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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 204

Close Your Eyes (1)

The air on summer nights was hot and dull, and the rain kept falling, but it did not relieve the sultry heat at all.

And Wen Yu's words seemed to add another fire to the heat.

The whole room was overwhelmed, and the temperature rose rapidly.

All Jiang Yuhe's restraint and rationality were completely defeated at this moment.

He leaned over, leaned closer to Wen Yu, and after taking a closer look, he couldn't help lowering his head and kissed her.

He had been waiting for her for too long.

Because the first forced kiss frightened her, he let her be and waited for her every time he couldn't help himself.

Finally, he got her approval.

When the kiss fell, Wen Yu snorted softly, put her hand on Jiang Yuhe's chest, and closed her eyes in response to his love.

The man's faint tobacco smell poured into her mouth instantly, and Wen Yu allowed his breath to invade and entangle little by little.

Each other's hands slowly came together and clasped tightly.

Jiang Yuhe liked the fullness of their fingers clasped together, as if only in this way he could experience the real feeling he had, rather than his own illusory dream.

The kiss was aggressive, long and domineering.

Wen Yu's heartbeat was violent, nervous like a drum, but calm and tranquil.

This moment that belonged to them should have happened as early as Valentine's Day when it also rained.

But although they have missed so much time, it was fortunate that they have come to this day, whether through misunderstandings or twists and turns, they finally lived up to the initial encounter.

Perhaps, love is the best medicine to heal each other.

The room was quiet and silent, and just when the two were deeply in love, a phone call suddenly interrupted each other's charm.

It was Wen Yu's phone that rang.

She was startled, and immediately pushed Jiang Yuhe away, "Wait, it’s my dad's phone call."

Jiang Yuhe frowned, and although he was a little impatient, he still held back.

Wen Yu picked it up.


Wen Yi'an spoke.

"Yuyu, Dad just heard from a friend that you spent a day on the trending page today.

Are you and that male star real or fake What other boyfriends What box office What's going on You Why didn't you tell Dad when something happened"

Wen Yu reassured him.

"It's okay Dad.

I'm really okay.

It's just a little misunderstanding, and I've already—"

Jiang Yuhe suddenly leaned down.

Immediately following, she felt a moisturizing effect on her earlobe.

He was deliberately provoking and expressing his dissatisfaction.

Wen Yu was stunned, and the words stopped abruptly in her throat.

She didn't even remember whether there was any sound that should have come out of her throat just now.

She tried to push him away, but she couldn't push him at all.

The most embarrassing thing was that Wen Yi'an on the other end thought she had something to hide.

“Yuyu, if you encounter any difficulties, don’t be afraid to tell your father.

Who am I Your father.

As if I haven’t seen any wind and waves.

I’ve even gone bankrupt.

What haven’t I experienced Don’t be afraid to tell your father if you have problems.

Do you hear that”


Wen Yi'an heard something wrong while talking, "Yuyu are you listening"

God knows what Wen Yu was going through.

Jiang Yuhe deliberately rubbed her ears next to Wen Yu's ears, seemingly indifferent, but deliberately bewitched, making her want to shout but not dare, and she couldn't move if she wanted to.

While on the phone with her dad, she was teased by her boyfriend.

Wen Yu felt that her breathing was almost uneven, she bit her lips and said with her last calm:

"Dad, I-I have something to do.

I'll talk to you tomorrow."

After she finished speaking, she hung up the phone ashamedly, and before she could speak, her lips were sealed recklessly.

She hummed uncontrollably and was quickly brought back to the state of the two of them before the call by Jiang Yuhe.

They were hugging each other intimately, and when the feeling of each other was about to rise, a phone call suddenly rang again.

This time it was Jiang Yuhe's phone.

He didn't want to pick it up at all; just let it ring.

But the other party seems to need to get through, and it had been the third time.

Wen Yu pushed him again.

"You take it, in case someone has an emergency."

Jiang Yuhe buried his face in her neck for a while, but helplessly stretched out his hand and took out his phone.

It was Liu Zhengming.

Jiang Yuhe probably knew the reason for his call.

“Yuhe, it’s Uncle Liu.

Do you remember that little Wen I introduced to you in Jiangcheng last time”


Jiang Yuhe glanced down at Wen Yu and rubbed his fingertips into her long hair at will, "I remember."

He was not in a hurry.

His tone was calm, as if the one who was about to kiss her to the point of suffocation just now wasn't him.

Still so abstinent, so calm and self-sufficient.

The reason why Wen Yu pushed Jiang Yuhe to answer the phone was just for revenge.

Finding the right opportunity, she raised her body, bit the man's Adam's apple, deliberately bit twice before she backed down.

She smiled frivolously and defiantly at him.

At that time, Liu Zhengming was saying to Jiang Yuhe.

"Old Wen just called me and said that Yuyu has some news that has been on the trending page today.

She is a young girl who has just entered the entertainment industry and has no experience.

Can you take care of her a bit on your side"

Jiang Yuhe stared at Wen Yu for two seconds, and said meaningfully, "Okay, I will take good care of her."

After he finished speaking, he threw his phone aside and turned it off.


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