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I Want to See You Jealous (3)

Wen Yu and Wen Qingyou sat.

He looked at her, and she looked at him.

After a while, the quiet atmosphere was broken.

"What now" Wen Yu asked.

Wen Qingyou shook his head, "I don't know.

Anyway, I'll be leaving the day after tomorrow.

Before I leave, I gave you to Dad and let him know about your relationship.

I'm also relieved."


Indeed, as Jiang Yuhe said, Wen Yi'an was in a very bad mood right now and could not listen to anything she said.

He preconceivedly denied Jiang Yuhe and felt that he was cheating her.

The more Wen Yu explained now, the more he would resent Jiang Yuhe.

So, on that day, neither brother nor sister mentioned anything with the Jiang family again, and cautiously waited for Wen Yi'an to recover.

Wen Yu didn't go to the company and worked from home.

Yesterday's trending post had not completely passed.

Taking this opportunity, Wen Yu asked the person in charge to open the official Weibo of , and officially announced the candidate for the male lead.

Huo Yan couldn’t be used anymore.

Even if he didn't push the hot trending search, his mind was not pure.

Wen Yu doesn't like people who are too scheming.

Another candidate, Wu Ye, was also abandoned because Jiang Yuhe found out that his team was the initiator of the hot search, smeared his competitors, and had no character.

Out of the three, two were eliminated, and the one who was the steadiest was the final candidate.

The news of the official announcement of the male protagonist broke out at the juncture of the hot trending search, and it even increased the traffic of yesterday.

Wen Yu stared at the real-time dynamics of the computer at home, and a phone call came in occasionally, but she was always methodical and did not panic.

Arranged in a hurry, under pressure.

Wen Qingyou watched silently.

He's not someone who doesn't know right or wrong.

For his younger sister to have the success she enjoyed today, the credit of that fake brother was greater than himself.

He thought that if they left Wen Yi'an alone, he should be able to calm down by evening.

When that time comes, everyone will sit down and talk about it, and they will always be able to make things clear.

But who knew that at night, Wen Yi'an's mood had calmed down

But he announced another amazing decision-

"Yuyu, let's go to America with your brother to see your mother."


Wen Yu was dumbfounded.

"Us Why"

Wen Yi'an replied, "I heard from your brother last night that her heart is not very good.

She finally recovered a few years ago, but it has relapsed recently.

After being separated for so long and since we were previously husband and wife.

It was not easy for her to bring Qingyou up.

Going to see her makes sense."

Even so, it was too sudden for Wen Yu.

"I still have a job."

"Just go there for ten to eight days, without delaying your work, and I think you did a good job today from home."


Wen Yu casted a look of help at Wen Qingyou.

But this time Wen Qingyou didn't help her.

After pondering for a moment, he said, "Actually, when I booked the flight to leave, my mother asked me indirectly if you would come back with me."

Wen Yu was slightly stunned, but she didn't know how to respond to this sentence.

She lowered her head in silence, "Really"

It's not that Wen Yu didn't want to go to the United States to see her mother, but every time this thought came together, there would be an indescribable strangeness and estrangement in her heart.

After all, after being separated for so long, unlike Wen Qingyou, Wen Yu still had a layer of childhood resentment towards her mother.

At that time, she was still young, chasing behind her mother's car and crying telling her not to go, but she left.

That regret and pain made Wen Yu unable to make up and forget her entire youth, even after growing up.

Now, although she was gradually letting go, she understood that feelings cannot be forced, and she should respect her parents' decision, but when she really got the chance to see her mother, Wen Yu would still be a little timid, and she didn't know how to face it.

She seemed to be looking forward to the reunion, but deep down she was afraid of the reunion.

Until Wen Qingyou said something—

"My mother's bedside has always been a photo of you and her when you were a child.

She will wipe it every night and take a look before falling asleep."

"We had a very difficult time in the United States at first, you know.

It gradually became easier, and she didn't dare to have extravagant hopes.

You felt that your mother abandoned you, and she blamed herself for the same thing every day.


Wen Qingyou spoke and stood up, "In the beginning, it was a last resort, but in the end, it was timidity.


I will not force you on this matter.

No matter what decision you have, it is your choice."

Wen Yi'an was silent for a moment after listening to his son's words, "If your brother won’t force you, I have to force you.

You must go."

Wen Yu knew that after Wen Yi'an went bankrupt, he let go of a lot of things, so he wanted to see his ex-wife.

Although they separated, they could still be friends.

It was normal.

But rushing to go at this juncture was obviously an excuse to take her away and separate from Jiang Yuhe.


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