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I Want to See You Jealous (1)

After recovering from the initial shock and confusion, Wen Yu almost ran back to the bedroom.

She and Jiang Yuhe had not had time to clean up the mess last night, and the whole room seemed to be filled with the smell of eroticism, wet, greasy, and ambiguous.

Even in the trash can, there was too much evidence of their lingering.

Wen Yu seemed to have a dream of returning to her college days.

She encountered a teacher who suddenly came to inspect the dormitory, and hurriedly packed up all the illegal things.

But despite covering up those things that couldn’t be revealed, the atmosphere cannot be removed for a while.

Wen Yu opened all the windows, remembered something again, and hurriedly changed herself into a pair of pants to cover those marks.

After everything calmed down, she realized that there was no movement outside.

Wen Yi'an didn't walk in angrily to check.

The battlefield she imagined didn't seem to happen.

But this kind of calm gave Wen Yu an even more uneasy feeling.

Usually before a storm, it's always eerily calm.

Wen Yu adjusted for a while in the bedroom, took a deep breath to do a self pep talk—

‘It's okay.

I'm an adult, Dad should understand.’

Hasn't he also been young Could he guarantee that he had never kissed her mother

With such optimistic thoughts, Wen Yu walked out of the bedroom again and saw that Wen Yi'an had entered the door and was sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Jiang Yuhe sat opposite him.

Two men face to face, almost no need to ask.

Just by looking at Wen Yi'an's expression, it was obvious it's not a good scene.

Sure enough, Wen Yu walked over and was about to sit down beside Jiang Yuhe when she was stopped by Wen Yi'an.

"Pack up and follow me."


She bent over for a while, then stood up straight.

"Where are we going"

"Go back to your brother's place."

Wen Yu frowned.

"Why I'm not a child, I have the right to choose my own life."

Wen Yi'an was obviously restraining his emotions.

"You have a choice, but if it's not the right choice, as a father, I have the responsibility and obligation to bring you back on the right track!"

"What is wrong How do you know it is incorrect"

"You—" It wasn't that Wen Yi'an didn't hear what Wen Yu said, but when she asked him to say it again, he couldn't say it.



He stood up angrily.

"Are you coming"

Wen Yu was also stubborn.

"I won't."

When the father and daughter couldn't back down against each other, Jiang Yuhe stood up and gave Wen Yu a hinting look.

Jiang Yuhe knew very well that something happened suddenly, and now Wen Yi'an was in a very unstable state.

If he insisted on keeping Wen Yu by his side, it would only make him feel more embarrassed.

When his face had eased, he could explain it well and bring Wen Yu back, which was the only way.

"Uncle, it's rare for you to come to Beijing, so just let Wen Yu play with you for a few days." After saying that, Jiang Yuhe patted Wen Yu.

"Come in."

Turning around and comforting Wen Yi'an, Wen Yu spoke.

"Uncle, wait a moment."

His attitude was always respectful.

Although Wen Yi'an didn't speak ill of him, the stern face was absolute.

Jiang Yuhe pulled Wen Yu into the room and closed the door.

He packed her clothes, but Wen Yu sat there looking unhappy.

"My dad let me go.

Did you really let me go"

"Why didn't I find you when you spoke before"

"Is it because you got it last night and now want to kick me out You—"

Before she finished speaking, Jiang Yuhe put the packed bag in front of Wen Yu.

Leaning over, looking at her, after a long while he said lightly—

"This is your father, not your brother."

No matter how indifferent and arrogant Jiang Yuhe was, he wouldn't be so arrogant that he would fight against Wen Yu's father.

What's more was that the scene where they met today was indeed not very good.

"You go to your brother's place to live for a few days.

When your father is not so angry, I will find a way." He spoke.

Wen Yu was appeased by Jiang Yuhe, and then nodded a little aggrieved, "I thought you were going to run after you put on your pants."

Jiang Yuhe asked, "Where would I be going"

Wen Yu blinked.

"Looking for your ex-girlfriend."


This thing was not over.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her helplessly, and handed her the bag, "Let's go."

Wen Yu didn't move, and then opened her hands towards him again in a coquettish and demanding posture.

Jiang Yuhe glanced outside the door and reminded her, "It's not closed."

"Just hug."

Jiang Yuhe put the bag on the ground next to him, and took Wen Yu into his arms, but this kind of intimacy he only tasted last night, and he was not satisfied at all.

So even if it's just a hug like this, it instantly rekindled some impulses.

He held her face and kissed her, as if he was looking for the remnants of last night's happy moments, relieved it bit by bit, and was full of longing again.

This man's kisses never seemed to be gentle, always like an aggressor, a possessor, not giving room to retreat.

Wen Yu was kissed until her breath began to become chaotic, but she still hugged him, catering to this separate kiss.

Suddenly a voice came from outside the door - "Not ready yet!"

Wen Yi'an felt that he was about to explode, and he almost couldn't help but ask— ‘Are you in there biting legs again!’

The heat in the room stopped abruptly.

Jiang Yuhe paused for a moment, then slowly let go of Wen Yu.

"Go on."

Wen Yu reluctantly took the small luggage and walked to the living room.

Wen Yi'an was pacing in place with his hands behind his back, and she could see that he was very irritable.


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