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I Want to See You Jealous (4)

She thought about it for a long time, but in the end, it was not because she was afraid of Wen Yi'an's persecution, but because of Wen Qingyou's words "she sleeps only after looking at your photo every night" and reluctantly softened her heart.

That's her mother.

When she was a child, she used to hold her and sing to coax, that mother.

Maybe it's a good idea to take Wen Yi'an out of Beijing for a while.

Going to the United States for a week was considered a vacation.

During this time, tell him the story of her and Jiang Yuhe well.

Change the environment, change the location, and maybe he can accept this event slowly.

Wen Yu finally agreed to this sudden and hasty decision.

The only regret was probably that she couldn’t attend Grandma Jiang Yuhe's 70th birthday party next week.

There was only one day left before leaving for the United States.

Fortunately, her visa had not expired.

Wen Qingyou quickly bought a ticket.

Wen Yu used this day to buy a gift for Fu Wenqing, and asked Jiang Yuhe to take her to Jiang's villa, and explain to Fu Wenqing in person while sending her birthday wishes in advance.

On the way to the villa, Wen Yu reluctantly comforted Jiang Yuhe.

"Don't miss me too much.

I will only go for a week, ten days at most."

Jiang Yuhe was also surprised to learn that Wen Yu suddenly was going to the United States to visit her mother, but after thinking about it, it was excusable.

With Wen Yi'an's attitude towards himself now, to him it was probably best to avoid him.

the farther away, the better.

The two men in the Wen family were not easy to deal with.

Wen Qingyou blocked him occasionally.

Wen Yi'an took people away directly.

Jiang Yuhe had a headache.

It was only a night with Wen Yu then they were forced to separate, and it was for so long, even across country borders.

But he just thought so in the bottom of his heart and didn't say it, for fear that Wen Yu would be caught in the middle and under pressure.

"Just take a week off and have fun."

Wen Yu deliberately prolonged her voice as she said "Oh" then said, "You don't seem to care at all Then I'll stay longer.

Anyway, my brother has a company there.

I'll investigate for a year and a half to see if there are any new opportunities for cooperation, and...get to know some foreign little brothers."

Jiang Yuhe just listened, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly, but he didn't speak.

Again, he was too sensible.

Wen Yu was not reconciled, so for the remaining half of the journey, she used all kinds of tricks to misbehave, threaten, act coquettishly, and act like a spoiled child, just to see a little fluctuation in Jiang Yuhe's face.

But until the car drove into the basement of the villa, the man remained indifferent.

"I'll drink and dance at the bar with my foreign little brothers." Wen Yu emphasized again, "Do you really not mind"

Jiang Yuhe parked the car and turned to look at her, "What do you want from me Just say it."

Wen Yu stared at him and paused for a few seconds.

"I want to see you jealous and hate it.

Can't you do it once and show me"

Jiang Yuhe asked, "Show you here"

Wen Yu said, "Where will I be watching Do you want me to set up a stage for you to perform"

Jiang Yuhe calmly said, "Okay."

After he finished speaking, he raised the car window, closed the curtain, loosened his tie, and looked at her lightly.

"It's what you want."



Ten minutes later, Wen Yu finally understood that Jiang Yuhe's jealousy was definitely an unbearable burden in her life.

The airtight carriage was like thunder and fire, and the whole car seemed to be shaking.

If it wasn't for Wen Yu's repeated begging for mercy.

If it weren't for that protective gadget was not prepared in the car.

Wen Yu would not escape a "calamity" today

Wen Yu finally escaped out of the car.

Her hair was disheveled.

Her red lips were charming, and she hurriedly took the mirror to tidy herself up, but she saw the man standing beside her was well-dressed, cold, and expensive, and completely lost the appearance of indulging in it in the car.


Why did she bother

After finally tidying up, the two returned home through the elevator.

Jiang Lingwei happened to be there; Wen Yu took the opportunity to tell her that Wen Qingyou was leaving.

But Jiang Lingwei didn't respond much, smiled, and went back to her room.

Wen Yu didn't know what she was thinking, so she had to give up.

After finding Fu Wenqing to hand over her congratulatory gift, and saying some words of blessing, the Aunt Shier mysteriously pulled her aside.

"Yuyu, what should I wear for the Old Lady's birthday party next week Oh, the Old Lady insisted that we would not do anything that day, and we would be happy together as we all dressed beautifully.

I don't know what to wear.

Can you recommend something to me"

Although Aunt Shier was middle-aged, her figure was still well-proportioned.

Wen Yu remembered that there was a dress that was two sizes too large in her room where she lived before, so she went to find it for her to try, and it was just right.

"Wear this.

How beautiful it is! It looks like you’re ten years younger all of a sudden!"

The skirt was long and slightly off the shoulders.

Aunt Shier was very embarrassed, "Wearing this… is it a bit immoral in my old age"

Wen Yu chuckled, "Grandma Renfu still wears a slit cheongsam.

Why would it be immoral If it’s pretty, and by the way—"

Wen Yu specially reminded Aunt Shier, "Don't forget to spray the perfume I gave you."

Aunt Twelve quietly blinked.

"I've already prepared it, just waiting for this day!"


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