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A Villainess Needs to Have the Ability of a Villainess Chapter 177

Wen Yu quietly glanced at Jiang Yuhe with her peripheral gaze, sat upright, cleared her throat, and planned to say something to coax him first.

Although she knew that this man was always difficult to coax.

"Don't be angry.

I will take a lot of selfies with you from tomorrow onwards, okay"

The car drove to a boulevard around the river, Jiang Yuhe didn't stop, suddenly opened the window and threw Shen Mingjia's mobile phone into the vast river.

"Good memory.

You still remember his password after so long."


Too sloppy.

She should have been a little more careful.

Wen Yu coughed.

"I can remember yours more clearly.

If you don't believe me, just test me."

Jiang Yuhe ignored her and continued to speak after a while:

"So you think I'm inferior to Shen Mingjia That I can't help you with this little thing, right"

"...Of course not." Wen Yu turned to him and explained, "I'm just afraid that if he exposed those photos, you would feel uncomfortable seeing it."

Jiang Yuhe was silent.

Wen Yu muttered, "Look, did I get it right"

"Yes." Jiang Yuhe said lightly.

"I really felt uncomfortable seeing those."

After a long time, he added in a low voice, "But not now."

Wen Yu didn't understand, "What do you mean"

Jiang Yuhe suddenly turned a corner at the crossroads, and only a few minutes after he drove out, Wen Yu realized that he was not driving towards his home.

It's the road to Jiang Family's villa.

Wen Yu wondered, "Where are you taking me"

Jiang Yuhe replied, “My house."

"It's almost eleven o'clock at night.

Grandmother and Sister must be asleep.

Why are you taking me to your house now"

"To show you something."


The car drove all the way towards Jiang Family’s villa.

Ten minutes later, the car stopped in the basement garage and Jiang Yuhe pulled Wen Yu directly to the study on the second floor.

The house was very quiet.

No one knew Wen Yu was there.

Jiang Yuhe pulled Wen Yu to the chair in front of the desk and sat her down.

Wen Yu was a little nervous, and didn't know what Jiang Yuhe wanted to show her, but inexplicably, there was an indescribable sense of tension.

"What are you showing me"

Jiang Yuhe opened the second compartment of the drawer on the left side of the desk and took out a mobile phone from it.

Then he handed it to Wen Yu.

"Do you recognize it"

Wen Yu looked at what was in her hand in disbelief, and was startled for a long time before slowly receiving it in her hand.

"My phone"

"Yes, it's your phone."

"Why is it with you How..." Wen Yu was too shocked.

She always thought that her mobile phone had been missing and lost in the car accident, but she didn't expect it to be in Jiang Yuhe's study.

Jiang Yuhe told her indifferently.

"Probably when you just started working with me at the company, the police station notified me to get back this mobile phone."

Wen Yu looked at Jiang Yuhe blankly, with many thoughts running wild in her mind.

"Then why did you—"

"Because I wanted to keep you." Jiang Yuhe sat down calmly at the table, looked at her and said, "Because I didn't want you to go.

I didn't want you to find your old boyfriend."


Wen Yu was so shocked by the sudden truth that she didn't know what to say.

It turned out that this man had already shown such a desire for possession and control of her, but she was completely ignorant.

Jiang Yuhe continued to calmly say, "So the selfies on Shen Mingjia's phone have little effect on me.

I saw the same photos on your phone a long time ago."

There was a pause.

"Though I had been tortured for many nights previously."

After a long silence, Wen Yu whispered softly, "So am I your prey"

Jiang Yuhe asked in reverse, "Am I not yours"


"Compared to you, I willingly entered your cage trap twice.

If I were a hunter, I would also be a hunter conquered by my prey."

Wen Yu was stunned for a long time at this sentence.

It seemed like it was this.

In that three-month game, they had long regarded each other as each other’s possession, but Wen Yu was passive and carried purpose.

But Jiang Yuhe took the initiative, step by step, to keep Wen Yu by his side.

They were considered to have met their opponents and collided together.

Wen Yu lowered her head and suddenly smiled, "I think it's time for you to prove yourself to me, and use all these means to keep me by your side.

You’re such a black belly.

You’re too naughty.

Someday if I am eaten by you, I wouldn’t even realize it."

Hearing her speak, Jiang Yuhe, who was leaning on the table, turned around and looked at her ambiguously.

With this look, Wen Yu immediately knew that she was sloppy again.

She tucked the hair around her ear.

Before she could say any remedial words, Jiang Yuhe suddenly leaned over and gently passed his hand through her hair.

Wen Yu opened her eyes wide, feeling the sudden temperature on her lips.

The male scorching breath broke in forcefully, and the tip of his tongue churned in Wen Yu's mouth possessively.

Wen Yu sat on a chair, subconsciously looking for a point of support, but after groping for a long time, she found that both sides were empty.

Jiang Yuhe directly pressed over at this time, with his hands on the table behind her, and directly confined her to her small seat.

Wen Yu was like an inescapable prey.

Feeling her air loss bit by bit, blocked by kisses deep in her throat, her breathing was approaching suffocation.

She subconsciously pushed him, but in exchange got a deeper licking control.

Wen Yu panted quickly.

Her eyes seemed to contain watery mist, and a whimpering begging for mercy overflowed uncontrollably.

Jiang Yuhe stopped, his voice soft and hoarse.

"Do I still have to prove it"

Wen Yu shook her head frantically, but she seemed to be asking for more teasing.

After Wen Yu took a long breath, he held her face and covered her lips again.

The coarse heat made Wen Yu's body numb.

She closed her eyes, and slowly felt the man's kiss from lips to cheeks, like a taste, not hurried or slow, light and arbitrary.

Finally, fingers slowly caressed her hair, and the hot air pressure was in her ear, saying, "Starting today, you are mine."


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