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Captivated by the Pitiful Beauty (2)

Helpless Wen Yu went with Lao He to get her bandage changed.

Meanwhile, the 9th floor of the hospital had been completely cleared today.

Because superstar actress Li Man was admitted into the hospital last night, they were accompanied by the press outside, snooping around for a hot story.

Reporters surrounded the hospital but were barred from entering since they didnt have permission.

As the head of Li Mans agency, Jiang Yuhes name was written all over social media: #The President of Yasheng visited #Li Man in hospital.

In the hospital room, all the agents were asked to go, leaving only Jiang Yuhe, Li Bai and Li Man.

Without outsiders there was no need to act and they could speak frankly.

“President Jiang is really good at business, so how much did my exclusive story sell for this time”

Jiang Yuhe drew a chair and sat down in front of her bed.

He crossed his legs and lightly said, “You wanted to make headlines, so I just gave you what you want.”

“Now I finally understand,” said Li Man, turning her face towards him, “Capitalists are all heartless.

You are well aware of how much money I earned for you over the years.

I just wanted a role in that film but you had to give it to some rookie.

Now you take the award that was supposed to be mine and gave it to someone else.

The press is out there right now.

As long as I tell them I tried to commit suicide because of your attempts to ruin me, guess how theyd think of Yasheng”

“No,” said Jiang, shaking his head.

“You killed yourself because you were depressed.”

“Why are you afraid” said Li Man coldly.

“You, Jiang Yuhe, also have moments when you are scared”

After a pause, Jiang Yuhe smiled softly.

Behind him, Li Bai stepped forward and opened his cell phone before handing it to Li Man.

The mobile phone is showing a video of a man and a woman sleeping together, naked.

The leading lady was Li Man.

Li Man was in shock, grabbed his cell phone in disbelief and then smashed it.

“Get out! Youre so shameless! Not only did you change the wine you also-”

But Li Man herself could not finish her sentence.

What right did she have to call other people shameless

When she woke up the day after the concert and found a strange man lying next to her, she knew her scheme had failed.

After that, how could Jiang Yuhe easily let her off

“Everyone knows what theyre worth.” Jiang Yuhe got up quickly.

“I advise Miss Li to keep your mouth shut and tomorrow you can even harvest a wave of sympathy from your fellow netizens.

If not, Im not sure what will happen tomorrow.”

Li Man was angry and unwilling, but at last she could only fall into helpless silence:”… I get it.”

A few minutes later, an interviewer authorized by Yasheng arrived for an exclusive interview.

Although Li Man looked pale, she forced herself to smile brightly at the camera and accept the interview.

Jiang Yuhe stood by and admired the professional actress performance, along with her improvised sad story.

He looked at his watch, then turned and asked sharply, “Is Lao He done on his side”

Li Bai shook his head in embarrassment, he said, “He said they encountered some difficulties.”

Jiang Yuhe left early after confirming that there would be no further mistakes.

The two of them took the elevator to the third floor of the clinic.

As soon as they exited the elevator doors, they heard a screeching cry.

“Let go! You let go!”



Wen Yu had to undo the gauze to change the medication.

Over the past few days, the wound had partially healed and some scabs had formed.

After the scabs had formed, the action of ripping off the gauze and putting on stimulating medicine resulted in indescribable pain, as if sprinkling salt on the wound.

Wen Yu had been pampered since she was young and had never experienced this type of pain.

Her entire body recoiled in agony, leaving the doctor helpless.

When Jiang Yuhe came in, Lao He was trying to persuade Wen Yu.

“Bear with it! If you bear with it for a moment then everything will pass.

Be good.” For the first time, Jiang Yuhe was able to see the wound on the womans leg was seven or eight centimeters in length.

The wound, blood, and bruises were strikingly mingled, swelling so much that the original skin could not be seen.

Lao He saw Jiang Yuhe and stood up immediately.

“Here, Boss.


Upon hearing that Jiang Yuhe was here, the Wen Yu who was grimacing in pain immediately turned around.

Coincidentally, she met his gaze.

The mans eyes were calm as he came to her side.

With a voice devoid of warmth.

“Youre not done with changing the bandage”

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The doctor explained, “This process is very painful so its understandable.”

“Five minutes,” said Jiang, looking at his watch.

“Ive got to go to the office for a meeting.”



With time constraints, the doctor had to be cruel.

With closed eyes he applied the gauze soaked in medicine to Wen Yus wound.

Wen Yu wasnt ready and the pain shot straight to her brain, nearly throwing her into shock.


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