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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 202

Witnessing This Deep Love (3)

She should have the ability to adapt, and even if she didn’t, let her grit her teeth and experience it once.

Experience and lessons came this way, and protection cannot give her growth.

Although Jiang Yuhe had just decided not to intervene when he was told about this, now that he heard her voice, he couldn't help but ask, "Have you figured out how to deal with it, do you want me to help"

Who knew that Wen Yu refused.

"No, no, I will handle it myself."

After hanging up the phone, Jiang Yuhe was a little surprised by her confidence.

But at the same time, he also began to look forward to how his girlfriend would deal with such a crisis.

Huo Yan was a rising trending male celebrity.

His scandals were exposed, so he almost unstoppably rushed to the front row of hot searches.

Wen Yu's identity was quickly revealed by netizens.

[Damn, isn't this woman Wen Yu, the investor of "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" Didn’t she want to take shortcuts with Brother Yan]

[My god, Huo Yan focuses on your career.

Have some self-respect, and don’t use underhanded tactics.]

[Huo Yan seems to be auditioning for their drama.

She probably liked what she saw, right]

[My brother Yan is only 21.Miss Wen, please don’t get entangled with my little brother.]

[Doesn't anyone think that this young lady is also super beautiful 】

[Finally, someone said it.

The temperament of holding a wine glass was absolutely perfect, right Why do you use underhanded tactics Does the rich investor also ned to use underhanded tactics on you, an idol actor]


Time passed by minute by minute, and by two o'clock in the afternoon, the trending post was still fermenting.

Jiang Yuhe glanced at his watch from time to time.

The best time to deal with a crisis is within twenty-four hours.

Of course, in the entertainment industry, the most golden time is the first six hours.

Four hours have passed since the post came out, and there was no response from Wen Yu.

Although Jiang Yuhe said that he would not intervene, in the past few hours, he had already made all preparations to help her end this.

It's just that he wanted to wait more.

Wen Yu was smart; he has always known that.

He just didn't know if her cleverness will come in handy this time.

Finally, in the last hour of the golden six hours, Wen Yu responded.

She did not apply for a personal Weibo, nor did she use the company's official Weibo.

Instead, she sent out an exclusive interview report through the most convincing account in the entertainment industry, [Starlight Entertainment].

This sound channel was already a bit interesting.

Jiang Yuhe clicked on the content of the specific report, and in the process of browsing, the corners of his lips raised slightly at first, affirmative.

But seeing the content of the second half of the interview, he frowned, and at the end, he turned off the phone.

Unconsciously, he tugged at his tie and sneered again.

Picking up the phone again, he called Wen Yu.

"Is it done"

Wen Yu replied, "It's done! Did you see it How many points would you give me"

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Go home now, and I'll tell you how much you scored."

Wen Yu didn't notice the strangeness in Jiang Yuhe's tone, because at this moment, the entire Weibo was discussing her first exclusive interview report as an investor.

Because of the scandal with Huo Yan, her response quickly became a hot trending topic.

Wen Yu not only got rid of the scandal with Huo Yan, but also took advantage of this hot search to fire up her own movie, and really seized any opportunity that could be used.

In the exclusive interview, Wen Yu first stated that the relationship with Huo Yan was just a cooperative audition, and emphasized.

[I have a boyfriend, so it’s inappropriate for this news to come out.

I care about my boyfriend’s feelings very much.]

This was one of them, to appease Jiang Yuhe's the boyfriend.

The reporter immediately asked her if her boyfriend was in the circle with interest.

Wen Yu made good use of the gossip psychology of the masses, had an ambiguous dialogue with the reporter, and took advantage of the trend to counter speculation.

In the end, the summary for everyone to read was-

‘This boyfriend is an insider, the kind that will be on the hot search when there is news.

He is very good, and the number of Weibo fans is between 10 million and 30 million.’

This was the second, deliberately creating topics and popularity.

Anyway, her words were true, and the official media fans of Yasheng Entertainment had 15 million.

The third was even more powerful.

Wen Yu finally gave an attitude of not being stingy with sharing with everyone, and said jokingly:

[If the box office of "The Moment I Fall in Love with You" can break 100 million on the day of its premiere, I will broadcast the relationship publicly~]

Wen Yu's self-destruction directly made # TheMomentIFallinLovewithYouwhenisthereleasedate also successfully appear on the hot trending search list.

Taking advantage of this opportunity to make a stir, not to mention the free traffic, the name Wen Yu and the company "Pisces Entertainment" quickly spread through the circle.

The scandal with Huo Yan has long since fallen out of the hot trending search, and a new topic had been replaced - who was the top man behind this beautiful investor.

Netizens like gossiping so much that Wen Yu's boyfriend, from acting to singing, was instantly listed as no less than ten suspicious objects.

It could be said that Wen Yu's anti-hype was quite successful.

She was in a good mood, and it was almost time for get off work, so she packed up and went home after answering Jiang Yuhe's call.

When she got home, she happily opened the door.

"I'm back!"

Jiang Yuhe was sitting on the sofa, the TV was on, but he wasn’t watching.

Wen Yu walked over, like a proudly victorious rooster, sat beside him and hugged his neck.

"Why aren't you praising me I'll save the company at least 10 million in publicity expenses today."

From a business point of view, Wen Yu's public relations handling was really good.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her for a while.

"Who taught you"

Wen Yu smiled and said, "You."

When caught in a crisis, if it cannot be resolved directly, you could use the crisis to reverse the focus to create new topics.

This was indeed what Jiang Yuhe taught her.


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