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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 189

The Voice Full of Intoxication (1)

So later that night, Jiang Yuhe was sent to sleep in the study.

Although he frankly answered Wen Yu's question, this confession made Wen Yu even more frightened.

If he didn’t need to lie on the bed to think like that, wouldn’t it be amplified if he lay on the bed

Wen Yu was not ready to go with him to the last step.

Although she likes him, some things still require time to transition.

Jiang Yuhe did not force Wen Yu and fully respected her.

So, on the first night of living together, the two still spent the time harmoniously like in the past.

Wen Yu slept in the master bedroom, and Jiang Yuhe went to his study.

When she went to bed at night, she didn’t know if it was due to the foreign environment, but Wen Yu didn't fall asleep for a long time.

She tossed and turned, then finally stared at the ceiling above the bed in a daze.

The design of the ceiling was very special.

There was a circle design covering the ceilings, and there were gray-black grids and mirrors in the middle.

People lying on the bed could vaguely see their own reflections.

Wen Yu studied it for a long time and couldn't see the intent of the design.

In the end, she didn't finish thinking about it.

She closed her eyes and forced herself to sleep.

When she woke up the next morning, two Filipino workers arrived in the living room at some point, and breakfast had already been prepared.

The Filipino maid spoke to Wen Yu in accented Mandarin, "Miss, this is what Mister told us to cook for you."

The fresh scent drifted to her nose; it was the shrimp and corn congee, the same one Wen Yu liked to eat.

She had to sigh again over Jiang Yuhe's execution ability.

Overnight, in this new home, Wen Yu didn't feel any strangeness or confusion.

Everything was arranged in an orderly manner by him.

Wen Yu felt loved, cared for, and blatantly coddled.

Jiang Yuhe also sat across the table at this time, and Wen Yu who had benefited from his care, immediately scooped a shrimp out of the bowl for him.

"Thank you, Brother."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her.

"Thank me for what"

Wen Yu didn't know what to say.

In short, compared with Wen Qingyou, the feeling of living with Jiang Yuhe was completely different.

She could see him when she opened her eyes.

Sitting with him for breakfast, there would always be a feeling of sweetness and satisfaction in her heart.

"No matter what, thank you." Wen Yu smiled lightly and asked a lot, "Did you sleep well last night"

Jiang Yuhe sipped a cup of coffee and glanced at her when the cup was removed from his mouth, his eyes seemed to say, ‘What do you think’

Wen Yu also realized that her question seemed to be too two-faced.

After all, she occupied a large bed close to three meters wide alone, the kind that she was not afraid of falling off even if she rolled over several times.

She smiled embarrassedly and quickly changed the subject.

"By the way, what's on the ceiling of your bed It feels weird to be able to see myself in a blur when lying on the bed."

Jiang Yuhe said indifferently, “Every household has it.

I’m not interested in the façade mirror fiber optic starry sky ceiling designed by the designer.

I haven’t turned it on before.”

Wen Yu sighed.

So that was the reason.

This designer was pretty romantic.

Jiang Yuhe's cell phone rang at this time, and he picked it up calmly, without making a sound, only listening to the other person speak-


Jiang, I checked it.

It should be an accident, not a deliberate arrangement."

After humming a reply, Jiang Yuhe hung up the phone.

Wen Yu was almost hit by an iron gate on the set, and then another popular idol came to help her.

Although everything seemed normal, for someone like Jiang Yuhe who was used to countless entertainment circle tricks, he had become accustomed to being cautious.

This matter will be temporarily skipped.

The two ate their breakfast.

Jiang Yuhe asked Wen Yu casually, "How has the project progressed"

Wen Yu replied as she ate.

"The script has been adapted to some extent.

Director Chen and I are currently selecting actors.

We have to look at the information of dozens of actors every day."

"Are there any suitable candidates"

"It hasn't been decided yet, but there are a few potential candidates.

I will meet with Director Chen in the next few days to review again.

In addition—" Wen Yu swallowed a mouthful of congee, wiped her mouth, put down her chopsticks and faced Jiang Yuhe with a serious attitude.

She said, "When the school season starts in September, I want to get some real-life experience.

The story of the hero and the heroine in the drama takes place on campus and I want to reenact a real class scene based on the plot.

Then I will work on cooperating with shopping malls in first-tier cities to make movie-themed, limited edition product lines.

At the same time, we can get a share of the overall revenue of the mall."

This was a preliminary interactive propaganda idea for the IP, proposed by Wen Yu herself, but she didn't know if it would work.


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