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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 200

Witnessing This Deep Love (1)

Wen Yu knew that Jiang Yuhe's "gained abilities" was by no means complimenting her.

But since she had decided to do this "indecent" thing, Wen Yu didn't expect to get any decent evaluation in front of this person.

Besides, didn't he give these stockings to her, and now he was pretending to be serious here.

Wen Yu deliberately tightened and wrapped around Jiang Yuhe's legs, "Don't you like looking at it"

The transparent black silk was wrapped around the man's trousers, and the two different materials of clothing collide together, like a charming soft clinging to a cold and tough, invisible fire, bold and enthusiastic.

Jiang Yuhe's eyes darkened, and he raised his head after a moment.

"Have I been too polite with you"

Wen Yu was not afraid of him.

She blinked, as if the bribe was not enough.

She stepped directly on Jiang Yuhe's leg and sat down on his table.

Her legs were almost parallel to his line of sight.

"Brother, why don't you make a phone call~" She started to act like a spoiled child again.

Under the light, the stockings fit closely with the skin, firm and smooth.

The transparent black silk seemed to reveal something, but he also seemed to see nothing.

Wen Yu gently overlapped into a beautiful posture.

The higher her calf was, the more ambiguous the color of the black silk and the thinner the transparency.

It was wrapped with desire, but also bewitchment.

Jiang Yuhe's chest rose and fell slightly for two seconds.

Then he stood up and wrapped his hands around Wen Yu's waist.

Leaning down, his voice was dark and hoarse.

"Are you sure you want to bribe me like this"

Wen Yu blinked.

"Yes, I’m sure.

Will you call"

Looking at each other for a few seconds, Jiang Yuhe said, "Your brother wants to get married, but my sister doesn't want to get married.

It's as simple as that."

Wen Yu, who was still sexily posing, paused, "How do you know"

"I called before you came in."


Wen Yu instantly changed her face and retracted her long legs.

"Then why didn't you tell me Are you playing with me"

She wanted to jump off the table, but Jiang Yuhe grabbed her wrist and pressed it against the table.

"You played first."

Wen Yu's back was poked by the documents on the table, and she felt a little uncomfortable.

She moved twice, looked at the man's eyes, and sensed something sensitively.

The atmosphere began to change slightly.

"I'm sorry." Wen Yu apologized immediately, "I just wanted to help my brother."

"I don't care about that."

"...Then what do you want" Wen Yu sniffed her nose pretending to be aggrieved, "Why are you being so aggressive Can't I make a joke"

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yuhe didn't speak, but slowly released her wrist.

A faint red mark appeared on his wrist.

"Don't test me again." Jiang Yuhe sat down again, "I'm not that patient enough to let you go again and again."

Wen Yu murmured twice, rubbed her hands, but boldly returned.

"Who asked you to let me go"

But her courage was only enough to make a joke, and she opened the door and ran immediately after speaking.

The aroma lingering on the tip of the nose soon only left a faint aftertaste.

Jiang Yuhe drank the rest of the coffee and wanted to go back to work, but the pair of legs that had just wrapped around him always appeared in front of him.

When he bought it, it was just casual and without intent.

He didn't think Wen Yu would wear it, and he didn't plan to force her to wear it, but when she wore it today.

Jiang Yuhe found out—

She could indeed wear that kind of high-end temptation, elegant and yet sultry.

Even he couldn’t avoid being controlled.

Back in the room, Wen Yu thought about what Jiang Yuhe just said.

If Wen Qingyou and Jiang Lingwei broke up because of their different views on marriage, there was really no way to force it.

Like Wen Yu, Wen Qingyou grew up in a divorced family, so he hoped to have a family of his own more than anyone else.

But why was Jiang Lingwei unwilling to get married

But their relationship was their business after all, and it was not easy for others to interfere.

Wen Yu sighed, and in the end, she could only put down this matter temporarily.

She slowly took off the stockings on her legs, thinking of Jiang Yuhe's eyes just now as she took it off.

It was only a matter of time before the gun went off.

It seemed that every time they were about to happen, someone was out of state.

Last time it was Jiang Yuhe who smelled of alcohol and perfume, and this time it was Wen Yu, who was thinking about Wen Qingyou, and couldn't think about that at all.

Forget it, the car will always come when it should come, and these two times can only show that everyone's timing and feelings were wrong.

Wen Yu comforted herself like this and hung the stockings on the wall lamp by the bed.

The transparent black silk hung down, making the light a bit lazy and sexy.

The whole night passed peacefully like this, probably because her brother's relationship was damaged, and Wen Yu's mood was not so beautiful.

She felt unhappy when they woke up the next day.

The weather outside seemed to have the same feeling.

It had been raining gloomily since the morning, which made Wen Yu inexplicably have a premonition that it would be a very bad day.

During breakfast, Wen Yu wanted to test Jiang Yuhe because of last night's accident, "Brother, will you send me to work later"

"Where's your car"

"It's raining.

I'm afraid."

After a moment of silence, Jiang Yuhe said, "I've seen you racing in Jiangcheng."


This was a little embarrassing.

Wen Yu cleared her throat and said without changing her face, "Actually, I have an ominous premonition today.

I always feel that I will be hit by someone while driving, so I want you to protect me."

Jiang Yuhe hummed, put down his chopsticks and looked at her.

"Then you have a hunch about what I'm going to do next, and if the hunch is right, I will send you."

Wen Yu closed her mouth and replied cheekily, "You want to kiss your little baby."


Twenty minutes later, Wen Yu sat happily in Jiang Yuhe's car.


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