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Its Not Necessary (3)

After an evening of boredom, Wen Yu didnt see Jiang Yuhe return.

Thinking that she could skip buttering up to him tonight, she took her wheelchair to the living room and drank a glass of water before sleep.

Suddenly, she saw Aunt Shier rush out of a room carrying a pair of mens slippers and stood at the door.

Her back was straight and her manner was full of respect.

Two minutes later, she opened the door.

“Welcome home, Young Master.

It is currently 11:35PM.

The room temperature is 22 degrees and the humidity is at 70%.

I have prepared almond tea with egg white* for you tonight.

Its very refreshing.”


Wen Yu had almost thought that it was some head of state who came to visit Jiang Yuhes family.

Finally, two men came in one after another.

In addition to Jiang Yuhe, the other person was Li Bai, the bodyguard that Wen Yu met this morning.

Li Bai was carrying a bunch of colorful shopping bags in his hands.

Soon afterwards, Jiang Yuhe saw Wen Yu.

The mans eyes were sharp and cold.

Wen Yu had a staring contest with him for a few seconds before losing the game.

The main thing was because of a guilty conscience.

It was as if he could see all her secrets after staring for too long.

Wen Yu coughed to hide her discomfort and volunteered to say, “Brother, youre back.”

Jiang Yuhe sat down on the sofa with his head bent and tugged his necktie.

Wen Yu closed her mouth, then bent over to fetch water.

Then, a conversation started between the two men.

“Theres news from Li Mans side.

Li Man herself is fine, but theres a lot of press calling in.

What does the Boss intend to do” Li Bai asked.

Wen Yu had heard of this name.

Li Man

The femme fatale

Wen Yu, who didnt know what had happened at the end of the concert, quietly slowed down and wanted to hear the follow up.

But Jiang Yuhes careless remarks surprised her.

““Popular celebrity commits suicide in her apartment” is enough to achieve a whole years worth of KPI.

What company doesnt want to compete for headlines”

Wen Yu was startled.


“Shes trying to make a scene,” said Jiang Yuhe.

He did not show any sympathy and instead sarcastically said, “Ill satisfy her and blow this news up as large as possible.

This will count as squeezing out her last drop of worth.”

The conversation stopped here.

Wen Yus mind was filled with shock until a cold voice said, “Huh”

Jiang Yuhe turned to her and asked, “What are you doing”

When Wen Yu came back to her senses, she saw that the water had filled the glass and even wet the ground.

She quickly stopped.

“I-Im sorry, Brother.”

Wen Yu was somewhat incoherent, but fortunately Li Bai handed her some paper towels.

This gave her time to calm herself.

Wen Yu was also able to come up with a good excuse.

Wen Yus wheelchair came to Jiang Yuhe and she whispered, “I just wanted to ask Brother.

Im going to the hospital tomorrow to change my medication.

Do you have time to go with me”

He glanced at her, he was just going to say something when he saw her cell phone in the wheelchair arm bag.

He said, “Where did you get this

“What” Wen Yu did not immediately realize what he meant.

“Where did you get that cell phone”

Wen Yu said, “Uncle He gave it to me.

He came by this afternoon.

He bought a lot of daily necessities, clothes and this mobile phone.”

After pausing for a bit, she said from the bottom of her heart, “Uncle He is very kind.”

The room suddenly went quiet.

A few seconds later, Jiang Yuhe turned around.

He did not say a word.

Li Bai coughed and looked down at his shoes as though he had heard nothing.

The atmosphere was strangely silent, but Wen Yu could not say exactly what was strange.

She didnt know what Jiang Yuhe was thinking.

After a pause, she had to find a way to liven up the scene so she said, “Brother, why dont we exchange cell numbers I can speak with you when youre bored.”

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Another few seconds of silence.

Li Bai kept silent and only observed Jiang Yuhes expression secretly.

The mans gaze lowered and his eyes were as cool as water.

After a couple moments he said, “Thats not necessary.

I have no time for boredom.”

* Almond tea with egg white: A very delicious dessert made by whisking egg white into almond tea.

Almond tea is usually made from apricot kernels/Chinese sweet almonds, rice, rock sugar and water.


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