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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 190

The Voice Full of Intoxication (2)

After speaking, she asked Jiang Yuhe expectantly, "What do you think"

After a moment, the man raised his head and affirmed.

"Not bad."

Wen Yu became more confident, she opened up and talked about a bunch of her own plans, exhibitions, advertisements, derivatives, etc., and while listening the corners of Jiang Yuhe's mouth would occasionally lift.

Sure enough, as others have said, Wen Yu was not a noble lady who only knew how to buy and spend.

His girlfriend, not only quickly integrated into the rules of the entertainment industry, and even though the IP had not yet started to develop, already had a set of plans to make money from it.

At first, Jiang Yuhe was worried that a young lady would suddenly be at a loss with a project close to hundreds of millions of dollars.

Even if she was given a mature team, she might not be able to command them effectively.

Unexpectedly, it seemed that he was worrying too much.

Jiang Yuhe chuckled softly in his heart and asked, "Do you want to come out to play in two days"

Wen Yu was stunned, "Play where"

"The reception at Yasheng Movies." Jiang Yuhe said.

"I looked at it yesterday, and you are not on the list of invitees."

Wen Yu lowered her head and poked her spoon at the congee in the bowl.

"How could a big company like yours invite an unknown newcomer like me for a cocktail reception party"

Wen Yu's words were right.

After all, the guests invited to the annual movie cocktail party were all those who had cooperated with and invested in Yasheng.

In addition, there were some TV stations, advertisers, and other characters; it can be said that almost all the top resource representatives in the circle would come.

New investors like Wen Yu who were just in their early days and didn't even have a representative masterpiece, didn’t even have a hope of entering this cocktail party.

Therefore, it was normal that the company did not send her an invitation.

"Don't poke it.

The bottom of the bowl will be pierced by you." Jiang Yuhe put down his bowl and chopsticks, preparing to change clothes, turned around and said, "I personally invite you to come and participate."

After pausing for a few seconds, Wen Yu understood.

Her lips curled unconsciously, but she was greedy, wanted to hear something more direct and sweeter, and deliberately pretended to be stupid.

"What do you mean I don't understand."

However, Jiang Yuhe didn't look back.

"Just forget it if you don't understand."


How could there be such a man who was so bland

Was it so hard for you to say something sweet

Too unromantic!

Wen Yu slandered him a few words secretly and continued poking the bowl unhappily.

After breakfast, the two of them were ready to go to work together.

Jiang Yuhe walked in front, after exiting the door he turned around and stretched out his hand towards Wen Yu.

The meaning was obvious- to hold her hand.

Wen Yu saw it but raised her chin and didn't respond.

Jiang Yuhe knew that she was acting spoiled because he hadn't cooperated with her just now, so he immediately dragged her over.

Fine, a good day starts with coaxing your girlfriend.

He grabbed Wen Yu's wrist, and quickly held her whole hand, entangled their fingers together, and said, "Yasheng is hosting a cocktail reception.

How can the lady boss not go"

After holding back for a few seconds, Wen Yu couldn't hold it till the end, her lips raised unconsciously, but she still pretended to be calm.

"Oh, who is the lady boss Where is the lady boss"

While talking, she looked around.

Jiang Yuhe looked at her for a few seconds.

"This act is too much."


Wen Yu couldn't help but laugh, and said coquettishly, "Do you have to make me pretend every time before you are willing to coax me with a little bit of romance"

"Yeah." Jiang Yuhe didn't change his expression.


"I just like watching you pretend."


"If you don't pretend it will make me feel uncomfortable."




Wen Yu took Jiang Yuhe's hand, thinking that since he wanted her to say something like this-

She stopped at the elevator door and opened her arms.

"My leg hurts.

I want to be hugged."


Jiang Yuhe helplessly picked her up.

"What other tricks do you have You think you can do it all at once"

Wen Yu put her arms around his neck with a weak face and leaned against his chest, "The doctor said that I need to rest for a month, so you have to carry me this whole month."

Jiang Yuhe frowned, "When did the doctor say that"

Wen Yu blinked, raised her head, and kissed him on his ear, "Dr.

Jiang, it’s what you said."


Jiang Yuhe was caught off guard and was teased by Wen Yu, his back was tight, and his eyes darkened on the spot.

"Don't want to go to work anymore"

Wen Yu very innocently, "Why don't I want to go to work anymore I have a lot of things to do today, okay"

"Then be good and don't move around."

Wen Yu immediately murmured, "Don't boy and girl friends falling in love hug and kiss each other How come I am not allowed to kiss this older pretty flower."

Jiang Yuhe originally seemed to want to say something, but when the words reached his lips, he forced them back.

The elevator door opened, and he walked in with a calm expression, but when the door closed, he suddenly put Wen Yu down.



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