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It was only after she returned to her strange home in America that she realized that no matter how far or how long they had been apart, there was always someone in this world who had tenderly nursed her in her heart.

On their first night, Wen Yu slept in Song Zhixin’s bed.

The mother and daughter exchanged long-awaited whispers.

Song Zhixin showed Wen Yu her cell phone that was packed with Wen Yu’s pictures, from childhood to adulthood, from being able to hug her with own hands to only being able to look at her from a distance.

Like Wen Yu, she had been looking forward to their reunion, and yet afraid of it.

Fortunately, the mother and daughter finally crossed this more than ten-year gap, accepting the imperfect past and accepting each other in the present.

At night, Song Zhixin asked Wen Yu while lying in bed.

“I heard your brother say that you have a boyfriend.

Is that right Is he nice”

When Wen Yu thought of Jiang Yuhe, she couldn’t stop the sweetness in her heart.

She smiled.

“Yes, he is very good.”

“Can you let Mommy see what he looks like”

Wen Yu pursed her lips.

Looking at the time in New York, it was morning in China, so Jiang Yuhe should be up.

“I’ll give him a video call.

Mom, you can watch from the side, and don’t say anything.”


Wen Yu dialed a video call with Jiang Yuhe just like that.

After a brief ringing, he picked it up.

The man in the camera looked like he had just woken up and was changing his clothes.

He asked Wen Yu while buttoning his shirt, “Are you still awake”

Wen Yu silently moved the phone towards Song Zhixin and said casually, “I’m going to bed.

I wanted to see you.”

Actually it should be, ‘My mom wants to see you.’

But Jiang Yuhe replied, “What do you want to see”

Before she could react to what Jiang Yu He meant, the man calmly tied his tie and looked towards the camera meaningfully, his voice tinged with ambiguous lust.

“Haven’t you seen all of me”



Wen Yu’s face instantly flushed red, and she hurriedly hung up the call.

“Look at you, my ass! Bye!”

Song Zhixin laughed beside her and said gently, “Why did you hang up”

Wen Yu was so embarrassed that her scalp tingled.

She tried her best to explain, “Mom, it’s not what you think.

He’s just joking.”

Song Zhixin rubbed Wen Yu’s hair.

“What’s so embarrassing about it That’s what young people do when they fall in love.”

Wen Yu froze and looked at her, “Mom, don’t you find it embarrassing”

Song Zhixin’s eyes curved in a soft arc.

“It’s a happy thing for a woman to be loved.

What’s embarrassing about it Mom supports you.

That boy is good.

He’s even more handsome than your brother.

What’s his job”

Wen Yu’s death of embarrassment in Wen Yi’an was completely bled back in Song Zhixin.

She finally understood how happy it was to have an enlightened mother.

Later in the second half of the night, Wen Yu told Song Zhixin all the stories about her and Jiang Yuhe, and Song Zhixin sighed with emotion after listening for a long time.

“Mom wants to thank him for loving you so much.”

Wen Yu replied, “Then next time, I will bring him to see you.”

Song Zhixin smiled.

“Why don’t I go back home to attend your wedding”

Wen Yu was stunned, and so she buried her head into the blanket, showing her mother the shyness only a daughter can have.

“What are you talking about He didn’t say he wanted to marry me.”

“Then if he wants to marry you, will you marry him”

“Me” Wen Yu poked her head out from the blanket.

She thought of something and smiled all flushed.

“Let’s see how he behaves.”

“How do you want him to behave”

“At least he should perform a romantic proposal first, right Mom, you don’t know.

He’s aloof, and he hasn’t even said he likes me so far.”



Also, he…”


The moonlit night was gentle, and soft laughter came from the bedroom from time to time, making the moonbeam warm and moving.

In the following two days, Wen Yu suffered from jet lag.

She accompanied Song Zhixin out for walks and shopping during the day, and learned to bake and do some simple food with her at home at night.

The days were relaxed and comfortable.

On the day of Fu Wenqing’s 70th birthday, at 11 pm, Wen Yu stayed awake to watch the time and called Jiang Yuhe.

“Brother, is your home very lively now”

Jiang Yuhe had just come out of his study and was walking downstairs.

Although Fu Wenqing’s 70th birthday was not a big celebration, he invited a chef from a hotel to hold a buffet banquet at his home, which was also quite grand.

Many guests came, all of whom were relatives and friends of the Jiang family whom they had known for many years.

It was a lively event, but no matter how lively it was, it was just an ordinary day for Jiang Yuhe without the person he wanted to see.

Jiang Yuhe returned to Wen Yu, “Why are you still awake”

Wen Yu said, “Give the phone to grandma.

I will personally give her a birthday wish before going to bed.”


Jiang Yuhe headed down from upstairs.

Today was a family dinner, and all the guests were familiar faces.

He greeted them one by one, walked through the crowd to Fu Wenqing, the birthday star, and handed her his mobile phone.

“Yuyu wants to talk to you.”

Fu Wenqing smiled and took it, not forgetting to say to the people next to her, “This is also my half granddaughter.

She’s on a business trip and couldn’t come, but she is well-behaved.

Hello, Yuyu”

Wen Yu said something on the phone, which made Fu Wenqing very happy and convulse into laughter.

Jiang Yuhe stood by the old lady’s side and waited, his eyes kept falling on his phone.

All of a sudden, a familiar smell swept past the tip of his nose.

It quickly and very briefly disappeared again.

It was as if the wind had inadvertently blown it here and took it away.

Jiang Yuhe was stunned.

As if a nerve had been struck, he subconsciously raised his eyes and looked out.

However, in front of him were undoubtedly many figures standing together, nobody special.

But Jiang Yuhe was instantly awakened by that smell.

It’s that rosewood scent…

It used to linger in his heart for so long, and he was obsessed with the flavor for a long time.

Hazy like a gauze, invisible, untouchable, but it was an addiction he was obsessed with.

How could it appear at home


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