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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 211

Because Wen Yu and Jiang Yuhe were going to be separated the next day, they stayed in the parking lot of Guannan Apartment for a long time that night.

Obviously, they were only going for a week or so, but for such a pair of lovers who had just entered the explosive period of their relationship, it was no less than suddenly having to remove a part of their body.

It was really hard.

Wen Yu exclaimed deep inside, ‘You're heartless, Dad!’

She kept pestering Jiang Yuhe in the car, and at this moment of parting, although it was only a few days long distance, she still said a lot in a petulant, pretentious way.

"Miss me.

Don't look at other women while I'm away.

If you dare to be the second Shen Mingjia, I will also go and find a second Jiang Yuhe as my brother."

Hearing this Jiang Yuhe couldn't help but smile.

"Jiang Yuhe the second"

He paused.

"Do you think there is another person who can threaten me"


He was already at the top of the pyramid.

It indeed sounded like a joke now that he said it.

Who else could threaten Jiang Yuhe The said person would be thankful if he didn't play him to death.

Wen Yu feigned displeasure, snorted, and looked away.

However, she heard the man beside her faintly add, "Only you have this ability."


She jerked around in an instant, with pride written all over her face that couldn't be suppressed.

She blinked her eyes in response and asked, "Are you confessing to me"

Jiang Yuhe asked.


"You never said you liked me."


Jiang Yuhe was indeed the kind of person who was excessively sober and sensible.

He was a complete activist, and never cared about using his mouth to express his feelings.

Rather than uttering love words, he cared more about how to let the woman he loved live the life she wanted.

If she wanted to just be a pretty face, he could support her for a lifetime.

If she wanted to start a business, he would stand behind her and help her grow.

No matter what she wanted, he would provide.

Whatever it was.

Besides, his love for Wen Yu was more than just a word.

In fact, even Jiang Yuhe himself didn't know why he was so passionately in love with her.

Besides his good impressions that developed from spending time with her, he felt that their relationship, like Wen Yu's understanding of the pair of cufflinks, had an indefinable sense of destiny.

It seemed that she was destined to be his.

"Forget it.

I know you don't like to utter love words." Hearing no response from Jiang Yuhe for a long time, Wen Yu didn't force him and instead comforted herself, "Actually, compared to those superficial confessions, the sentence you just said is cooler.

Nonetheless, women sometimes just want to hear some cheesy words."

Jiang Yuhe mulled it over for a while.

"For example"

"For example" Wen Yu was excited when she said this.

She sat upright, put on the look of a domineering president, and narrowed her eyes.

"You clingy little minx.

What am I going to do with you"

"Woman, you're playing with fire."

"Woman, you've got my attention."

"Damn, how could I fall in love with that woman!"

"Woman, sit up and get yourself out."


Hearing the last sentence, he frowned at Wen Yu, with a meaningful and probing glance.

Wen Yu learned all these lewd talks from You Xin.

After delivering her lines, she turned in the car and brushed her hair in embarrassment.

"Didn’t you want me to give you an example These are the most basic sultry and domineering quotes from a boss.

It's not the scene that matters but the flavor.

Have you learned it"

Silence reigned for a few seconds.

Jiang Yuhe hummed in response.


Wen Yu blinked and looked at him expectantly.

"Then can you say a phrase for me to hear"

Jiang Yuhe pressed the center button, and Wen Yu's door was immediately unlocked.

He tenderly looked at her and said, "Woman, get out of the car and walk by yourself."


A certain Wen Yu cursed and got out of the car.


At nine o'clock the next morning, Wen Yu, Wen Qingyou, and Wen Yi'an embarked on a journey to the United States at the Beijing International Airport.

Wen Yu thought Jiang Yuhe wouldn't come.

After all, they had only met last night, plus she had her brother and father with her.

But Jiang Yuhe still came.

When he arrived, Wen Yi'an went to the bathroom, and only the two siblings were left.

Many people were roaming around, so Wen Yu was surprised and happy.

She put on her mask and hat and jumped on Jiang Yuhe.

"Didn't I tell you not to come"

Jiang Yuhe gently caught her.

Although his face remained cold, his eyes were full of doting.

He said, "I came because I wanted to."

In public, Wen Yu purred, hugged Jiang Yuhe, and refused to let go.

She said, "I'll be reluctant to leave when you're here."


The two were passionate and could hardly tear themselves away from each other, and meanwhile Wen Qingyou stood alone, watching the spectacle speechlessly.

"Did President Jiang come to send Yuyu off"

Jiang Yuhe was dressed in black.

His face was clear and elegant, and his tone was unexpectedly melodious.

"Not only to send Yuyu off, but also to bid you goodbye."

Wen Qingyou smiled.

"That's really a huge honor for me.


"No thanks."

A long pause followed before Jiang Yuhe calmly said, "She had some business so she didn't come and asked me to pass on a message."

A fleeting stillness flashed across Wen Qingyou's eyes.

Soon, it was covered by the hustle and bustle all around.

"Thank her for me.

Also, wish her well."

Wen Yu's mood was still a bit complicated, watching the lovebirds' bad ending.

As they were talking, Wen Yi'an came out from the bathroom.


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