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Giving Her The Same Tenderness (1)

Wen Yu was stunned and unprepared by Jiang Yuhe's kiss on her leg.

As if she was bewitched by him, her brain was gradually controlled by a hazy and unfamiliar lust.

Her heartbeat faster, and her breathing became faster.

She felt him lean down slowly and start kissing.

Some things seem to happen naturally.

The kiss was gently rubbed on her lips, and finally stopped on her earlobe.

A faint heat passed lightly over her.

Wen Yu, who was intoxicated, was inexplicably awakened by a tremor—

She quickly pulled away from this feeling and pushed away.

Jiang Yuhe paused slightly and stopped to look at her.

"You don't want to"

Wen Yu just felt it was a little sudden.

She didn't resist it, but not on a night like this, in such a mood.

She was still eaten up with jealousy, okay

Wen Yu frowned, and looked away from him, "You have at least ten different perfume scents on your body, and there are other women's scents on your hands.

Do you think this is the right time"

She said that, but Jiang Yuhe suddenly smiled.

"Then you admit that you're jealous"

Anyway, she was seen through, and Wen Yu was too lazy to act.

"What do you mean Is it funny to see me jealous Satisfying"

There was a bit of anger in Wen Yu's tone, but in Jiang Yuhe's eyes, she was inexplicably cute.

This seemed to be the first time he saw evidence of her liking him in Wen Yu's eyes.

He really felt that she cared about him, even if it was such a pretentious and willful little temper.

It was extraordinarily precious.

"Yeah." Jiang Yuhe straightened her face and made her look at him, "I'm really satisfied."

Wen Yu got even angrier and pushed him with both hands and feet.

"Pervert, get out of the way!"

Jiang Yuhe suppressed Wen Yu with absolute strength.

After a while, he stopped smiling and told her calmly, "You met three directors, six producers, seven advertisers, and thirteen actors at night.

Except for the ten minutes you were out, my eyes were all on you."


"Where do I get the time to see other women"

Jiang Yuhe's way of solving problems was always so sharp and direct.

He didn't give a cliché explanation that he was just socializing with those women, but directly gave such an impeccable proof of action.

Wen Yu was also successfully appeased.

After a few seconds of silence, she remembered something, and suddenly asked Jiang Yuhe, "Who did I meet after Director Li Yin"

"Film Queen Song Qiyu." Jiang Yuhe blurted out immediately.


After meeting Director Li, Wen Yu and the actress only said two words.

It took less than a minute for the two to meet each other, so it could be said that it was just a fleeting face-to-face time.

He even saw this scene

Did his eye attach themselves permanently to her body

The small spines on Wen Yu's body suddenly relaxed softly, she pursed her lips, and there was a hint of tenderness in her eyes.

The two hands that were just beating at Jiang Yuhe also played with the collar of his shirt obediently, pretending not to care.

She said, "There are so many beautiful women for you to look at.

Why look at me" She said calmly, "I don't have any RMB on me."

Jiang Yuhe saw the anticipation and pride on Wen Yu's face, and he also understood that she wanted to hear two loving words such as "because I only like you" and "because I only see you in my eyes".

But Jiang Yuhe was obviously not a man with a love phrase vocabulary.

He's not good at speaking softly, and did not act like the masses.

Like this question-

"I have no intentions towards them," he replied coldly and bluntly.


What kind of bad thoughts does he have

He just had some adult thoughts about her all the time.

No wonder he was able to do something as crazy as kissing her legs just now.

Wen Yu lay flat for a second, then got up and pushed him away.


Jiang Yuhe took her hand.

"Won't you sleep with me"

Wen Yu was at a loss.

"Why should I sleep with you"

"I drank."

"I'm going to accompany you after you drank"

"The first time I drank, you slept with me in the living room of the villa; the second time, at your home in Jiangcheng; this is the third time." Jiang Yuhe looked at Wen Yu calmly.

"The one next to me is you again."

‘So, what It’s just me, so I need to sleep with you again What kind of logic do you have’

And it was okay if he didn’t say anything, but when he mentioned it to Wen Yu, she got angry.

The first time, she was kind enough to accompany him, but she was almost driven away when he got up.

The second time, she kindly took him in but was accused of taking the initiative to sleep with him.

This kind of person did not deserve the love of his sister after drinking.

"I think you're quite sober, so go by yourself." Wen Yu said as she walked towards her bedroom.

"If something does happen, you can send me a message."

After closing the door, Wen Yu slandered Jiang Yuhe a few words in her heart, and began to remove her makeup to take a shower and get ready to sleep.

She came out of the bathroom half an hour later.

While blowing her hair, she picked up her phone and glanced at it.

Nothing new.

When she opened the door again, she saw that there was no one in the living room, and the lights were off.

It seemed that Jiang Yuhe also went back.

Wen Yu snorted softly, changed into pajamas, and lay on the bed, wanting to play with her mobile phone to get sleepy.

When she opened Weibo, she found out that tonight's Yasheng’s Night Event had already been listed on the trending tab, and #jiangyuheiswatchingwho even rushed to the first-place trending topic.

As a leading entertainment brokerage company in China, Yasheng gathered big names in such activities, and the scene did not lose to any awards ceremony.

But why was Jiang Yuhe also on the hot search list

Wen Yu curiously went in.

It turned out that someone released a group photo of Jiang Yuhe with many artists, directors, and producers at the reception, which caused the discussion.

If it was a group photo, the man in the photo had almost no smile, with his daily ruthless face.

There was only a single photo sneakily taken by an unknown person.

He was standing in the crowd holding a glass of wine.

Although there were a lot of people standing around, his line of sight crossed many figures and looked in another direction.

Although seemingly casual, there was a distinctly different temperature in his eyes.

Even if it's just a photo, everyone could see the difference in his eyes.

Therefore, #jiangyuheiswatchingwho was actively discussed on the hot search.

Thinking of what Jiang Yuhe said to her at night, Wen Yu was stunned, and immediately clicked on the hotly debated photo, followed Jiang Yuhe's gaze, and sure enough-

She saw her blurred image captured by the camera on the other side of the photo.


Did this count as proof that Jiang Yuhe had truly been watching her all night


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