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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 188

Ah, it hurts~ (3)

"" Wen Yu smiled contemptuously.

"Do you think I’m a three-year-old child There is only one bedroom in a 300-square-meter house You ate the rest of the place"

Jiang Yuhe didn't explain.

He just walked inside and said, "Come here."

Wen Yu also wanted to see what tricks this man was pulling and followed him to a room door.

Jiang Yuhe opened the door.

"Look for yourself."

Wen Yu snorted.

What So mysterious.

She muttered as she walked in, but her expression was stunned when she widened her eyes.

Wen Yu could not describe her mood at this moment in words.

Unbelievable… incredible… Wen Yu suppressed a scream in her throat.

It was even more shocking than when she discovered her true brother just then.

In front of her was a dazzling array of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelry, and even evening gowns.

All of the season's new styles of major brands are arranged in rows and columns according to the style, presenting an exquisite and extremely luxurious changing room.

It was several times bigger than the closet in her Jiangcheng's house before she went bankrupt.

Wen Yu was stunned for a long time unable to say anything.

She walked in and took a few glances, still not convinced.

“Is this mine”

Jiang Yuhe leaned against the door, "Yeah."

No wonder he spoke so easily when she asked him to take responsibility for her pants...

It turned out to be ready at his home a long time ago.

Wen Yu casually picked up a pair of stiletto heels from the shoe cabinet, put them on her feet and tried them.

It was even more surprising.

"How do you know my shoe size"

"Do you think that those three months of cohabiting were in vain" Jiang Yuhe said indifferently, "Except for your underwear.

I don’t know your size.

Everything else is here."


He really was not afraid of being overly direct when speaking.

Putting the high heels back, Wen Yu pursed her lips when she turned back.

Although she tried her best to calm herself down, she still couldn't hide the little flutters of joy in her heart.

"Why did you buy me so many clothes and bags all of a sudden"

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Who was crying in Jiangcheng saying that she sold all her luxury goods to start a business"

"Then you said at the time that you would not sympathize with me." Wen Yu embraced his waist coquettishly and looked up at him.

"Now you secretly bought so much for me, what is your intent"

Jiang Yuhe looked down for a moment, in line with her previous words.

“Maybe it’s because I’m afraid that I hurt my conscience when I think back to that night.”


It turns out that her brother had such an awareness so early.

It's too precious.

Wen Yu was moved.

"I was joking when I said those words.

Don't really take it to heart, and if you really want to say that your conscience hurts, isn't it more my fault It's me who lied to you first."

After being quiet for three seconds, Jiang Yuhe replied unceremoniously—

"It's ok."

"I don't mind if you make up with me too."


Realizing that she seemed to have dragged the topic into a trap, Wen Yu immediately became sober.

"You think I’m gullible."

She wanted to go out, but Jiang Yuhe suddenly picked her up and pressed her against the wall.

"Did you forget what you said yourself Want me to remind you"


Of course, Wen Yu didn't forget.

This account has been delayed for too long.

It has been almost two months since she returned to Beijing.

She wanted to prove that she did not endure any humiliation.

Now that the two were living together, excuses were getting harder and harder to come up with.

"Put me down first." Wen Yu went to push Jiang Yuhe, but the man was so strong that he implied that he would not let her down if she didn't give an answer today.

Seeing that she couldn't push him away, Wen Yu frowned and pretended, "Ah, you touched my leg.

It hurts."


Wen Yu's "Ah" was a little bit angry, but the scream was soft, and the ending sound was slightly raised, and the word "pain" was even more effective, shy and timid.

Jiang Yuhe couldn’t withstand her directly.

He put Wen Yu down, subconsciously wanting to stretch out his hand to loosen his tie but found that he didn't wear a tie today.

His neckline was wide open.

But there was still a feeling of breathlessness.

Fixedly looking at Wen Yu, a few seconds later he spoke.

"You try to talk like this again next time."


She blinked innocently.

"What did I do"

Jiang Yuhe ignored her, went out, and said as he walked, "Although I opened up several other bedrooms to make this changing room, the study has a bed.

If you mind, I will sleep there."

Wen Yu followed and listened, thinking about this issue on the way.

Would she mind sharing the same bed with Jiang Yuhe

He was also considered a gentleman and did not force anything on her.

Although the two lived together before, they each lived in their own room, keeping a distance to some extent.

But now that he suddenly wanted to sleep in the same bed, Wen Yu was really not sure whether she could accept it.

The main reason was that she moved in too quickly and she was not mentally prepared at all.

However, falling in love but sleeping separately under the same roof, seemed to be a bit too pretentious.

They were not fifteen or sixteen-year-old high school students.

As she was thinking, Jiang Yuhe opened the door of a room.

"This is the bedroom."

Wen Yu I walked in and looked around; it was indeed a luxurious residence.

This spacious bedroom faced the river, with all glass walls, and you could instantly enjoy the invincible 270 degrees river view when you sleep here.

It was so beautiful.

Wen Yu immediately felt she could imagine, and the breeze was blowing across her face.

She and Jiang Yuhe sat here, each holding a glass of red wine, hugging each other to enjoy the cozy scene of the river view.

That's fine, very fine.

Satisfied, Wen Yu looked around again and saw the super wide bed inside, so she walked over, lay down and tried it.

The mattress was very comfortable, and the sheets are unexpectedly skin-friendly and soft.

When she lay down, there was an urge to sleep right away.

In short, she liked this bedroom very much, whether it was the interior design or view.

The complicated thing now was, did she want to own this room with Jiang Yuhe

No, let's be honest.

Was she ready to have further intimacies with Jiang Yuhe

Wen Yu pondered for a few seconds, then raised her head.

"I will ask you a question.

You have to tell the truth."

Jiang Yuhe looked at her.


"If we sleep on a bed, will you have those thoughts about me"


After a few seconds of silence, the man looked away and replied frankly and calmly.

"Even if we don’t sleep on the same bed, I would still have those thoughts."


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