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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 179

Was this really the state that lovers who have just established a relationship should have

When he kissed her, it felt passionate, but it was frozen into an ice river after the kiss.

Wen Yu's small temper suddenly came up, and she immediately called Jiang Yuhe.

After ringing several times, the other side picked up, "Hey."

At the moment when she heard the sound, Wen Yu forgave him for a second.

But one second was enough.

Starting from the next second, Wen Yu deliberately talked about official affairs very coldly.

"I want You Xin to come over and try a role."

Jiang Yuhe replied, "Okay, I will have the artist department talk to you."


Quite simply and calmly.

‘Show me the same attitude you had when you kissed me last night.’

Wen Yu said, "I want you to talk to me in person."

Jiang Yuhe seemed to feel the deliberate and bluntness of Wen Yu's tone.

After a few seconds of silence, he smiled.

"What do you want to talk about"

"..." He even had the audacity to laugh.

On the contrary, Wen Yu was a little embarrassed by the laugh, as if he had been seen through her purpose.

It took away half of her confidence and she didn't want to act anymore.

"Talking about how you schemed the kiss of the lady of a good family and refused to admit it."

As soon as the voice fell, Wen Qingyou knocked on the door outside.

"Yuyu, someone is looking for you."

Wen Yu responded, then said seriously to Jiang Yuhe while putting on her clothes and getting out of bed.

"Wait for a minute.

I will talk to you again when I come back."

She walked out quickly and saw a strange little brother standing at the door, holding a large bunch of red roses wrapped in black wrapping paper.

Delicate and charming, very fiery.

"Is it Miss Wen These are your flowers."

Wen Yu received it blankly.

"Who sent it"

The little brother pointed to the inside of the flowers.

"There is a card."

Wen Yu thanked him, and took out the card as she walked.

Wen Qingyou also leaned over to take a look, "Who sent it Why is there only a date"

There was only one line on the black card, with the year, month and day of yesterday written on it.

Wen Yu couldn’t react for a few seconds at first, but soon understood what it meant.

Yesterday was the day when she and Jiang Yuhe pierced through that layer of paper to confirm their relationship.

It was indeed memorable.

Wen Yu was immediately coaxed by this line of words.

While pressing down the corners of her upturned lips, she ran back to the room with small steps, and said to Wen Qingyou, "I won't tell you."


Going back to her room, closing the door, picking up the phone, Wen Yu's little bit of resentment from just now disappeared.

The opening word was said in a whine.



Jiang Yuhe replied, "Do you still want to talk about the topic just now"

"Don't talk about it." The corners of Wen Yu's lips flew into the sky, and she did not forget to explain her actions just now.

"You know I am very reserved.

I just miss you, but you didn't look for me again, so I just pretended to talk to you about official business."


Well, she was truly reserved.

Wen Yu smelled the scent of flowers and said casually, "Then what are you doing now"

"In a meeting."


Wen Yu was stunned, and immediately hung up the phone.

"I'm sorry I didn't know you were working overtime today.

Excuse me, goodbye!"

In the conference room, Jiang Yuhe’s lips pulled up gently, breathing in and out, and suddenly felt that the fatigue caused by meeting all morning reduced a lot because of the phone call.

Probably, the occasional small actions of a girlfriend can refresh people.

Thinking of her aggrievedly saying that he did not look for her, a few minutes later, Jiang Yuhe sent another message to Wen Yu.

[I will come over to pick you up later and have lunch together at noon.]

Wen Yu smiled contentedly after receiving the news.

So, was this the first date for the two

Like a young girl who was in love for the first time, Wen Yu actually had the heart throbbing like a little jumping deer.

She immediately got up, opened her closet, and took out several dresses of different styles from it.

After a long time of entanglement, she didn't know which one to wear.

She ran to the living room holding all her dresses, "Brother, which one looks good"

Wen Qingyou glanced, "Going on a date"

Wen Yu raised her lips, acquiescing.

Wen Qingyou pointed to a white floral dress that reached her calf.

The longest of all the dresses.

"This one looks good"


Wen Yu thoughtfully took the dress back to the bedroom, wondering if men liked this type of innocent dress style.

But she really didn't seem to have worn this type of long dress in front of Jiang Yuhe.

Okay, then try it.

Wen Yu seriously put on makeup in the room, and put on the pure long skirt that her brother helped choose.

At eleven o'clock, Jiang Yuhe called.

"Come down, I’m in the parking lot."


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