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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 216

Jiang Yuhe did not tell Wen Yu that he was going to visit her.

He only knew that she was in New York, but he did not know her location exactly.

Luckily, his parents were also settled in New York, and Wen Qingyou had given Jiang Yuhe a business card, so relying on the work address on the card, Jiang Yuhe asked his parents to spend a little bit of their Chinese contacts to find out Wen Qingyou's address in New York.

This meaningful meeting was imperative.

For fear of revealing his itinerary to Wen Yu during this period, Jiang Yuhe called her in advance.

"I have to go on a business trip today."

Wen Yu asked.

"Where are you going"

"Venice, to attend a film festival."

"Oh, got it." Wen Yu didn't take it seriously.

Instead, she was focused on something else.

"Have you missed me these days"

Jiang Yuhe was walking into the VIP lounge at the airport and said, "Yes."

"I see, what do you mean by that"

"I miss you."

"How much do you miss me"

Jiang Yuhe sat down on the sofa, knowing that Wen Yu wanted to hear something 'cheesy' because of her undying persistence.

So after a pause, he said without blinking an eyelid, "I already have a reaction listening to your voice now."


How glad Wen Yu was that at this moment they were on the phone and not on video.

And next to her, Song Zhixin was also shopping seriously and didn't notice her instantly reddening face.

She slowed down her pace and walked behind, lowering her voice to Jiang Yuhe.

"You are talking wilder and wilder."

Jiang Yuhe asked, "Don't you like to hear something like that"



This low and dark rhetorical question, with a bit of a flirtatious ending, echoed the sound that landed in her own ears that night when he was aroused.

Wen Yu instantly got the feeling of Jiang Yuhe's words.

A rush of heat swept through her whole body, listening to his voice alone, and her heartbeat quickened, too.

Wen Yu was teased to the point of blushing and panting.

She didn't dare to say more and hurried to end the call.

"Stop it.

My mom is calling me."

Just then the ground staff came to inform Jiang Yuh to board the plane, and the call between them ended harmoniously.

In the shopping mall, Song Zhixin turned to look at Wen Yu and said with a smile, "Was that your boyfriend"

Wen Yu didn't know if her face was still red.

She nodded and walked forward calmly to hold her mother's hand.

"Have you chosen the pajamas you liked"

It was summer in New York, and the pajamas worn by Song Zhixin were very old.

Since Wen Qingyou was a son, he was not as attentive as a daughter.

Therefore, after dinner today, Wen Yu dragged Song Zhixin out to go shopping, wanting to buy her beautiful pajamas.

But the one in front of them made Song Zhixin shake her head.

"The style is too trendy.

It doesn't suit me."

The brand Wen Yu was shopping at was indeed a trendy brand that held a big show every year.

It has always been famed as sexy in the lingerie industry.

"What do you mean ‘doesn’t suit you’ Even old ladies in their seventies and eighties still wear slit cheongsam." Wen Yu took Fu Wenqing as an example and picked a silk two-piece nightgown and handed it to Song Zhixin.

"This set is perfect; purple, gentle and not revealing.

It suits you."

After several excuses, Wen Yu successfully pushed Song Zhixin to the fitting room.

While waiting, Wen Yu casually strolled around the store, and as she walked, she suddenly stopped.

Her eyes fell on the shelves in front of her.

On the rows of plastic leg molds, a variety of stockings were displayed.

Black ones, white ones, mesh ones, erotic ones.

Wen Yu was so dazzled by them.

She didn't know if she was possessed, but she bent down for a careful look and found that one of the white pairs was close to transparent.

It was quite beguiling.

There were tiny printed letters on the whole stocking, and the letters could be chosen from A to Z, all of them were complete.

Wen Yu gently touched the texture of the white silk with her hand.

It was soft, delicate, slippery, and brought out a sense of pure and innocent desire.

Like a thief, she secretly sneaked a peek in the direction of Song Zhixin.

‘Mom hasn't come out yet.’

Wen Yu immediately said to the shop assistant nearby.

"I’d like the one with the letter Y, thanks."

Song Zhixin came out just after she finished the order.

"The size is right."

"Then we'll take this set." Without batting an eyelid, Wen Yu said again to the shop assistant just now, "Wrap it up, please."

No one noticed that drum rolls were beating in Wen Yu's heart.

Even she herself was thinking, ‘Wen Yu, you've changed.

In the past, when you bought gifts for your boyfriend, you chose high quality cufflinks and belts.

Now when you buy gifts for your boyfriend, your mind is full of indecent thoughts.’

After carefully hiding the stockings, Wen Yu took Song Zhixin's arm as if nothing had happened and asked, "Mom, are you going to the party tomorrow"

Song Zhixin asked, "Why should I go Your brother's friends are celebrating his return, and I'm a middle-aged woman who can't play with them."

Wen Qingyou had been gone for four to five months.

On his return this time, his enthusiastic friends specially held a return party for him.

Song Zhixin looked at Wen Yu and said, "You can go along and have fun."

In fact, it didn't matter whether Wen Yu attended the party or not.

However, in recent days, she noticed that Wen Yi'an seemed to have something to say to Song Zhixin, but he couldn't find a chance for them to be alone.

Hence, she inwardly wanted to fulfill him once.

"That's fine." Wen Yu pursed her lips.

"I'll go with my brother."



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