Yuhe hugged her.

“I went out to take a bath.”

Wen Yu got into his arms like a kitten and closed her eyes, hinting at going to sleep again.

“Sleep more”

Wen Yu hummed.

Jiang Yuhe didn’t say anything and stayed by her side for a few minutes, waiting for her to fall asleep again before walking out of the room anew.

Lin Shu and Jiang Wencheng stood at the door as if they were looking at some national treasure.

“Is she awake”

Jiang Yuhe replied, “She’s sleeping again.”

Lin Shu immediately gave Jiang Wencheng a hush gesture and said seriously, “Quiet, do not talk.”


‘You seem to be the one who talks the most.’

Wen Yu slept until noon this time.

She was indeed too tired last night, tired to the point where she finally couldn’t even remember the few times and fell asleep directly.

Now when she opened her eyes, there was no one in the room again.

When she got up and drew the curtains, the sunlight shone in fiercely.

she covered her eyes with her hand, and when she looked down for a moment, she saw her overburdened legs.

The brighter red was the fresh result from last night.

The slightly older bruises were the work from the previous time.

She remembered the image of Jiang Yuhe tearing the white silk bit by bit last night and dropping kisses on them, and her cheeks suddenly got a little hot.

After putting on her shirt, she was about to go out to look for him, but as soon as she opened the door, she saw Jiang Yuhe standing at the door, as if he was about to come in.


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