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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 181

He quickly cut the steak on his plate into small pieces, and then pushed it in front of Wen Yu.

Wen Yu took it over and said, "Ah, how can I bother you"


He thought she was definitely not ashamed.

Seeing Wen Yu eating with small bites, Jiang Yuhe asked again, "Since you can’t cut it, can you eat it"

Wen Yu blinked.


"Do you need me to feed it into your mouth"

"..." He didn't have to be so enthusiastic.

Afraid that Jiang Yuhe would really do this, Wen Yu temporarily put aside the burden of the pure attitude, seriously ate the steak, then thought of something afterwards, and said, "I heard You Xin talk about Shen Mingjia's incident at the KTV last night."

Jiang Yuhe listened, but did not answer.

"I was wondering if he would hate me more now.

If he had a backup of his photos, would he—"

"There is no such possibility." Jiang Yuhe interrupted Wen Yu.

He wanted to tell her about the means to completely seal Shen Mingjia’s mouth.

He hesitated for a moment, but still didn't want her to know those things that were too dark.

He only said gently, "I won't let the possibility happen."

Although his tone was low, he was extremely firm, making Wen Yu at ease after listening.

She stopped worrying about the matter and nodded, "I believe you."

In fact, it doesn't matter even if it was exposed.

Jiang Yuhe had already seen it anyway, and Wen Yu didn't care what other people might think.

Jiang Yuhe took the time to accompany Wen Yu to eat this meal, despite being busy, and hurried back to the company to work immediately after eating.

According to the habits of the two, Wen Yu went downstairs first and waited for him in the parking lot.

Jiang Yuhe used to follow her in a few minutes, but today Wen Yu waited almost a quarter of an hour to see him.

"Where did you go Why so slow"

"Bought something," he said.

Wen Yu looked him up and down, and saw he came back empty-handed.

Did he really go to buy things

But she didn't ask.

After all, it didn't seem very good to be controlling everything on the first day of being his girlfriend.

Anyway, in fifteen minutes, he couldn't possibly steal someone.

‘Do whatever you want.’

They drove back to the Guannan apartments safely.

In the parking lot, as Wen Yu was about to get off, Jiang Yuhe stopped her.

He took out a wrapped box from the inner pocket of his suit and handed it to her.

"For you."


For her

Wen Yu suddenly reacted.

Did he just go to buy her a gift

Ah, this.

Wen Yu was immediately overjoyed, but due to her restraint, she couldn't express the joy too obviously.

Pretending to take the gift calmly...

The box was not big, but slightly bigger than a cigarette case.

It's not heavy in the hand, it's very light.

Based on years of shopping experience, Wen Yu judged from the size and weight of the box that the contents should be jewelry.

He wouldn't give her a ring in such a hurry, would he

Wen Yu performed a fake shyness.

"Can I open it now"

Jiang Yuhe glanced at her and said calmly, "Go back and open it."

"Oh, okay."

It's a pity.

She really wanted to see the man's expression after she opened the gift.

Was he embarrassed

She didn't expect him to be so romantic, and he would give her a gift on the first day of dating.

What was this called in ancient times

It was called a love token!

Wen Yu was very excited in her heart, but her face was very calm.

She got out of the car and waved, "Then I'm going back."

After a pause.

"When I open it, I’ll take pictures for you later."

Jiang Yuhe's eyes were a little unclear, and he seemed to smile.


Wen Yu thought he must be embarrassed.

After half a minute, the car drove out of the parking lot.

Wen Yu also did a 800 meter dash into the elevator upstairs, and after she got home and changed her shoes, she returned to her bedroom like a gust of wind.

Putting the love token solemnly on the bed, Wen Yu thought about it many times before opening it.

It's so small and light.

Even if it's not a ring, it should be a necklace or something, but he had already given her a necklace, so 90% chance it will be a ring.

Alas, it was too sudden.

She felt embarrassed.

Wen Yu laughed and unwrapped.

After the layers of wrapping paper were undone, she looked at the gift in the box expectantly.

The next second...

The smile hanging on the corner of her lips slowly stopped.

Unbelievable, incredible, and speechless… Multiple expressions appeared on her face all at once.

Her brain followed her mind to take in the image, and her body began to heat up like a chain reaction.

Wen Yu blushed and looked at her "love token".

It was a pair of transparent, smooth, soft and delicate black silk.

It's as thin as a cicada's wings, and it seemed that it could fall apart with one tear.

The air suddenly became sultry because of it’s seductive color.

With a beep, the phone rang.

The WeChat sent by Jiang Yuhe seamlessly connected with the scene at the moment.

[Listen less to your brother's words in the future.]


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