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Captivated by the Pitiful Beauty (1)

At that moment, she felt very embarrassed.

At any rate, she was once the darling of the world; Jiangchengs wealthy lady and the Leader of the Socialites.

Wen Yu had never imagined that this was the result of asking a man for his number for the first time in her life.

Wen Yu consoled herself that this must be a test from heaven of her sincerity.

OK, its not a big deal.

She had experienced bankruptcy, breakup and a car crash.

Would she be defeated by this small set back

‘If you dont give it then thats fine.

Im a socialite too.

Wen Yu nodded.

“Thats OK, Ill go back to bed.

Good night, Brother.”

Shortly after she returned to her room, Wen Yu suddenly received a message from You Xin.

[You capable bastard! The last time you said thered be big news, I thought you were joking.

How did you know Li Man would kill herself Do you have some insider info]

Wen Yu was stunned, then searched Weibo for the Beijing Film Festival Awards that happened tonight.

At the prize presentation ceremony, Li Man, who was originally the hot pick for best actress, ended up losing to a longtime rival.

Two hours after the awards ceremony, news of Li Mans suicide spread all over the Internet.

Wen Yu didnt know how to reply to You Xin.

At first she thought that the big news was that Li Man had forced relations with a capitalist wealthy boss.

Who could have thought that it turned into Li Man committing suicide today

It was an overwhelming reversal…

Wen Yu didnt know what happened in between, but she knew one thing for sure.

Li Mans scheme was overturned and Jiang Yuhe, the capitalist who could control the fate of any artist, had reclaimed all the honor that he had bestowed to her.

Dalang has given Jin Lian a good harsh lesson.*

And Wen Yu also wanted to harshly teach the scum Shen Mingjia a lesson.

Thinking of the recent success story, Wen Yu suddenly felt more confident.

All of a sudden, the rejection from Jiang Yuhe from before did not make her feel as bad.

He had the gold finger**, so it was normal to be a bit different and a little pretense.

At least today they succeeded in having a conversation, which was a good start.

It was not a big deal.

The next day was when the doctor had ordered her to change her leg dressing.

Her calf had severe soft tissue contusion, and she was drugged to suppress the hematoma.

Four days passed, so it was time to reexamine and change the dressing.

Yesterday, when she asked Jiang Yuhe if he would take her to the hospital, he didnt reply.

Though she knew there was little hope, Wen Yu still got up early and sat down in the living room downstairs.

She was reading Weibo while waiting.

The news of Li Mans suicide had become so widespread that one media outlet had even started a dedicated report page and labelled it as “exclusive story”.

There has never been a free exclusive story in this world.

Wen Yu remembered last nights remark by Jiang Yuhe.

” Squeezing out her last drop of worth!” She felt like she understood a bit of the situation.

At 8:30AM, Jiang Yuhe came downstairs lazily.

Wen Yu immediately put away her cell phone.

“Good morning, Brother,” she said, passing a glass of coffee with good grace.

“I made it for you.

Give it a try.”

Wen Yu spent hours watching interviews of Jiang Yuhe on the internet last night.

Based on the research, she was able to gain some knowledge of his daily preferences.

For example, he liked to have a cup of coffee in the morning, which helped keep his head clear.

Coincidentally, Wen Yu used to make her own coffee when she was studying abroad and immediately arranged a cup.

When he saw the coffee, his eyes trembled a bit but he didnt show a surprised expression.

He calmly took a sip of it and laid it down again.

After the Aunt Shier brought their breakfast, they ate it without any further conversation and Lao He soon arrived on time.

Wen Yu saw Jiang Yuhe rise to leave and she immediately followed him in her wheelchair.

“Good-bye, Brother.

Drive safely.”

Suddenly, the man looked back at her.

“Why dont you change your shoes”


The surprises came so suddenly that Wen Yu couldnt believe she was just going for a dressing change.

To think that just changing bandages would cause Jian Yuhe, Li Bai and Lao He, all three men, to accompany her to the hospital.

She didnt even have such a large entourage before she went bankrupt.

Wen Yu was a little flattered and was wondering if she should say some words of thanks.

But when she got to the hospital, she realized that her expectations were too high.

Lao He helped her out of the car.

“Ill go with you, Miss.”

Wen Yu looked at Jiang Yuhe blankly.

“What about you, Brother”

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Jiang Yuhe put out his cigarette and went with Li Bai to the elevator on the other side.

“Ive got something else to do.”


‘I knew you werent so kind!

* Jin Lian is a famous adulteress from the Ming Dynasty story 金瓶梅.

Dalang was the husband of Jin Lian.

Refer to Chapter 1 where FL references Jiang Yuhe as Dalang and Li Man as Jin Lian.

** Gold Finger in China means someone who possesses a cheat like ability/status to bypass the regular path and use their special cheat abilities to get what they want.


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