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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 215

Jiang Yuhe didn't know how to describe his mood at this moment.

He wanted to laugh.

God seemed to be fooling him.

The person he has been searching for so long turned out to be by his side all this time.

He finally understood the reason for that inexplicable sense of fate.

He thought that the night he bumped into Wen Yu was the beginning of their story.

But unbeknownst him, two days earlier, at that concert, the note she handed to him was the first moment their destinies were connected.

Intermittently, those details that he had overlooked in the past flowed out of his memories one at a time.

For example, when they first went to listen to Liu Tuan's Aiyun Orchestra performance, Wen Yu accidentally blurted out the sentence, "I have also listened to their performances."

Unfortunately, at that time, he thought it was her love life with Shen Mingjia.

Take another example: that night when they made love.

Wen Yu asked him if he still remembered the first time they met.

At that time she said, "Do you remember, someone gave you..."

But he blocked the rest of her words.

He didn't like talking when they were doing it, but he didn't expect he missed another chance to get closer to the truth.

Life was like a drama.

Jiang Yuhe thought he could control everything, but did not expect that in the darkness, he was also being controlled by the heavens.

After wandering around for so long, the person who consumed his thoughts turned out to have always been Wen Yu, she and she alone.

The note, the car accident, the destined encounter, the ending was written by God from the very beginning.

Jiang Yuhe repeatedly watched the video in which Wen Yu came and stuffed the note in his pocket.

No wonder he was moved by just a scent and a back view back then.

A man like him, who hardly had any emotional ups and downs, was able to catch the hint sensitively because Wen Yu was so stunningly beautiful that night.

She was wearing black, the color attracted him the most.

And at that time, the Wen family was not yet bankrupt.

She was all confident and glowing brightly.

Nothing could blot her out.

Who would have thought that when they met again two days later, her whole world was turned upside down.

Jiang Yuhe sat on the chair for a while.

As if recalling something, he found a black leather notebook from the second drawer of the study.

He used this notebook to record some important festivals earlier.

On the interlayer of the title page, he took out a note from it.

He leaned back and stared at it for a long time, the corners of his lips slowly rising in an arc.

In the past, whenever he read the words above, he always wondered what kind of woman wrote such an interesting statement.

Reading it again now and knowing whose writing it was, he felt that everything fit perfectly.

Wen Yu was indeed someone who would talk like that.

Aunt Twelve hurriedly found her way up at this time.

"Young Master, why have you run here again The Old Lady is still waiting for your short speech downstairs."

Jiang Yuhe lifted his head.

"Got it."

He put everything away and was about to get up when he suddenly called out to Aunt Twelve, "Give me the perfume that Yuyu gave you."

It was the first time for an old lady like her to use such a valuable perfume, so Aunt Twelve was a little reluctant.

However, she could only grumble deep inside but dared not voice it out.

"...I asked you before, and you refused.

But now you're saying yes all of a sudden."

Jiang Yuhe replied.

"I'll buy you ten bottles of other different flavors."


‘Nice guy.’

Aunt Twelve was stunned for a moment, and immediately changed her tune.

"No problem, Young Master.

I'll go down and fetch it for you now."

The two went back downstairs together.

The birthday banquet was still festive.

It was obviously boring a few minutes ago, but standing there again, Jiang Yuhe's mood was entirely different.

He said a few words instead of Fu Wenqing, decently and thoughtfully, and an elder who had been a personal friend for many years asked.

"How is Yuhe's life It's been so many years, but we have not seen you bring a girl to meet us, your uncles."

Fu Wenqing also smiled helplessly.

"Not only you guys, but I, the grandmother, also don't even know if I can see him get married and start a family in my lifetime."

In the midst of the boisterous laughter, Jiang Yuhe suddenly spoke lightly, "I have a girlfriend."

Fu Wenqing asked.


The Old Lady didn't react for a while.

She thought it was a surprise for her grandson, so she looked around.

"Where is she Is she here yet"

Jiang Yuhe: "She spoke to you just now."

Fu Wenqing was puzzled.



Fu Wenqing's birthday was four days after Wen Yu left.

According to her original plan, it would take her a week to ten days, meaning she would be back in three days at the earliest.

But only three days had passed, and Jiang Yuhe could not seem to wait.

He wanted to see her eagerly, as if he had never carefully and seriously examined her appearance in the six months they were together.

Otherwise, why did he discover all this only today, only to find that she was the person he was looking for

Not only three days, even if it was only three hours, Jiang Yuhe could not stop the urge to see her immediately, so he booked the fastest flight to New York.



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