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Its Not Necessary (2)

Holding back her sorrow, she said with a smile, “Everything is perfect.

Thank you, Uncle He.”

Lao He said a few more caring words before leaving in a hurry.

Wen Yu returned to her room with all the various sized packages, and as she tidied up, she found a new cell phone was in the bag.

It was a very ordinary smartphone, but it was loaded and ready to use it.

What a pleasant surprise.

Wen Yu immediately turned on her cell phone and quickly received a message.

[Hello Miss, this is Lao He and this is my number.

Call me directly if you need anything.]

Wen Yu happily replied with an OK.

Her boring life was suddenly livened up.

Wen Yu quickly applied for a new WeChat account and added You Xin.

When You Xin saw that the request message was from “Wen”, she immediately accepted the invite, following up with a series of question marks to the unfamiliar account.

[Who are you]

Wen Yu was in the rare mood to make a joke: [You have time to seduce another person surnamed Wen]

You Xins typing icon was flashing for a long time, then after a while the exclamation mark came out all over the screen.

[My God, where have you been Ive sent you dozens of messages and called hundreds of times without any news.

Im dying from anxiety!]

Before Wen Yu could reply, You Xin immediately started a video call.

“Where are you Are you all right I was about to put up missing person posters!”

In the past when the two played together, Wen Yu was protecting You Xin.

You Xins family was not wealthy and she was often ridiculed by other wealthy families of Jiangcheng as being Wen Yus underling and using Wen Yu to get into the entertainment industry.

However, only Wen Yu knew that You Xin was sincerely kind to her.

For instance, right now the silly girls eyes were red.

Wen Yus throat was clogged with emotion, but she pretended to be calm.

“Im alright.

What could happen to me”

“They all said you couldnt get over it and it almost scared me to death.”

“They” Wen Yu frowned.

“Who said I couldnt get over it”

“Zhao Wenjing and her lackeys.

Who else When the news about your family came out, all those people who fawned over Zhao Wenjing couldnt stop talking about how to humiliate you.

They went to your house every day to ambush you and told me you were afraid to answer your phone.”


Wen Yu already guessed that this was the situation.

When falling from the height of glory, there were always people waiting to kick you while youre down.

Shen Mingjia was also like that, not to mention the others.

Seeing Wen Yus silence, You Xin hurriedly asked, “Where are you right now”

Wen Yu returned to her senses.

“Im at… a friends house.”



You dont know them.”

“Thats good,” said You Xin, with a sigh of relief.

“You should stay there for now.

Youll be harassed if you return so just wait until things calm down.”

After hanging up, You Xin gave Wen Yu 50,000 yuan: [Use this for now.

If its not enough Ill do more film work and support you.]

For some reason, Wen Yu wanted to laugh and cry at the same time.

She used to say the same thing to You Xin.

‘Dont do anymore filming.

Ive got plenty of money to support you.

She never thought there would come a time where her best friend would come help her.

However Wen Yu knew that You Xin was living a hard life.

She was living in Jiang Yuhes house now, so at least she didnt have to pay for anything while nursing her injuries.

When her legs healed, she could also mortgage her sports car and a house.

So why bother dragging down your best friend

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But in the end, Wen Yu took the money.

After getting in touch with You Xin, Wen Yu finally found some spiritual sustenance in this seemingly chaotic day.

She entered her familys company name online and sure enough, the news of the bankruptcy was released two days ago, the night she was hit.

The city was in a state of uproar and there were a lot of insults and ridicule.

Protective city walls have historically been destroyed by the citys citizen mob.

Wen Yu had now seen enough of the hypocrisy in the world, so she glanced hastily at the sarcastic remarks and did not take them to heart.


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