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You've Gained Some Abilities (3)

Back in the car, closing the door and window, the agent asked, "How was it"

"What do you mean ‘how was it’ Why are you asking me If I managed to invite her, would I get in the car alone" Huo Yan said with a sullen tone.

The agent hurriedly handed him water, "Don't worry, take your time.

I found out that the role is now between you, Lu Chen and Wu Ye.

You just think of a way to coax this little President Wen."

Huo Yan was quiet for a long time before he replied impatiently, "I got it."

After Huo Yan left, You Xin asked Wen Yu jokingly, "Is he interested in you"

Wen Yu asked, "How can it be He is two years younger than me."

"What's impossible Are we lacking Older Sister and Younger Brother romance in the entertainment industry" You Xin analyzed things wisely, "If he's not interested in you, then he wants you to be interested in him."

Wen Yu understood after a few seconds.

"You mean, he wants to take a shortcut through me"

You Xin nodded, "Isn't that right Isn’t it just a matter of speaking out when the investors want to use a specific person”

Wen Yu only thought that You Xin was joking.

"I'm not interested in this kind of younger brother."

"Don't like little wolf dogs"

Wen Yu said wildly, "I like the big wolf dog."

Good guy.

You Xin looked at Wen Yu's look of spring, and said, "Why Have you tasted the big wolf dog"

Wen Yu suddenly remembered the way Jiang Yuhe kissed her calf, and there was a burst of heat on her face.

But she didn't change her expression and said, "No."

You Xin chuckled at her.

"I'll just look at your pretense.

Can it be that President Jiang can’t do it You two are living together and haven't rolled yet Impossible."

"It's true." Wen Yu looked at her girlfriend with a serious face.

"I'm very serious."


Also, Wen Yu and Shen Mingjia dated for almost a year before, nothing happened.

When it came to President Jiang, it would take half a year even if he got a discount.

He was also her own boss.

You Xin helped him with a conscience.

"Actually, sometimes, proper immorality can quickly promote the development of the relationship between the two parties, and maybe it will have unexpected results."


After seeing You Xin off, Wen Yu went to Guannan Apartment again.

Wen Yu never went back after moving out.

Usually, she only communicated with Wen Qingyou by phone and WeChat, but in recent days he didn't answer the phone or he didn't reply to WeChat.

The two brothers and sisters were working on the same floor, and Wen Yu took time to go over to take a look, only to hear Wen Qingyou's secretary say that he was working on the company's liquidation recently.

Wen Yu was not at ease, so she made this trip in person, intending to come back and ask what happened.

At seven o'clock in the evening, Wen Qingyou didn't go out and was preparing for dinner at home.

"Brother, why are you alone" Wen Yu looked around after entering the door and found that Jiang Lingwei was not there.

Wen Qingyou put his hand in his trouser pocket, holding a glass of water in his hand, and said with a light smile, "Should it be two people"

Wen Yu heard something wrong, "Where's Sister Jiang Aren't you two together"

Wen Qingyou took a sip of water, sat down as if nothing had happened, and said after a long time, "We're done."


Standing there in a daze for a long time, Wen Yu said in amazement, "Why Didn't you guys do well last time Why suddenly-"


Wen Qingyou chuckled in his heart.

It's not sudden at all.

Jiang Lingwei has never been a woman who was willing to settle down.

What she needed in her life was the freedom to not to be bound by any relationship.

Love would bind her, so she gave up.

This, as early as when they first met, he should have understood.

Not every player wanted to go ashore.

But Wen Qingyou always thought that he would be the one who could change her.

Wen Qingyou didn't want to mention too much about himself and Jiang Lingwei, so he raised his head and asked Wen Yu, "Why did you come back suddenly"

Wen Yu said, "Your secretary said that you were liquidating the company, so I came and saw, but I didn't expect you and Sister Jiang..."

"It's nothing.

If we were compatible, we can be together.

If it doesn’t work out, then we can separate." Wen Qingyou looked calm, "I will go back to the United States next week, and you have to take care of yourself here."


Wen Yu was really dumbfounded this time, "Leaving Why do you want to go Don't, Brother."

"Mom's old problems have relapsed again.

I want to go back and have a look, and I have spent too much time with her." He paused, and his tone was inevitably a little frustrated, "Some things I have done are completely beyond my principles, and now it's time to go back."



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