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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 218

Wen Yu was not at all surprised that Jiang Yuhe could be so accurate just by throwing a dart casually.

When they first met, Wen Yu had accompanied him to the archery hall and had seen how he played with arrows at that time.

It was very impressive.

He and Qi Xu were both archery enthusiasts.

After playing for so many years, they already mastered the skill to perfection in the same level as athletes, let alone just an insignificant recreational dart.

But that didn't stop Wen Yu from being crazy about Jiang Yuhe's maneuver this second.

Although she thought that what he was playing might not be darts.

Rather, it was a flying dagger.

Or the kind that could stab her.

Aaron was also obviously caught off guard by the man who came out of nowhere, especially since the said man had nailed his own dart.

There was no harm done, but it was downright insulting.

Aaron shrugged.

He was obviously embarrassed but still pretended to be calm.

"Hi, who are you"

Wen Yu's back was chilled, so she immediately grabbed this opportunity to hold Jiang Yuhe's arm, and pompously rested her head on his shoulder.

"He's my boyfriend."

Whether it was useful or not, it was necessary to show her attitude first.

It was all because she had already sensed something wrong with Jiang Yuhe's aura.

He was shooting off an unusually strong warning, like a beast fighting for territorial sovereignty, immediately warning trespassers in its own way in case of the slightest intrusion.

When Aaron heard what Wen Yu said, his aura, which was already not so strong, instantly weakened even more.

"Oh, welcome."

After he finished his greeting, he walked back to his position, just in time to meet Wen Qingyou who came back from the bathroom.

Wen Qingyou saw Jiang Yuhe and also froze.

"President Jiang"

Jiang Yuhe returned the same cold look to Wen Qingyou.

Then he took Wen Yu's wrist with his hand and pulled her out of the bar without saying a word in reply.

Wen Qingyou looked puzzled and asked Aaron, "What happened"

Aaron pointed to the dart, and followed it with a neck wiping motion.

"His eyes seem to want to kill me."



Wen Yu was pulled to the car.

The moment the car door closed, the decibel alone told her that she was in trouble.

Although she didn't have any relationship with that boy, and she only wanted to play darts just now, it just so happened that he approached her for a chat, and she couldn't just kick him away.

Who would have thought that Aaron would suddenly be so enthusiastic

Who would have thought that Jiang Yuhe would suddenly fall from the sky

Wen Yu knew that Jiang Yuhe's dark face at this moment was definitely because he saw Aaron standing with her intimately.

In short…

‘He should be jealous.’

The car drove out of the bar, with Jiang Yuhe remaining silent.

Wen Yu glanced at him from time to time, and although she felt a little complacent, she decided to take the initiative after feeling that he didn't want to talk to her.

"Didn't you go to Venice Why did you come to New York"

After a few seconds of silence, Jiang Yuhe said expressionlessly, "I was passing by."

‘Passing by One is in Italy, and the other is in the US, why do I find that hard to believe’


Wen Yu understood in her heart, but she feigned ignorance and pursed her lips.


She deliberately took Jiang Yuhe's arm and leaned her head over to rub against him.

"How long do you plan to pass by then"

Jiang Yuhe replied.

"I want to leave now."


‘As expected of you.’

His reply made Wen Yu almost unable to act anymore.

‘Forget it, for the sake of him traveling a long distance, let me coax him again.’

Wen Yu immediately tilted her head and said, "Don't.

It's dark and windy now, and the security in America is bad.

What if you get lost If you're not here, I won't have my brother."

Jiang Yuhe turned up the air conditioner in the car by three degrees.

Wen Yu immediately understood the meaning of his action.

‘Still pretending, right’

Wen Yu didn't believe it.

‘Today, I'm going to get you all turned on and hot.’

She knew that Jiang Yuhe was not that easy to coax, so she changed her tone, "It's true.

You don't even know how happy I am to see you just now."

Finally, Jiang Yuhe gently answered, "How happy"

Wen Yu blinked and was about to blurt out a few words when she suddenly remembered what she had said to him on the phone before.

"If you appear in front of me now, I will hug you and bite you hard!"

No matter how pleasant a sentence was, it was better proven by action.

This was Jiang Yuhe's consistent style.

So how could she prove that she was very happy She must speak with actions.

Wen Yu learned, and immediately began to look him up and down, looking for a suitable place.

‘So where is the best place to bite’

‘Biting his face is a bit strange.’

‘Biting his Adam's apple…’ She didn't dare to.

She had lain flat overnight directly after the last provocation.

Wen Yu searched for a while, and her eyes suddenly locked on a place.

It was summer, and Jiang Yuhe also only wore a thin shirt with an open neckline.

In the dark car, his clavicle with just the right depth was looming.

Against the background of the black shirt, it radiated an inexplicably seductive sophistication.

...It was a bit riveting.

Wen Yu immediately fantasized about biting Jiang Yuhe's collarbone, and so her eyes drifted over from time to time to study the angle and posture.

It took her several minutes.

She didn't expect they'd arrive home in such a short time while she was laboring.


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